Destiny…I think! Another Place to Donate!

So Hubby came home early on a Saturday.  So early that I was sure something was wrong.  He’s NEVER home by 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday.  I was in the sewing room and RAN-yes RAN-down the stairs.  I was convinced that we’d be heading out to the emergency room and he was hurt.  Nope.  Happily I was wrong.  He was just done with work for the day.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!

He said, “Let’s go to that auction in Decorah.”  I was happy yet sad.  I love auctions but Saturday is my catch up day.  I didn’t want to spend the whole day at an auction.  Then I asked what he thought if I drove separately.  Then I could go home if I wanted.  He was game for that.

Well we went to the auction..We picked out some things we liked and I went off to do errands.  Hubby was staying and bidding.  The auction seemed like it would go fast so Hubby asked if I would stop back at the auction before I went home.  I said I would and went on my way.

While I was doing errands I got side tracked to the thrift store.

There they had a treadle sewing machine.  The sign on it said “free”.  Um..what?  I had never seen anything have a free sign on it before so I asked and yes it was free.  I said I’d take it.  It had a piece out of the wood on the front but the piece was there and Hubby could fix it if he wanted.

I loaded it up and was super excited.  I already have a treadle but Hubby as been looking for a base to do a crafty project with…He was going to be so happy..and FREE.  I couldn’t believe it.

I was done with the errands so went back to the auction.  It was almost over.  He had bought a couple of the the things we talked about.  (More on that in another blog post)  I was so happy…it was a good day…but then it was time to load.  UGH.  I always hate that part.

We went out to the truck.  I had loaded the treadle into the back truck bed but now we had to move it into the cab so that we could put the stuff that Hubby bought into the back of the truck.  Treadles are heavy and awkward to move but we were doing it.

Then a lady walked by and we started talking…You’re gonna want to hear what we said…She asked if I wanted the machine I said yes-I have gotten it for free and from there the conversation went on..and on.  We found out we had connections…lots of them.

It turns out her name is Teri.  She lives in Spring Grove, Minnesota.  She works with her Winona Diocese Council of Catholic Women group.  They support a couple mission groups….Sacred Heart Haiti mission and Rochester Medical Missions.  She does a lot of good charity work and much of it involves quilting.

She collects sewing machines…even ones not working so well.  She collects fabric.  She said she’ll take LOTS of fabric.  The fabric is then distributed across all of southern Minnesota to local groups and they all work to make quilts.  The quilts are then distributed to charities that they are supporting.  There are others places the quilts are donated to but much of their things go to Rochester Medical Missions and to Sacred Heart Haiti Mission.

Rochester Medical Missions ship to over 90 countries. Their warehouse is at 3100 40th Ave. N.W. Diane Wagner is the contact person. Her Email is:  They take the following items: Diapers, nursing aprons, Medical supplies such as crutches, walkers, rolled bandages etc. Rubber back drapes, sheer curtains, blankets, quilts, small mechanical or carpenter tools, scissors and other small tools. Pillowcase dresses, diapers, good work shoes and britches for boys.

The Sacred Heart Haiti Mission accepts treadle and electric sewing machines (they don’t have to run perfectly), fabric, thread, needles & pins, embroidery floss, lace and trim, zippers and scissors.  All of these items go to Haiti.

As our conversation went on I told her about the blog and how I know LOTS of people (you blog readers) who have some of these things that might like to support these worthy causes.

Teri and talked more.  I said I would try really hard to get some fabric or needed items sent her way by writing about it on the blog.  I told her that there are blog readers who are often down-sizing, changing their fabric preferences, and hobbies that would love to help but often don’t know where to donate items to.  I told her I’d try to collect some things for her.  She said that was great but then how was I to get the things to her.  Then I said I was from Waucoma…turns out she grew up in Little Turkey and her parents still live there!!  Little Turkey is a neighboring town to Waucoma!  Small world…RIGHT?!?!  From there we decided to team up.

Want to join our team?

If you have any of the needed items…
treadle and electric sewing machines (they don’t have to run perfectly), fabric, thread, needles & pins, embroidery floss, lace and trim, zippers and well as other items listed, and want to send them this way, we’ll get the items where they need to go.

The fabric will go for making quilts…the other things, they will go to the Sacred Heart Haiti Mission.

Doesn’t that sound great?  I’m super excited about it.  You can send things to me or I can give you Teri’s email and you can contact her.  (Terri’s email  To contact me..

To send directly to Teri here’s her address

Teri Rosendahl
21741 County Road 4
Spring Grove, MN  55974

I just feel like the whole day with the free treadle sewing machine and me being at the auction at just that exact moment to meet Teri was destiny.  It will be awesome to help them out with a box or two of goodies.  It feels so good to have extra space in the sewing room and knowing it’s going to somewhere where it is needed and appreciated.  It also makes me feel not so bad for purchasing things that I didn’t end up using.  Ah…what a happy day.  I’m excited to do some good.

Oh..I was so excited about the opportunity to support these great causes that I forgot to finish telling you about the machine.

It has all the goodies….


The drawers are neat and rounded.


The machine is a Standard brand machine.


It won’t stay engaged when I lift it…looks like a job for Hubby.  Until he can look at it, I guess I’ll just have to wait to see if it works.


I haven’t had time to really check out the machine and see how if it’s in very good working order.  I’m feeling a little guilty about keeping it if it can be used in Haiti.  Ah.  I guess I’ll just keep my eyes open for other machines…and who knows.  Maybe I’ll keep it for a bit and then pass in on.

Regardless I had a great day!  Freebies and a opportunity to help….that all equals a great day.

Oh…about the auction…I’ll save what we bought for another post.  Let’s just say, that made me happy too!!

6 thoughts on “Destiny…I think! Another Place to Donate!”

  1. I tried sending a private email at the address listed above but it was returned as undeliverable. I have fabric to send but need a snail mail address.

  2. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Oh what a beauty! Today was city-wide garage sale day here, so I headed out early. Stopped at one sale and they had a treadle machine, not opened up nor as pretty as yours, and they wanted $1800 for it! I thought I read it wrong, but no, that’s what they were asking for it! YIKES!

  3. Two great finds – lucky you and lucky us. The curved shape of the cabinet is as unique as the way you acquired it. Thanks for sharing a way for us to help Teri and her charities, too.

  4. If that’s the one from Spectrum, be sure to use a bleach solution on the complete inside because of the mold. I showed them and told them what they were asking (at the time) was fair, but that it really should be given to someone to clean it up well. Glad you got it, and hoping the bobbins and case were still in it. Couldn’t have gone to a better home!

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