Day #2 of the Country Girl Modern Blog Hop

Today is day two of our Country Girl Modern Blog Hop.


Today our featured blogger who is telling about our book it Michelle from Michelle’s Romantic Tangle.  I have never met Michelle in person but I have to say, that doesn’t mean she’s not at the top of my friend list.

Our friendship started a couple years ago when she wrote and asked me a question….From then on we’ve been back and forth sharing contacts, sharing life as bloggers and sharing about our families.

Michelle is a home school mom who spends many hours on the road chauffeuring her children to activities and  keeps the home fires burning taking care of her growing family.

I don’t know how many times Hubby comes and tells me I better get to bed because it’s late and I find myself saying -but I have to finish a note to Michelle.  Michelle was with us from the very beginning of the book.  I sent her pictures of the quilts and she’d give an honest opinion saying yes to some quilts and no to others.  Her advice was great to get as she know a lot about quilting.

Michelle hosts a really fun baby quilt linky party each Friday.  You can find it here.  She is an avid stitcher…with a passion for vintage embroidery patterns.

Michelle and I both love thrifting and love reading.  Michelle is always doing book reviews.  Both of us have a love of antiques too.

It’s often that I’ll write and say…look what I found thrifting…she always replies with the same enthusiasm that I feel.

Sometimes it makes me sad that we don’t live closer, that we’re both home-bodies and both have trouble leaving our families.  Michelle has offered that I should come out to Sisters one day as she isn’t all that far from there….Oh, I’ve been tempted.  Someday I might just surprise her and actually do it.

Michelle is the creator and designer of my favorite Moda Bake Shop quilt EVER-30’s Barn Raising.


It’s on my someday list of quilts to make.

If you’ve never been to Michelle’s …stop by.  You’ll likely love her as much as I do!  Here’s a link to her site….she’s offering a free copy of our book to one lucky ready so head on over and check it out!

If you missed yesterday’s blog hop site you can find Country Threads here.

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  1. Jo, I haven’t yet had a chance to congratulate you and Kelly on your wonderful new book!!!! I’m so excited for you both! The name is PERFECT and the quilt projects are such wonderful blend of traditional and modern :) Enjoying book tour very much!

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