Crumb Quilts Winner and More about Crumbs

I thought I would stop in and tell you all who won the book  Crumb Quilts: Scrap Quilting the Zero Waste Way by Emily Bailey I reviewed on Friday.

The winner was Patty Root.  I have sent her an email and am in the process of getting the book sent out to her.

I am totally in the mood this year to tackle all of my totes.  All of them are overflowing.  I want to make quilts that will use up all the strips, bits and bobs that are near to bursting in those totes.

I’ve pulled all of the books in the house that are good for using up small pieces.  I’ve been paging through the books trying to figure out what I want to make.  At the top of the list was…the book String Frenzy by Bonnie Hunter.

There are LOTS of quilts I’d like to make in the book (like everyone) but if I focus on using up crumbs, there are two high on my list.

This is Crumble Jumble…that would use up small pieces in the blocks.

There is also Xing!  This one uses crumb blocks in the middle of the stars and lots of string pieces.

You can see if I’m trying to use up bits and bobs, that these quilts are perfect.

Sadly before I jump into any projects from the Crumb Quilt book or Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy, I have to finish the longarming on this one…

I need to finish these sting sashings…

and put them together for this quilt.

I also have more blocks that I made that need attention.

The pink ones at the bottom of the photo will go in the quilt above but the rest all need to find their way into a quilt.  Hmm.

Who knows…I’m starting to feel myself petering out on this never-ending “use it up” project.  I might just set the blocks aside and dive into something else.

I hate putting them aside, but maybe I’d get a little more sewing mojo back if I did.  Hmm.  I hate more UFOs but…I have to admit I’m a little tired of these colors and the star blocks.

So readers, what would you do?  Set these aside and dive into something new or stick to it??  Let a comment in the comment section and let me know.

56 thoughts on “Crumb Quilts Winner and More about Crumbs”

  1. when I am confronted with this particular challenge, i remind myself of the instances where i have passed items on to another person and it always turns out to be rhat it is filling a need for someone that i did not even know the need was there. a real twofer =I get to have a cleared mind and they get their need met.

    1. I agree Brenda. Maybe its time to pass the blocks on Jo. Someone like the Cresco Ladies would put them to good use. I’ve got several things I”m passing on this year. If its a top and I’m not going to ever quilt it. why not send it to someone on your list? I’ve got some nice boxes now.
      I”d be putting them aside and delving into that crumb/string project if it was me.

      1. Jo, when you made crisscross applesauce, did you change the measurements for your quilt? I’d prefer to eliminate the 5/8 and 7/8 if I can.
        Rita West
        Altoona, IA

  2. Hi Jo
    Today I donated my stash to a charity here in England that makes quilts for children leaving care and going out into the world. The stash was beginning to worry me so it had to go. Now what to do with all those strings?
    My problem with scrap user books is that many of the patterns although they use scraps are based on large pieces of a main plain colour. I know that it isn’t necessary for the main pieces all to be the same fabric but my stash is such a mixture that to use the scraps with these patterns I would have to buy fabric. I feel that defeats the object. I’ve already made three string quilts and whenever I look into the bag of strings the wretched things have increased during the night.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Jo, donate or like someone said put them on the back of thequilt that uses the pink stars on front. Bada Bing done with them. As to scraps multiplying over night. I recently moved and put my stash in big blue bins thinking I’d use maybe 2 welllll I have four and several bags besides. They do seem to multiply.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Give them away. I have 6 unfinished quilts to get done before I start something new. They’re each made on purpose for someone special.

  4. You have used SEW so many of the stars in recent quilts, I think would share them with a charity quilter and tackle those strings and crumbs.

  5. I say get it done and move on. You could just use a standard sashing setting, find a border and binding and quilt it. I think you will like it better if it is done and if you still don’t like it, then it will become a charity quilt. It will still be a nice quilt.

  6. I’d put them aside if they are no longer bringing you joy. Or donate as others suggested.

    I’m a definite believer in “squirrel” hunting in my sewing room.

  7. What would I do – Quilt the top that’s together, put the blocks on the back burner or maybe donate them and then start making crumb blocks :-). I started the Crumble Jumble blocks and love, love making them. I think it helps us get our MoJo back when we have something new to sew on. Hope you enjoy whatever you do decide to do ;-)

  8. As many of the others have commented my first thought was give them away. Much of the fabric was donated to you. Then you used your unique creative process to turn the scraps into beautiful stars. If you pass them on through a donation or even a drawing this project will be designed and finished by yet another set of hands.

