Dirty Dozen…

I didn’t do the best last month with my Dirty Dozen UFO Challenge.  I didn’t fully finish a single quilt.  That is not how I want to be doing with this challenge.  So last week, I told you about a big push I did…

I finished this…

The top picture is from when I was quilting it on the frame and below is when I finished it.

…and here is when it was completely finished.  I talked about that in THIS POST.

I absolutely love this quilt…I am so happy to add this one to the finished list.  Just having this finished was totally worth doing the Dirty Dozen UFO challenge.

This was the #3 project which was the August number.

The September number was #11.  I didn’t get that one done in September.  It’s still covering my sewing area.  I need to just apply myself and finish it!!

But…October rolled around and my Civil War Tribute top is a #6.  It only needs to be quilted. I’m so glad I put it on the list.  I thought I’d do it without needing to put it on the list…but I hadn’t and I was SUPER happy to tackle it as I didn’t need to sew a thing.  All of my other projects have been almost start to finish projects.  It’s so nice to have an easy one.

I put this one on the machine and bound it last week.  I finally got around to taking pictures and plan to show it to you all finished on Friday.  I’m so thrilled to have this finished!!

So what are my other Dirty Dozen UFOs?

6-Garlic Knots
Several years ago a blog reader gifted me a bunch of batik scraps.  All were on the small side.  About the same time, Bonnie Hunter was making this quilt, Garlic Knots.  I thought the batiks would be perfect.

So over nap time over the course of a week or two, I cut out this quilt.  It sat and then last fall I sewed about 10 of the blocks together, then it got put away again.  It’s time to get it out and finish it…but I don’t think this one is moving to the top of the list as I have this project….

I have this project in the basket on the right, with the red square in the middle.  I’d really love to finish that up.  It was so fun to make.

I’m thinking I’m going to do a “sew along with me” video.  A lot of cross stitchers so a stitch along with me video.  I thought I might try a quilting version and do a sew along with me.  You can see how I’m making the blocks and join along with me.  No pattern is needed….Just a box of scraps.  Doesn’t that sound fun?

I’m excited to give it a try!!  So watch for that coming up too.  As this is not a pattern yet, I have no idea the size or what the layout will be…I guess you’ll have to just watch and see if it is something you might enjoy doing.

If you’re keeping track, I have seven of the 32 UFO projects done…I started in June so I guess that’s not to bad.  I’m hoping I might get another finished this month.  We’ll see.

I love having the Dirty Dozen UFO challenge.   It really keeps me on task and moving forward even if it feels like some months, I’m really slow.

11 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen…”

  1. Marsha in Kansas

    I’m working on my Dirty Dozen with Country Threads as well. First month was a Kim Diehl Whatnots Club project, Breezy. Second month was a Kansas Troubles Sew Along, Bittersweet Sampler. It was the top finished ready for my LAQ. Last month was a finish, Block Heads One set with log cabin blocks. This month is a second Kim Diehl Whatnots project, Farmers Market. Have one more top I have to finish first as it is a Christmas gift. You are so ambitious to put more than one project each month! I’m fairly new follower of your blog. Mary of Country Threads got me reading your blog, too. I like to sew baby quilts for a local guild for charity so I like the inspiration and good ideas I get from your blog. I usually make Quilt in a Day Irish Chain or four patch chains. Love Rosie, your family stories, and cooking ideas, too. Especially enjoyed your chili discussion and comments. A little funny. My husband loves his chili. I read your blog and comments about the chili and then he recalled chili over spaghetti he used to have in the Air Force in Michigan. We had to have that for dinner the next week. :)

  2. They are both beautiful and worthy of a finish. The Hawks Nest really got my attention. I should add that one to my “to do” list.

  3. Your Hawks Nest is an absolute beauty; hooray for getting it done!! You are making fantastic progress on your projects!

  4. You have me intrigued by the sew along. I’m not much of a scrappy quilter…but I do have scraps! I’d check it out if you decide to do it! Great job on your quilt finishes!!

  5. The Dirty Dozen challenge has been great for keeping me focused on 12 projects for the year. Keeping things real – I’m just happy to make some progress on them – I’ve finished a few – but made quite a bit of progress on others.

    Congrats on your progress . The Hawk’s Nest quilt is beautiful.

  6. Jo, just getting that Hawk’s Nest quilt done is a HUGE accomplishment! Congrats to you for all your many & winderful UFO finishes. Now….send your motivation fairy my way.

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