Dachshund Madness

The Northeast Iowa Humane Society that I’ve done some work with, recently rescued huge bunch of 24 dachshunds all from one place.  I don’t know a lot about it but I do know that all of the dogs had been living in a trailer all together.  They haven’t had vet care nor have they been altered.

For some time one of the Humane Society volunteers have  been trying to get the people to release them but wouldn’t.  Finally they did….but the 24 were too much for our local foster based group to handle.


The Midwest Dachshund Rescue had stepped in to help.  They are taking all of them in.  The only problem, they will be needing funds to help with vet care and spay and neutering costs.

A number of the dogs are not socialized and will need to spend time in foster care before they are ready to be released to families.

I often think that these things happen somewhere else and not in my area….It’s easy to see I am wrong.

I know many of you are dog lovers and even Doxie lovers and would like to hear about this story.  If anyone would like to know more about the dogs or help financially, here is a link to Midwest Dachshund Rescue.

2 thoughts on “Dachshund Madness”

  1. I never understand people that let this happen to animals, if you can’t afford to take care of and animal, don’t get one. WOW this is so sad.

  2. Now they’re rescued they can be cared fro properly. Just one thing, what is a “Doxie lover”? I know what a doxie is in Britain, and it’s not a complement!

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