Cutting, Cutting, Cutting….

Last week I told you that I had pulled my English Paper Piecing project.  Well I stitched all I could and then was out of hexies.  All week long I’ve been cutting and cutting and cutting.  I have plenty to work on for a very-very long time.  I have them all sorted into bags with numbers on them in regards to the cut sets.  In the 4’s bag there are all sets of matching cut fabrics of groups of four.


I figured it would be a great time to stop and see where I was at too.

After counting and figuring I had a little revelation.  I am looking at a picture that I like of project.  I don’t have a pattern.  In never occurred to me to wonder how big her hexies were.  Mine aren’t that small.  They are 1″ along each side.  My stars with the white on them are measuring at around 19″ across.  If I put five stars across the top my quilt will be well over 100″ across.  Oops.  That is a little bigger than I had hoped.  Hmm….


If I do something like the picture I’d need 23 stars.  I have 9 done up to the white border.  I have 11 more started.  I need 82 diamonds  I have 49 finished and 20 started.

In light of those number and in light of not knowing how big this is all is going to be I’ve decided that I am not starting any more new diamonds or stars.  I’m going to start stitching the white and black connector hexies and start sewing it together.  I’m nervous and excited all at once.  I never dreamed I had enough units to start the task of putting them together.

I have my little stitch-y bag all loaded and reading to start piecing some more.  I am excited…but I still have a long way to go.  I keep telling myself, little by little Jo, little by little.

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