Day #1 of the Country Girl Modern Blog Hop

Today is day one of our Country Girl Modern Blog Hop.  I’m so excited to be hosting all of this and honored that some of our favorite bloggers took time out of their busy lives to take time to review our book.  It’s a real honor to have them all working with us.

With the blog hop we’ll be featuring a blog or two each day and they will be telling you about our book and will be hosting a giveaway on their blog.  You just need to comment there to win.  On the last day we’ll be hosting a grand prize giveaway here on our blog….sound like fun?  I sure think so.

First up today is Mary over at Country Threads.  I met Mary years ago when I first went to the quilt shop.  I liked her then and my fondness for her has only grown.  If you don’t Mary, you’re missing out on someone special.  She’s a quilter, antique-er, gardener and animal lover…what’s not to like?  From my first visit to the shop to present day I’ve never seen Mary and not laughed.  She’s just a joyful person!

If you haven’t been to Mary’s blog check her out over at Country Threads Chicken Scratch.  She’s always showing fun pictures of her house, her quilting projects and of course the animals.  Since retiring Mary has gone on to do pet boarding but the catch is that the dogs aren’t kenneled much at all.  What a service to provide!  She’s got new pets stopping by all the time.

Mary and her quilt shop partner Connie are planning one last big sale to happen in early June.  Can you believe that this is only a portion of the quilts they are selling??  Those girls are prolific!!

Mary’s blog is a good read and is on my list of places to stop when I’m checking blogs.  Stop over…Mary will be previewing our book and offering one as a giveaway!!  Just click this link and you’ll be at Mary’s in the blink of eye (or however fast your internet takes you!)

Stop back tomorrow and we’ll lead you to another blogger friend of ours.

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