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Not too long ago Kelli was home and told me that she had see a posting in Quiltville’s Open Studio Facebook page.  The survey was interesting to me and I had fun seeing where I stack up…

Survey Says Quilters Going Strong in America;
In a 12-month period, the Dedicated Quilter bought an average 99 yards of fabric, according to The Quilting in America™ 2017 Survey released in October.  I am sure I buy more than that.  I buy lots of quilt backs and that is usually 6 yards or more at a time!

The Dedicated Quilter is described as female, age 63, with 19 years experience; she spends nearly $3,400 a year pursuing her hobby.  Well I am 52 and it’s been a 33 years that I’ve been quilting…as far as spending goes…I would like to think that I don’t spend that much.  I’ve never figured it out.  It’s really easy to spend $100 at a quilt shop though…so I likely spend less but I don’t know.  I dropped $300 at a going out of business sale this year.  It adds up quickly!!

In ranking quilting styles, the Dedicated Quilter prefers traditional quilting (85 percent), modern quilting (37%) and art quilting (20%). This confused me as 85%, 37% and 20% don’t add up to 100%.  I can say this.  I prefer traditional quilting…and can do a more modern quilt here and there.  I’ve only dabbled in an art quilt.  Traditional is still always my favorite.  I sometimes get confused by the terms…How do you classify this quilt?  Is it an “art quilt”?


97% of Dedicated Quilters are purchasing fabric, batting and thread in person, mostly at retail locations. Still, 68% of Dedicated Quilters purchase items online.  I purchase both online and brick and mortar.  I likely spend more money online.  My favorite online shops are Whittles Fabrics and Quilted Twins.  Both offer quality fabric at great prices and offer great shipping prices.

64% of survey respondents cited quilting-related websites as good resources, up from 28% in 2014.   Yahoo!  I don’t do a lot but I do consider our blog as a quilting resource.

52% watch online quilting classes and videos, up from 30% in 2014. 
I do watch videos on Youtube.  Videos offering quilting motifs for the longarm are what I mainly view. I’ve yet to try a Craftsy type class.  Here’s my favorite longarm quilting video and the motif I use ALL OF THE TIME!

They spend 7.9 hours a week visiting online quilting sites, up from 2.5 hours a week in 2014. 
That surprised me.  I don’t.  I’d say I spend about two hours a week looking at other blogs and quilting things online.  For the most part, the only blog I read all the time are Country Threads and Quiltville.  Every couple weeks or so I read a few others.  I laugh when blog readers write and ask, “did you see this” or “did you see that”….I never do.  I’m so busy doing all the things that I’m doing that I don’t have time to read other blogs or check out other quilting websites.  Besides, a time or two I’ve been told I “copied someone’s idea”.  It was this quilt….


I had made it with the intention of using up the leftovers from another quilt we made.  I hadn’t seen anyone else post a pattern…I was told later it was done by Missouri Star Quilting.  Well I ended up following the link that was sent to me.  We constructed out quilts entirely differently.  I don’t want to be accused of “stealing” other people’s ideas so I often don’t read other blogs.

I had fun reading through the survey results and thinking about my quilting habits….What are your quilting habits?

The Quilting in America™ 2017 Survey is sponsored in part by Quilts, Inc., which hosts the annual International Quilt Festivals. The 2017 survey is the eighth in a series of studies conducted since 1994. The research was conducted by ORC International and Advantage Research, Inc.


8 thoughts on “Dedicated Quilters Survey”

  1. OF COURSE, YOU ARE A QUILT RESOURCE! One reason you don’t see so much that others see online is because you are busy sharing your own info. I love reading your blog every day. Thanks for all you share and inspire.

  2. I”m closer to you in age and experience and I probably spend about $1200 per year. It’s still a lot, but not “average.” I do spend a lot of time looking at blogs. I love seeing all of the ideas and learning about new techniques, but imagine what I could get done if I’d stay away from the computer! Thanks for sharing this interesting information.

  3. I think the survey was pretty accurate thou I don’t spend that much on my quilting habits. I have plenty of fabric and most of my projects are scrappy and traditional style. I also read Quiltville, Country Threads, MSQC daily deals and your blog. I look forward to reading them everyday and I try to quilt some every day, it gives me joy and being retired I have the time.

  4. & you have to take in to your count the volume of fabric and quilty items provided to you from your readers. It appears you receive a quantity of fabric.

  5. Quilting Tangent

    I would say your quilt is traditional pieced blocks. Art quilts to me are more picture quilts to hang on the wall.

  6. I don’t think I spent as much as the average in the survey but then again I don’t keep track. I tend to buy in spurts and can go long periods without buying anything unless I need it for a specific project. Before Christmas I bought a whole roll of batting for the first time so I think I should be good to go for the year on that. Thinking about keeping track of quilting purchases this year just to see where I fit into that survey. But….does buying vintage sewing machines or the things needed to fix them fall into that category?….hmmm

  7. I honestly don’t keep track of what I spend, or hours, or pieces or the number of quilts I have made. I probably should look at more videos on long arm quilting, as I am getting in a rut. I usually only check out your blog, Quiltville, and Crazymomquilts regularly. I don’t like buying fabric online unless I don’t have a way to get fabric in time. I thought the survey was interesting and Cindy has a point: do machines, classes, thread, etc. count? Or gas, motel and food for a retreat, say in Iowa? :) I really have tried to only buy what I need to finish projects, as my stash is pretty overwhelming right now. 2018 is the year of SCRAP MANAGEMENT for me. I am behind on getting them tamed and they are gifted faster than I can cut and sew. I am willing to keep trying though.

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