    1. You have such unique energy and beautiful ideas. I agree you should pass on the upper stars and finish the quilt with the pink ones. You do SO MUCH you shouldn’t be burdened by any thing. Do what you enjoy and clear space for new projects. You are truly a gift to the universe and should only know happiness. You bring so much joy to others including me who loves reading your blog each day. ♥️♥️♥️‍

  9. You could always put them up for your auctions that goes to charity mailings. I have a feeling they’d be snatched up in a heartbeat.
    Love and prayers

  10. I don’t think it matters whether you just donate them or just put them with your UFOs, but you need a break from them. Sounds like it is time to do a totally different project, even if it is something small like when you made the table runners. I know that is what helps me when I lose my sewing mojo – do a quick new project.

  11. Congratulations to Patty! I think she has won a great prize! And thank you for your book contest – that was fun and I enjoyed all the comments!
    I think you should skip the blocks and dive into the scraps. That’s what I would do, and am doing! Crumbs, beware – I am coming for you!
    Thanks again for your blog! I love it!

  12. Kathleen in Mississippi

    I’m passing a loooong held set of blocks today. There’s a reason they didn’t move forward. Don’t know what the reason is but it must be meant to spark someone else’s joy. I do love the blue and white stars on the right You could sent those to me.

  13. Use the extra blocks on the back of the quilt. It’s such a nice surprise when a quilt is flipped over and there are blocks.

  14. It’s tempting to dive into something new, especially when you are excited about it. I think I’d finish your other projects first. For me, that would be the incentive to keep me going on all of those string sashings!

  15. I also have a “number” (isn’t that a nice nonspecific description) of unfinished projects, so I alternate, finish a U F O, then I can work on something I am in love with. I do work through the unfinished pile, but can look forward to a ” reward” for that discipline.
    Most of my smaller (42 × 60) quilts go to a group casually called “Bags of Love”, so I only keep ones I truly love. I find that I try out a pattern in the smaller size to see if I really like it enough to make a larger one.
    And donating is also a great option. It certainly helps clear the space.

  16. In your previous post you wrote about selling your fan blocks at a garage sale. Don’t wait for a garage sale but give the star blocks away and move on. You’ll feel lighter and be ready to dig into those crumbs! You’ve made a lot with the stars now its time to let someone else have the fun of playing with the stars.

  17. Well you are not “creating” a new UFO you are just prolonging it’s life as a UFO ;) If it is slowing you down it is time to put it aside and move to something else.

  18. Set them aside for now. Start something else that you really really want to make. These will be waiting for you when you are ready.

  19. Consider making a smaller finish. The string border could be a leader/ender while you work on something else. Leftover blocks, donate them to fuel someone else’s creative juices! Maybe the next new start could be a small project to revive your mojo? Be kind to yourself…. you’ve had a rough patch! What would you advise a good friend to do? Hugs.

  20. Life is too short, time to find a new project. You will know in your heart if it is time for them to find a new home or time for a nap in crumbville. Permission granted!

  21. I’d clear that stash right out by donating it all except what brings me joy! I’ve been doing that this last year beginning March 1, 2021 with my extensive yarn stash and it has been so freeing! I end that year long Challenge next month on March 1 and I may just extend it and add a cross stitch scorched earth challenge to it. I’ve rid myself of close to 200 skeins and cakes of yarn this past year between RAK’s and Giveaway prize packages on my Channel.

  22. I agree with so many others…..I would pass them on to one of your quilters who finish quilts for charity. It was fun for you to work with them and you have some beautiful, well-made blocks that someone else can make into a sweet quilt.

  23. I would offer them up for auction here. Don’t even need to wait for a big auction day. Do it now! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure after all.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Joan. Give them to someone else to finish or auction them off… either now or for the postage fund.

  24. Sometimes those projects just need a “time out” – I have a couple (or more) of those! I find that I become resentful if I push too hard to finish a project that I’ve lost interest in; setting it aside for a while sometimes renews the enthusiasm. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to let it go. This wonderful quilting hobby is supposed to bring us joy, not angst… :)

  25. Susan from Michigan

    Do what brings you joy. These are all great tips. If you are tired of the blocks, move on to something else. You could use them later for a fundraising donation.

