Cupboards: It’s a Family Thing

You all know by now that I love antiques and if you haven’t guessed my favorite kind thing is cabinet, cupboards or hutch type pieces.

Well the other day Kalissa was on Facebook on a for sale group and saw a garage sale listing.  She sent me a message and said she was going.  She asked if there was anything I was interested in.  Well I’ve been trying to stay away from temptation so just said no.  A short while later she sent me a picture.


She liked the primitive cupboard…hm…

Next thing I knew she pulled into my driveway and wanted help to unload it at my house.  I was confused.  If she bought something-why did it need to come here.

Then she sheepishly said…well it needs a little work.

I helped her unload it and they started asking what her plans were.


She said she wanted to clean it and then had stopped at the hardware store they suggested that to keep the primitive look with the flaky paint she’d need to put a clear coat on varnish over it.


While she was cleaning she found this photo…Isn’t it so cute?!


Well it’s clean and now is getting a clear coat applied.


As she was working on it we were chatting about where she wanted to put it at her house.  She wanted it in the bathroom but decided the kitchen would work better.  She has wedding gifts that need a home and the cupboard will be perfect.


I didn’t know how I’d like the primitive antique look but so far, I really like it.  I’ll post another picture once she gets it all set up in the house the way she wants.

I don’t know but I am beginning to believe that cupboards are a Kramer girl thing.

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