Dining Table Adventure

Kalissa and Craig went to Waterloo shopping a few days ago.  Before long I got a message.

“We bought this.  $150.”  It’s a dining room table and four chairs.

They had been to Restore in Waterloo.  It’s a Goodwill type store only it offers larger recyled things from doors and windows, to furniture to wood trim and cabinets.  I’ve been several times but haven’t found a lot.  My brothers who all own rental properties love these stores.  They can always find things they need to keep their properties repaired.

The problem…Kalissa didn’t like the fabric on the cushions.
I called her and said as long as you’re still in town, take a chair into either Hobby Lobby or Joann’s and get fabric.  I’d show her how to redo the cushions.

A couple days later she was home and wanted help.  They started out looking like this….


and with a scissor and staple gun,


They soon looked like this.


Just what she wanted.  She’s going with red accents in her gray living room/dining room.  She’s on a huge gray kick!

She also brought her old living room curtains and wanted me to remake them into a valance.  I thought I was going to make her do it but after cutting the sheer fabric and having her pin it I soon knew it was going to be me that did the sewing.  In a quick half hour that was done and she was off to work on the house some more.

I gotta say, I enjoy her living close because just a few minutes later she called and said they worked out perfectly and was exactly the look she was going for….Slowly her house is transforming into what she’s wanted.

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  1. Well, I think the exchange for all your hard work done for Kalissa –should be pictures of their final settings for your blog. lol

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