Curing the Bark

Ruby’s been a bit of a barker….nothing horrible but still a barker at times.  If it’s just me and her, she does a great job but if we add Betsy into the mix…it’s not so good because Betsy truly is a barker.

When Betsy starts barking…it’s really hard for Ruby not to join in.  She hasn’t been horrible…but she’s not been good either.  It’s even worse now that we have more people in and out dropping off and picking up childcare kids.

I talked to Kalissa about it and she ended up going to Petsmart and talked to the lady there about it.  Kalissa had thought about getting a bark prevention collar.  Instead she got this….The Company of Animals Pet Corrector.

What happens is the dog does some type of behavior that you don’t want them to do.  It our case, it’s barking.  Then you just spray it.  It’s actually very similar to canned air that you might use to clean your computer keyboard only this makes a bigger aerosol spray noise.  The noise frightens the dogs.

So far, it have worked really well.  Ruby is terrified of it…Betsy is but not quite as much.  Now when both dogs are here all I have to do if for Ruby to see the can and she’ll quit.  In fact, if Betsy starts barking Ruby will look from me to Betsy and put her tail between her legs.  Ruby completely gets it.

Betsy has made vast improvements but we still need to work a bit more on it…I am happy with progress though.

3 thoughts on “Curing the Bark”

  1. Am I glad to read this post – we are having a terrible time with one of our Shih Tzu barking whenever she want something (which is MY attention 24/7). I will go up to Petsmart and get this, because my husband works nights, and they have been disrupting his sleep for about a month now. Thanks Jo for the news!! Happy quilting!

  2. I used a similar way training one of my dogs years ago. I put some coins or some nuts and washers into an empty, clean soda pop can and taped the opening shut. Whenever my dog did something he wasn’t suppose to, I would shake the can a little. He didn’t like the noise, so it wasn’t long before he stopped the incorrect behavior. It is the same principle, just a home made version. It worked like a charm. Good luck, the dogs seem to learn very quickly.

  3. Both Ruby and Betsy are precious but the look on Ruby’s face and those eyes, she is so cute, wish I had the time for an animal.

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