Day #3 of the Country Girl Modern Blog Hop

It’s day #3 of our blog for our book Country Girl Modern.  Each day of the hop fellow bloggers are reviewing our book.  Best yet, each of the bloggers will be giving away a copy of our book so make sure you visit their site and leave a comment so you can have a chance to win.  Earlier Mary from Country Threads reviewed our book and yesterday it was Michelle from Michelle’s Romantic Tangle.

Today you’re in for a treat because we are hopping over to Julie K Quilts.  My daughter Kelli and I have been reading Julie K’s blog for a LONG time.  We both love it.  We both love scrappy quilts, and let’s just say, Julie knows how to do scrappy quilts just right.

Some time ago someone told us that we should write a book…honestly, the person who I think needs to write a book is Julie.  Her quilts are awesome!  She is a master at sashing.

I belong to a Facebook quilting group and some time ago I saw this quilt on the group.  I immediately loved it!  It’s scrappy and has a great sashing going  on.  Later I went and read Julie’s blog only to find out it was her quilt.  Well of course it was Julie’s quilt, she really is awesome with scraps.  This is on my bucket list…I love it!  The black borders on the blocks just make it pop!

Julie is hosting a Binding Blitz this year encouraging her blog readers to bind all those quilts in their binding pile.

Julie is a nurse and often leaves little nursing related comments at the end of her blog posts.  She comments and tells readers who aren’t nurses to that we don’t need to read them…but I always do.  I love reading them.  Just from Julie’s words I can tell that she is a good nurse and a very compassionate person.  I would love to have to her as my nurse.  Honestly just reading them gives me a little comfort knowing that if I were in a situation that I ended up in the hospital, there are good people there to care for me.

I have said it to Kelli and thought it myself a million times, Julie should write a book….don’t you agree??

I love Julie’s blog and I love how she shares her progress on her quilts.  It’s so fun to see the quilts go from blocks to finished projects.

Head on over and check it Julie’s blog  check out her great quilts, her Binding Blitz and compassionate nursing notes.   You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. I read and enjoy Jo’s blog daily and I’m glad she sent me your way. I’m sure I will enjoy keeping up with you on your blog as well. Thanks for sharing your life and ideas with us in blogland

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