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I started working on my Crumb baby Friedman quilt this past week.  I didn’t get a lot of sewing time.  Life got in front of my best intentions.   I was hoping to get my alphabet all done.  I forgot how tedious making the letters can be.  I love making them though.

Here’s how I made an “O”.  I cut a piece of fabric for the center.  I just guess a size that I think might be good.

I free form cut some triangles and sew them to the corners.  I iron them open.

From there I iron and clip off anything hanging over the edge.

Next…two side strips….then iron.

Then two top strips….and iron.

Then the corners all get triangles put on them.  
I don’t worry at all about straight of the grain and all that.  You can see that but looking at the white triangles I put on the corners.

I work two letters at a time.  The “H” is going in first..a “K” is under the needle.  I always pick one easy letter and one harder letter.  The “H”…easy.  The “K” I have to think about a bit to the angles right.

Here’s my “K”….LOOKING GOOD!!

and here it is finished.  
I’m doing a whimsical version so the letters are all different sizes.  I am doing this as a baby quilt with the intention that the baby, once he’s a toddler, will learn letters using the quilt like Carver does so I’m making only capital letters.  
When I did Kalissa’s quilt I used upper and lowercase letters.


I think that’s more fun but…for this purpose.  All uppers.

We’re supposed to have snow and bad weather over the weekend.  That means hopefully I’ll get some quilting time.  Tackling this quilt is on my list of things to sew….on Monday I plan to talk about making the flying geese blocks.

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  1. I’m a crazy scrap quilter and love seeing you using up crumbs. I find it so rewarding to use up the little pieces that would normally get thrown away!

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