Day at the Auction

Saturday Hubby and I went to an auction in Preston, Minnesota.  We were looking for a Hoosier Cupboard but the one there wasn’t what we were looking for.  It was a little plain and we want one with frosted glass in the door and a bit better quality of wood.

The auction was HUGE!!  They sold from two auction rings the entire day.  It started at 9 am and ended at about four in the afternoon.

We bought a few things…mostly primitive “junk”.  We purchased a few wooden crates….

This photo doesn’t even show all the crates.  We bought an old milk can and a couple buckets we are hoping to use in the new landscaping we have planned.  I was thinking I was ready to go home and then I found QUILT BOOKS…lots of them!!  I ended up getting three BIG boxes worth.  In the bottom of one of the boxes was this little surprise.

In unopened packages there are a companion angle, easy angle and easy eight angle rulers…  There was also a mini cutting mat.  Everything in the picture was worth $1!!  What a steal huh!  I paid a bit more for the other two boxes but all in all the backseat of the pickup was filled with quilting books and rulers and I paid $20 for it all!!  It was a good day.

We didn’t get there until later so it makes me wonder if other quilting goodies were sold before we got there.  Oh well…

After I bought the first big box of quilting books, I went over to an Amish lady who had also been bidding on the books.  I told her that I already had a couple of the books and that I would give her the ones I already had.  She offered me money but I just told her to she could have them.  I sorted through the box putting what I wanted in one the the wooden crates we bought leaving the ones I didn’t want in the box.  I went back to her and told her she could have whatever she wanted from the box.

Then I went to see what was  happening at the other auction ring.  Fifteen minutes later I came back out and a lady came charging towards me telling me some Amish lady was stealing my quilt books.  I smiled and said, no I gave them to her.  Then the lady asked well can I have some…I told her if the Amish lady had taken her share then I didn’t care….  Then the lady said well, there’s probably nothing left in there that’s any good!!  What a HUGE difference in people.  The Amish lady was polite, offered to pay and thanked me.  The other lady….nothing polite at all.

I did get a little chuckle at the auction….this mini van.

Can you imagine driving around with all this STUFF on your vehicle??  Hubby says it will never happen at our house!

After the auction we went further north onto West Concord, Minnesota.  The best man in our wedding’s son graduated from high school.  It seems we only ever see them at wakes and funerals anymore.  We decided to make a special effort to try to go and ended up having a marvelous time.  All in all…a great Saturday away!!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear / see what you do with the old milk can. I found one out in our barnyard and dh said I could have it. Not sure what to do with it yet. It’s all rusty so it should be painted but I don’t want it looking new.

  2. The mini van is something straight out of Bisbee, AZ!! :) And did you notice the pile of old TVs in the background?? It would have been hard to walk away from the great old wood crates. Love ’em and they pile up into great shelves for those quilt books you bought.

  3. <<>>

    She told the Amish lady, who was also bidding on the same lot, that she could have the books that she didn’t want. It was a non-Amish lady (English?) that asked if she could have some too.

  4. Sorry, I was replying to the following in my comment above and tried to quote it and it didn’t show up for some reason:

    “An Amish lady was stealng your quilt books? Seriously? And then she expected you to give books to HER?!”

  5. What a dream – an auction, a surprise find, all those lovely crates – and rain hasn’t stopped play! Just to clarify – are those the crates you bought or the ones you left behind? I’d be tempted to buy the lot…

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