Crumb Quilt Round Up

It was late, late, last night when I put the final stitches in my crumb quilt.  It was too late to get pictures taken so I am up this morning putting this post together so all of you can see MY FINISHED QUILT!!

If you are new to the blog, let me give you a little back ground on crumb quilting.  A year ago, I read about Crumb (tiny crumbs of fabric) quilting on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website.  It intrigued me and I decided to give it a try.  I ended up making a quilt for my daughter that you can see here.  Then with encouragement form a few of my readers, I hosted a “Crumb Along”  (Crumb style quilt along). You can find the tutorial instructions to make crumb blocks here.

While doing tutorials for the crumb along, I got busy sewing two different sets of blocks.  One was a version from shirts that you can see here and one a version using mostly my Civil War Crumbs.  This is the product of my Civil War(ish) crumbs.

I am in love with the quilt.  It’s my favorite quilt to date that I have made.

There is something about all the intense piecing that makes me feel really attached to it.  I give lots of quilts away for benefits but not this one…it’s staying with ME…I don’t even think one of my kiddos could get it away from me.

Here’s a closer view.

I incorporated string blocks with crumb blocks.  With a little encouragement I could be talked into doing a tutorial for the layout of the quilt….it’s really MUCH easier than it looks.  I debated a long time on how to do a border.  I am happy with what I ended up with.

There’s a narrow border, a 4″ wide crumb border and then another narrow border.  The binding is a solid red.

That’s my crumb quilt now it’s your turn….Please link up ANY completed crumb quilt even if you have linked up before.  My good buddies at Martingale and Company have provided some great prizes for some of you “crumbers”.  I have TWO copies of Word Play Quilts by Tonya Ricucci, one copy of Out of the Box by Mary Lou Weidman and TWO copies of Out of the Box with Easy Blocks by Mary Lour Weidman and Melanie Bautista McFarland.  I’ll give you until next week at this time to link up…then I’ll pick the winner.

To see what others have finished up head on over to Crazy Mom Quilts, Homestead Revival, Quilt Story and Jaq Studio’s Made by Me and Confession of a Fabric Addict.  One last note….I am thinking about make a crumb quilt with bright colors but have limited bright fabric crumbs.  If anyone doesn’t like to crumb quilt and wants to share…please think of me…anything that is 3/4″ or bigger works!!

67 thoughts on “Crumb Quilt Round Up”

  1. I love it, Jo. I especially like the string blocks with the crumb blocks. I’ve been working on my crumb squares, but not nearly done yet to show a picture. Now I will have to make some string blocks. Thanks for the crumb along. It was fun. Only wish I could have kept up.

  2. Wow – stunning! I have never made a crumb block, but I’m thinking it would be addicting and a great way to use scraps. I don’t blame you – I would hang on to that one too!

  3. Your crumb quilt it awesome, Jo! What a fun idea to incorporate string blocks. I have never made one, but it’s on my list. I plan to follow your crumb along as a guide. And that border is great, too. Love it!

  4. Your crumb quilt is so pretty. I’m still chugging along making my crumb blocks. Swapping with a friend who also follows your blog.

  5. Loving it! Don’t you love when something turns out even better than you expect? I’m told that’s what talent is!!

  6. Oh my – absolutely gorgeous. You really outdid yourself. I usually think of crumb quilts as a hodge-podge of blocks, but your quilt is so orderly. Love the setting and the borders – and the string blocks are perfect. I do believe I’m ready to take the plunge and do a crumb quilt of my own – count me in if a group develops. I would love to share some of my “”brights”” with you – so e-mail me with your address.


  7. I really love the incorporation of the crumbs and strings! What a fabulous idea! I have several quilts that I need to finish for charity,etc, but I think I want to do something like this too. If you do a “String and Crumb Along” I would love it!


  8. Love the addition of the string blocks, My crumb blocks are still on my design wall, have been pushed aside for some deadlines in baby quilts, maybe this will be incentive to get them together. Could definately send you some brights from my baby quilting, have more than I can ever use.

  9. WoW!!!! Stunning!!! I am new to your blog so I will be going back to your links to see how this is done! I don’t blame you for not letting it go! Please, let me be an encourager to the tutorial for the layout of your gorgeous quilt!

  10. Consider this my encouragement for you to do a tutorial on your technique – your quilt turned out SO awesome – I absolutely love it!

