Deep Fried Jalapenos

In my Facebook feed I saw a recipe for Deep Fried Jalapenos.  Well I had a jar in the basement.  Our son and his wife had canned a bunch this summer from their garden and had given us a jar.  This sounded like the perfect recipe to use them…and it was.

I made the jalapenos first and Hubby and I both really liked them.

we tried mushrooms in the batter and made deep fried mushrooms.  YUM!!

Then Hubby said-lets try string cheese.  We did and YUM again.  We definitely liked them lots.

We followed this recipe from Amanda’s Cookin’.  We will be making these again for sure.  They aren’t especially pretty but add a little ranch dressing or kethcup with these….it doesn’t matter how they look.  It’s all about the taste with me!

2 thoughts on “Deep Fried Jalapenos”

  1. With the Super Bowl in a couple of days, may I suggest Deep Fried Jalapenos with Queso for dipping? Not cardiologist approved, but dang good.

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