Crumb Stars….

My favorite crumb blocks are star blocks….here’s what I’ve been playing with.


I love the size variance.  I found some tiny bonus triangles and sewed them together to make an edge along one block.  I dug out some scraps left over from trimming up my Jamestown Landing string blocks and put them along one edge.  I am loving that look.  I tried using stripes in the flying geese…love that too!  A four patch in the center of the star is another option.


On the star way to the left I even cut up some leftovers from my Roll Roll Cotton Ball quilt.  Lots of leftovers are finding their way into these blocks.  I hope you’re enjoying making the star crumb blocks.  I have 9 done….many more to go because I think my Civil War version is going to be big!

8 thoughts on “Crumb Stars….”

  1. Your star blocks look great! Thanks for the photos! They really help with ideas and inspiration for a new (perfectionist) Crumbie like me!

  2. Made several stars yesterday and today – used some bonus triangles to make them instead of flying geese (you said no rule – LOL), and I’m mostly happy with them. I’ve also made some just crumb blocks and 4 flying geese. I tried the heart like Bonnie did it, but it didn’t turn out so hot. I”m going to try to do some of those tomorrow. I’ll also try to get some pictures up on flicker or FB (no blog – yet).
    This is really fun – just sewing with no real matching or figuring, or whatever. At first it was so weird and awkward, but now I’m really having fun with it. The only thing is I think someone is sneaking in and adding crumbs to my bags at night, because even with all this crumb sewing those bags aren’t looking any emptier. LOL

  3. Lets see the sun and fresh air did not work to kill all the smells and molds so here are some I would try. Tea tree oil mixed with water in a spray bottle 1-2 teaspoons in like 8 oz. Spray the carpets. We used this alot at my step moms. Ummm charcoal or kitty litter rolled up with them should suck the nasty smells into the charcoal or litter. Hope this helps some.

  4. No suggestions for the rugs other than maybe baking soda sprinkled on it? Not sure if that works with wool or not but it tends to take some smell out.
    Love the star blocks you have done and I can’t wait to get sewing again on these crumbs… maybe today =).

  5. I love your stars. I agree with Lisa, looking at yours, and all the others that are linked up hers as well, is great for inspiration and ideas of what to do to border out the stars with stuff besides just strings. Thanks for hosting, and for the push to do this.

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