  11. Oh I love, love, love the colors – the border is absolutely perfect! Love it! My first thought at the first picture was “This is my favorite of any you’ve made”, so happy to continue reading (and see more gorgeous pictures) and find that you feel the same way. Do you have any idea how many hours you have invested? It is just BEAUTIFUL.

  12. Jo, I just love your stringy-crumbs! What a great combination. I am really starting to like string blocks too. Bonnie certainly knew what she was doing, didn’t she!?
    Good job!
    I’ve added a link to your linky of some stringy/crumb quilts I’ve done for my sons’ bedroom. I have one left to do so they all match.

  13. Jo, I would just love it if you could give us a tutorial on the string blocks. I have been studying you beautiful quilt trying to figure out just how you did it. I have been making sting blocks but have not put them together as I always think they look “junky”. By adding the strings between it really gives it a planned look. Please be so kind as to share block size and if you did just string blocks or if you added string corners to each block. Thanks for showing and telling your secrets.

  14. Mary Etherington

    Wow – what a winner, Jo! I would love to piece crumb blocks – maybe in my next life! Or maybe I’ll take an “at home” vacation and try it. I love it!

  15. Wow that really looks awesome! I am so impressed with the whole quilt!! I will have to make somethiing along thesame lines as I really like the light with the dark and I like the light ones all being the same and the dark being the patterns you had us do. Great job chick! I think that you deserve to keep a great quilt for yourself!
    Have an awesome weekend.

  16. I really really really like your quilt! It looks so detailed, I wouldn’t give it up if I were you :) I’ll look at the tutorial, I would be happy to make this quilt. Great job!

  17. Another fabulous finish for you, Jo! I love the way you used the same fabric in the two narrow borders to set off the crumb border apart. It gives it unity and definition. Good job!

  18. I loved your first crumb quilt and thought about joining in on the fun of making one. I saved all your posts on how to make them. Shame on me, I never started mine. Then I see this fabulous quilt that you just finished – really, not enough words that haven’t been used already, to describe it. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, and if you have another tutorial on how to put it together, it will be on the top of my list.

  19. Love it. Creative, unique and colorful just the way a quilt should be and much more spectacular tan anything I can do). Bravo!

  20. I love the lattice and border layout you achieved with the crumb blocks Jo!! I’ve always used crumbs with just a “throw it in scrappy” approach but now I’ll think about also using them by value. And I’m glad you saved the best one for yourself!

  21. I am gobsmacked! Your quilt is AMAZING! I would never have thought anything could look that wonderful from little bits of fabric. You should be really proud of what you’ve done!

  22. I didn’t crumb along when you asked (as I didn’t see it) but I LOVE your finished product! LOVE the way you set everything together and it’s NOW tempting me to crumb late to the party! LOL

  23. Jo! Jo!! Jo!!! I am hopping up & down! I so adore this quilt! It is, as a friend of mine says, gorge-wah!! ;-)
    I would love a tutorial. And thanks for the subscription option on your blog~now I won’t miss a thing.
    Enjoy snuggling in the best crumbie ever!

  24. Wow! Beautiful quilt! I love the layout! I will be working on mine for months to come as it is my “I need to do some mindless quilting today” project.

  25. Hi, I love your crumg quilt. Would love to see a tutorial about how you put this together. I have bee making scrap quilts for several years and am running out of ideas. Your tute would benefit a lot of quilters. Thanks, Betty

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  27. That turned out fabulous! I will admit that I wasn’t sure I would like the string blocks in there when you snuck us a look earlier but they turned out really well and add quite a nice contrast to the rest of the block. I think I’d hang onto that one too!

  28. this is fabulous!! I was not in LOVE with crumb quilting- but this I AM!! I do love scrap quilts, strings and with the crumbs it is great!! I would so be into a tutorial- since I am cutting all of my fabric into “Bonnie” sizes!

  29. Love you crumb + strings, great design. Send me your address, I have a nice scrap pile to send you. Includes brights, RW&B, Bugs & Xmas.

  30. Such a beautiful quilt. I like how the light string blocks tone down the craziness of the crumb blocks…definately how I’d want one to look.

  31. what a fantastic finish! i love how rich feeling scrap quilts are! not to mention the fact that you get to use every last bit. so satisfying!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

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  34. Kiwi Granny Flower

    Love this quilt. I found your ‘crumb along’ (2013) last month and have just finished the top. Love it. There will be more I’m sure! My quilting friends over here thought it was great and are keen to give it a go too.

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