  26. You were so excited about these projects. I would persevere and get them done! You will be so happy when they are done rather than niggling the back of your brain. Get back to that excited place and see it through! As you journey through them, you’ll be using fabrics from some of those totes so it’s a double win :-)

  27. I like putting them on the back of the quilt idea. You have made so many beautiful quilts with the leftovers I would move them on. The Cresco ladies would love them. I love the Bonnie Hunter String Frenzy book. I want to make The Straits of Mackinaw. But I don’t have enough light blue/turquoise yet.

  28. My vote is to do what you WANT to do. You have so many roles in your life where you do what you should do but quilting isn’t one of those. This should be a role to exercise your creativity, be a little indulgent, and have fun just the way you want it. If you like the blocks but just not right now, put them away. Follow your muse and have fun!

  29. Cynthia from SWMinnesota

    Good morning, Jo! I would set the star blocks aside for a while, you will figure something out for how you want to do a quilt, probably when it has been out of your sight for a while. If you decide no joy, then you can pass it on for someone else to complete, but you’ll no doubt think of something perfect!

  30. I think you are sick of looking at those blue blocks and need something fresh. I would pass them on to a charity quilter, like Ray or Jazz and move on with something that will make you sparkle.
    that way they don’t go to waste and you won’t feel guilty.

  31. As for what I’d do about the “never ending use it up project” – I’d start something new AND stick to it. Using them as leader/enders for each other so that I have a variety of colors to work with to relieve the boredom.

  32. I have made a few “10 year quilts”. Scrappy is my jam. (My clown name in children’s ministry). I am a procrastinator/dreamer of quilts. The planning and making are two totally different things. I do not count my UFO’s anymore. So many projects set aside “for a time” and picked up later and finished at some point. That’s my style. Fabric or blocks I do not love get passed to the church to make lap robes for seniors.

  33. Seems like we need a forum for sharing photos of what we want to pass on to someone else. Some of us would love to pick up projects already begun, and would eagerly pay postage to get them. I am reluctant to abandon my projects to a place that will likely dump them in the trash. And many of us love to bid on orphan blocks or grab bags. Local swap days are another idea. Then there are what we called Round Robin quilts, where one person pucks uo where another left off, and then passes it along to the next one in the circle. Lots of creativity in that.

  34. Laurie Lauricella

    Put it aside and move on to something that makes you excited to get back into the sewing room! Let’s all have some fun!

  35. Put them away if they are not calling to you to create right now. Don’t guilt yourself, you will be making more scraps sewing something new and exciting so when you are ready scraps will be also. A little like a bread starter, always with you and a joy to share. Making scrap quilts is my all time happy place so I understand your dilemma.
    You could move them out. You have a great network of people that would appreciate them and use them to good advantage. Just a thought.

  36. Wilma Louise Reasoner

    Fortunately, I have a daughter-in-law who is a quilter. When I buy new stuff and my husband gives me “that look”, I just tell him if I don’t use it she will.

    So, give away whatever is bothering you and begin anew.

  37. Just call me squirrel. I get distracted by shiny, new things so I would start something new. Do I get a prize if I die with the most unfinished projects? LOL

  38. I vote with passing them on, Jo. I’ve done that, and it always lifts weight off my shoulders. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way your mind thinks they should, and someone else does something different with them, and it makes everyone happy. “one person’s trash—– you know.

  39. I would love to take them off your hands. I have a lot of the Frolic pieces that I am trying to put together but I don’t have enough. Any readers with those color scraps you no longer want let me know. I will pay for postage.
    I am currently doing my crumb quilting too. I am aiming for a rainbow quilt, so I am doing them in color order. I just finished red and am starting orange. I don’t have much orange fabric as that’s not one of my favorite colors. I might have to get into my larger scraps to have enough.
    Thanks for bringing crumb quilting to the forefront. I love it, it’s addicting and so much fun!

  40. I would set them aside and start something new. I did a lot of that with my first quilts using free fabric. When I got “stuck” mostly cuz I didn’t know how to do something… I started something else. All of 2021 was spent finishing those projects, so will 2022 . I don’t feel guilt about it, I live alone, snicker. Now I make pieced backs, too!

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