Deviled Eggs with Kids

Here is a simple fun way to get the kids to help in the kitchen….

Hard boil four eggs by boiling them on the stove in water for 7 minutes.  I don’t start counting the minutes until the eggs are actually boiling.  If I am doing this with kids I make sure to set the timer and talk about counting backwards…Drain, then immediately put the eggs in cold water.  This will help them peel better.  Once they are cool, peel the eggs. 

Cut the eggs in half removing the yolks and putting them in a Ziplock bag.  Have the children squish and squeeze the yolks until crumbly.  Add to the bag:
1 t mustard
2 T mayonaise
1 t sugar
sprinkle of salt and pepper
Now have them start squishing the bag again.  You will need to remove as much air as possible. 

Now have them slide all of the yolk mixture into one corner of the Ziplock bag.  Cut that corner with a scissor.  Now squeeze the bag to pipe the proper amount of yolk mixture into the eggs.

Sprinkle with paprika if you like and serve.
For those of you who have kids that are infatuated with ranch style flavoring, you can change up the recipe by omitting the mustard and adding 1 t (instead of 2 T)of mayonnaise and 2 T of Ranch salad dressing.  These are a HUGE hit with my boys who are obsessed with ranch flavored anything.

I make deviled eggs a lot.  I take them to many potlucks or parties because they are dirt cheap to make.  A pan of bars, a dessert or any appetizer costs MUCH more than a dozen of eggs….and they are a whole lot more healthy.  I have NEVER taken deviled eggs to a gathering and brought left overs home.  If you’re watching your budget or need something fun to do with the kids, Ziplock style deviled eggs make a great choice.

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