Did I or Didn’t I?

As I have been unpacking I’ve been sorting lots of stuff.  I’m keeping some, tossing some and donating some.  I think in the last three weeks we’ve donated about 20 large boxes of “stuff” to the local thrift stores.  If I don’t have a spot for it…I don’t want it.  I don’t want a lot of clutter and junk.  I want a clean and organized house.

Earlier this week took of load of “stuff” to the thrift store.  Then, of course, I have to go in and look around.  I have curbed any buying of things for myself down but I’ve been on the hunt for childcare goodies.  I love having a variety of toys and I a scavenger.  I might pick up a doll house with no furniture and then keep an eye open to try to find furniture at a later date.  I am getting to be quite good at it.  I often will buy two of the same toys from thrift stores and combine them so I have enough for several kids to play.  Rarely do I purchase any toys that are brand new.

I found a few things-even some things that were on my list to especially hunt for…dress up things and puppets.  I was so happy. While there I saw a piece of felt.  It’s been on my list to make a felt board.  I always have circle time during child care and use the felt board as part of it.  The only problem, the felt was green and I really didn’t want a green one.  I was hoping for a light blue so the pieces would show up a little better.  I decided I would see what they had a Wal-Mart.

At Wal-mart I check the felt and ugh…all they had was red and green.  It was much more expensive than the 50 cents piece at the thrift store so I stopped back to the thrift store hoping that the piece of felt would still be there.  It was….but they had put out lots more new items.  As I was strolling and looking I could see that the things that I had just donated an hour ago were already making their way to the sales floor.  There was a lamp..there was a couple decorating items.  There was some kitchen bowls….then  WHAT???  How could this have happened?  I donated the insert to my pressure cooker.  UGH!  There is was next to several other items I had donated.

I knew I couldn’t have done it.  Hubby must not have realized that I use it all the time with our pressure cooker to keep meat from sitting on the bottom of the pan.


After I saw it was only priced at 25 cents I took a sigh of relief.  I’d just buy it back, waste a quarter and get over it.

Once home I peeled off the sticker and went to put it in the drawer.

The joke was on me!  Mine wasn’t donated by accident.  Mine was in the drawer all along.  Someone else must have donated an identical one at the same time I donated my kitchen wares so the worker priced and put them out for sale at the same time.

Well…now that I have two, I think I’ll just keep them both that way I’ll never have to ask “did I…or didn’t I” again.

7 thoughts on “Did I or Didn’t I?”

  1. Oh, funny!! But I can see myself doing something like that. :)
    I sometimes wind up buying two copies of a book for the library because I forget that I already bought one, but it just isn’t out on the shelf yet. Could just kick myself every time that happens.

  2. You are so funny…and it is exactly the kind of thing I would do. Maybe you need a day off, a bottle of wine and a long nap.

  3. Jo – a friend of mine was cat-sitting for a neighbor. One day he went to feed the cat, and the cat was on the porch, injured – had been hit by a car. He rushed the cat to the vet, spend $500 on emergency care, and then took it home and nursed it til the people were due home.
    On the day of their return, he got a call “why didn’t you feed the cat?? they asked “it was starving when we returned”… you got it – he had rescued the wrong cat !!!!

  4. Well, what do you know?! I have one of those metal things. I use it to broil meat but i never knew where i got it or what it was actually made for! Now I know…Thank you!
    Hope your procedure and surgery go well. You will be glad you have gotten these things taken care of. Here’s to a happy, healthy you =^.^=

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