Dirty Rice: Mexican Style

A post from Kelli:

Over the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that I feel better when I do not eat gluten.  I haven’t gone to the doctor or been officially diagnosed with anything, but have found that I just feel better without it.

Prior to cutting out the gluten, I didn’t realize that gluten is in lots and lots of wonderful, spectacular, fantastical food.  One of my new favorite things is Spanish Rice.  You can find the recipe here.  I have made it a few times, some with the chicken broth and sometimes with just plain water.  It tastes fine both ways, but I think that the broth gives it just a bit more body.  In place of the tomatoes, I have also been using some of mom’s salsa as I know it doesn’t have gluten in it as many processed tomato products do.

riceWhen I made the rice the other night, Jason quickly informed me that he didn’t plan on eating any because he only likes white rice with sugar and milk.  I told him that was fine okay….that just means more for me!

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  1. Jo Anne Schnebly

    Brings back memories. White rice with milk, sugar, and cinnamon was a quick, easy dessert that my Mom fixed a lot when we were growing up. May have to make myself some on one of these chilly days.

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