Deborah Harry’s Latest Bags

Some of you might not know but when I am out and about thrifting, I am often looking for linens, cross stitch, and other needlework projects. I buy them and pass them to my friend Deborah Harry. She is an amazing bag maker. She takes linens and transforms them into beautiful project bags. They are so cute and I wanted to share two of the latest bags she made with you as she made them with two old crewel work pieces that I found at the thrift store.

I actually found them at a thrift store in Osage, Iowa when I was there on a retreat. My daughter Kayla was shopping with me. I wish I had taken a picture of the pieces because they were in battered old frames. I took them out of the frames and then they spent six weeks in the container in my garage before I had collected enough pieces to send to Deborah. I sent them to Deborah. She cleans the pieces and then makes them into bags.

Here they are after they are cleaned and ready to be made into bags. Aren’t they so cute??

Here are the bags she made from the pieces. I just love them!!

Deborah has an amazing ability to put things together to make them look great. The details added are so nice. These are her large flat bottom bags. They have pockets inside with rick rack trim. There is a nice handle for carrying made from coordinating fabrics. The zipper pulls always has a coordinating bag.

She adds all the perfect details that really make the bags shine. She has a treasure trove of vintage laces that she adds to the bags. Isn’t the lace on these bags perfect?

These bags couldn’t be any cuter. It’s always so fun to see what she does with the linens I find for her. You can find Deborah’s Facebook page HERE. She announces all of her sale dates on that page.

How she sells things was a little confusing for me at first…It goes something like this…She makes bags for a couple of weeks. She collects them all and takes pictures of them. She decides on a sale date. She will post all the pictures and the sale date on her Facebook page. Here is the caption Deborah wrote on the day she posted these bags:

Kitschy Cuteness ~ Before and After🌸
My Iowa picker found these wonderful vintage crewel embroidery pieces (thanks Jo!). I could hardly wait to use them, and here they are as large box bottom project bags. I had some perfect fabric in my stash to make them shine! I’m shooting for new listings in the Deborah Harry’s Etsy shop on Sunday, September 24th at 7 PM Eastern.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out what’s new in the Deborah Harry’s What Not Etsy shop. I’ve been listing often there!🌸

This all means that on Sunday, September 24th at 7 pm EASTERN time, she will open her Etsy shop. These bags along with many others that feature vintage linens will be for sale on her Etsy shop. In all seriousness, I would recommend sitting at your computer at 6:55 pm EASTERN time and start refreshing your screen. The second it hits 7 pm EASTERN time, the bags fly out of the store. If there are two bags you might want, I suggest picking the one you love the most and checking out with it then going back and finding the other bag. The bags sell so quickly, it’s hard to buy two…possible, but hard.

Deborah’s bags are one of a kind and hard to get. I will never find another set of crewel work like this…and if I broke all odds and did, Deborah wouldn’t have the same fabric or laces to make them the exact same way.

Deborah also runs an Etsy shop with fun vintage things she finds. She, like me, is a thrifter and can’t resist finding goodies.

If you want to give Deborah’s bags a try, her sale is coming up on the 24th. In the meantime, check out her Facebook page HERE. She often gives previews of her bags. I wouldn’t doubt she makes more bags from cross-stitch pieces I found because I really did hit the jack pot on a few thrift store runs recently. If you’re a Precious Moments person, watch for two pieces I found…so cute. One even has puppies. I can’t wait to see the bag Deborah makes with that one!!

10 thoughts on “Deborah Harry’s Latest Bags”

  1. I thought about you when she mentioned her Iowa picker! I have sent her a couple pieces as well. I see stitched pieces at the Goodwill outlet and it is sad to think the next step is the trash. Her bags are amazing.

  2. Pamela Meyers Arbour

    Those really did turn out cute. You have a good eye for those things. I hope I remember to check out her shop when it is “open.” I can see a lot of reasoning in doing that.

  3. I have one of her bags and just love it! It was like winning the lottery getting it! She makes a beautiful and high quality bag!!!

  4. Her workmanship is very creative and impeccable. I was lucky enough to get one of her bags once. I didn’t know you were one of her “pickers”. Very cool!

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