Crumb Quilt Round-Up and Reveal #1

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Well today is the day for the big reveal of the Crumb Quilt-Crumb Along with Me Quilt Along.  Before the big reveal, I want to thank everyone who followed along, sewed along, cheered us along or read along with all of us.  It was great fun and I hope to do something like this again.  Thanks to the wonderful Bonnie Hunter for the crumb tutorials and to the wonderful Tonya Ricucci for her great letters.  Those two gals are an inspiration to all of us.

Here’s one side…


Here’s another side….


I used a polka dot for the backing and a mini star print for the binding.  It is quilted with red thread.


Here’s the whole quilt.  I really love it.  At first I thought the letters were too big.  Now I think they are just fine.


Here’s another view.


I have seen so many neat quilts.  Frances posted a picture of her completed quilt over on my facebook page for Jo’s Country Junction.  Hers is all done in solids.  It’s really neat.  Then Lilah’s Grandma made the cutest quilt from baby Lilah.  There are over 140 crumb quilt pictures over on Flickr.  You can be looking for a long time.

I am adding a linky to this post and will keep it open until the end of the month.  Feel free to post your finished quilt or your progress. Please make sure your link is to the specific post and not to just you blog.

If you are new to crumb quilting, you can learn more about it here. Kelli and I have been dreaming up more fun things for the new year including a Bucket List Challenge and a one block quilt along.  Keep checking back to learn the details.  Now I am off to clean up my sewing area.  I want to be ready for Bonnie Hunter’s big mystery that starts Friday!!  Today I am hooking up with Crazy Mom Quilts.

21 thoughts on “Crumb Quilt Round-Up and Reveal #1”

  1. Jo, you’ve been amazing and I love, love, love your quilt. As I’ve followed along, I’ve used lots of your ideas in my donation quilts. They’ve been fun and after the first of the year, when I’m not pressed by trying to get so many done before Christmas, I’m going to add some letters in a border, just so that I can say “I did it!” Thanks for the ride, girl. The most fun I’ve had has been adding the wonky geese to my crumbs! It’s all been fun!

  2. I love the way your crumbs turn out to be such a harmonious quilt! The alphabet is a funny idea.
    I want to thank YOU for this challenge, I wouldn’t have dared to make a crumb quilt alone! Mine is currently being hand quilted with pearl cotton. It will be (has to be) ready for Christmas.

  3. It really came together beautifully! Congratulations. Still working on my blocks as my quilt has a theme to it so it will be a while yet. ;-)

  4. The quilt looks great! Can’t wait to see what others have done. I intended to follow along with you, but my NEW machine was having problems and ended up at the shop (and it’s still there! – hoping it comes home soon, because I NEED it), so guess I’ll have to work on my crumb quilt at a later date. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Oh goodness gracious! The race is on to make the first Kramer kid grand baby… :)
    I am so impressed by the flicker group too! I may have to get over my crazy scrap quilt aversion.

  6. i have been following this quilt along but i was not able to participate, but i am finishing some things up. your quilt is wonderful and i can’t wait to make one of my own.

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  8. I have mine in the flimsy stage, did a pieced back and it is ready to quilt. I will do a post on it after work and link to it. This was a very fun TO DO and I have piles of scraps to do a few more- might have to have a quilters lock in to use it all up! lol

  9. cynthia meredith

    This is baby Lilah’s grandma who wants to thank you for hosting the crumb along. I know these quitalongs take a lot of time and organization, and I appreciate all your efforts, Jo. I made Lilah’s quilt with shirting crumbs from the Holy Toledo quilt in Scraps and Shirttails 2 for my son (Lilah’s uncle) and added red and yellow scraps from my stash for the baby quilt. It was fun working in such a spontaneous/improvisational way, but messy!

  10. cynthia meredith

    I forgot to add that the dolls in the corners are from the Burbs in the book Material Obsession–I want to give credit where credit is due!

  11. I had really hoped to have something to show for this reveal but another project intervened. But I did get the chance to try out an idea during the QAL so that’s still one for the plus column. Maybe I’ll have better luck when it’s time for the finished quilt reveal in January.

    Thanks for hosting this one!

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