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When I was in Cincinnati with the gals from Country Threads, I had a bit of time to take in some of the other vendors.  One of my favorites was Designs by Cozy Quarters.  Phyllis Paul the creator/owner of the business was a real joy and I had a great time chatting with her.  She is a pattern designer but more than that, she puts together the most AMAZING quilt kits.

One of my favorite patterns was this “Paper Doll” pattern.

It’s really cute.  All the blocks feature ladies with different skin tones, head dresses and hair styles.  I think the quilt would be so cute for a little girl making it in bright fabrics.  I also think it would work great as a quilt for a mission project fundraiser.

What is even cuter is the kit!!

Yep…all the fabric to make the quilt is inside this little specially made box.  Phyllis makes them all.  Aren’t they totally adorable?!?!  I have heard a couple quilters comment that they hate to take quilt kits apart and sew them because they are so darn cute.  With this kit, you could sew the quilt and still have the cute kit box.  I call that a win-win!!

She has kits for most of the quilts….here’s another cute one.

Can you believe the kit is in the hat?!?!

Check out the snowman quilt and kit.

Phyllis is truly a master and putting kits together PLUS she is a good designer too.  I love this quilt.

This one is a keeper too.

I ended up just purchasing two patterns….the Paper Doll quilt and this one.  It’s another pattern I am thinking of doing for a church fundraiser.

This one was cute with the miniature quilts on it.

Of course, all of the kits are totally cute.  You can see the kit for this one in the lower left corner.

Now as am looking at these pictures, I really wish I knew how those setting blocks are done…

One of the things I like about visiting new places is seeing new designers and checking out their work….Phyllis Paul of Designs by Cozy Quarters is one designer I really hope to see more of.  You can check out her website here.

7 thoughts on “Designs by Cozy Quarters”

  1. When we were in northern Wisconsin two years ago my DH saw In All Its Glory hanging in a shop and pointed it out to me – he never does that. Unfortunately, the kits were sold out but I ordered the pattern and collected some CW fabrics. Now, to get started on it!!

  2. Hello. Know this is quite an old post but do you have any idea how I might get just the pattern for Paper Dolls?
    I do not need the kit. I could not find a current link to Phyllis Paul. Thank for your help.

  3. I have the pattern paper doll by cozy quarters , I can not get 4c & 4d to come out right after I see it on the bodice / skirt it’s to short to trim at bottom and the sides are not straight what am I doing wrong ?

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