Crumb Quilt…FINISHED!!

I finished the my crumb quilt last night.  I stayed up late to do it and got it done.  If you aren’t familiar with Crumb Quilting check out this link from


I am in love with it….I hope my daughter, Kalissa, will be too.  It’s for her.  For YEARS she has fussed because she can’t by anything with her name on it…. Well whine no more girl.

There is your name in bright red letters…”Kalissa Georgia”.  I made “Kalissa” and then a couple weeks later when I was brave enough to tackle more letters, I tried “Georgia”.  Notice the “Georgia” is much nicer.  I felt more comfortable with the letters…I almost redid the letter for “Kalissa”  but then thought, “ shows growth and progress.”


Along the other side I made the words, “Dream Big!”


All of the fabric is recycled shirts except for the red fabric and that was in my stash.

My Hubby is really liking this quilt.  In his words…”isn’t this more what quilting was suppose to be about.”  He saw me cutting up the shirt plackets, collars and cuffs to get the fabric to make it.  He thinks this is more what quilters from the past would have been doing and he has a point.


The center is a combination of pattern blocks, stars, flying geese, nine patch and non patterned.  The red inner border is next.  The outside border is all words and star blocks.  Then it’s bound in red.

The back is recycled fabric too…Kind of mis mash but that’s okay…


The quilt is VERY heavy.  I think all those little seam allowances in there really add weight to the quilt.

I quilted it with red thread it a free hand swirling circle pattern…


If you are thinking about trying out words and letters in your next quilt, Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter (That Patchwork Place) is the book to work with.  I was over at Michelle’s Romantic Tangle and saw that there is a Quilt a long to make the ABC letters.  It looks like fun.  If I had more time, this is a project I’d be working on.  It would make a cute baby quilt.

There’s my favorite star…. The one with the yellow points.


I am off to get a take along project put together.  Hubby and I are doing a quick overnight trip to celebrate our anniversary….I am thinking I can get one or two English Paper Piecing flowers done while we are gone….

I do have to show you one more picture of the quilt….Last night Kalissa was out with friends.  I hung the finished quilt over a the morning I woke to her sleeping on the couch, with her new quilt.  Oh it does a quilter’s heart good to see a quilt being used.


44 thoughts on “Crumb Quilt…FINISHED!!”

  1. Oh you did a beautiful job with this quilt and it’s obvious Kalissa is loving it too! Everything is so lovingly wonky!

  2. This is one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen! Your husband had it right, this is what quilting is about. Everyone in the world should have a sweet quilt that they love. Good job! :)

    P.S. My daughter is Kieh (kia) Linee (from Linda and Renee mixed) and has the same name problem.

  3. I think you did an awesome job with this! I would have honestly thought it was made by Bonnie herself! Well done! I just love that you personalized it too!

  4. It’s beautiful Jo! Also having a uncommon name, I know what Kalissa means by not being able to buy items pre-printed in the stores. She’ll cherish this quilt forever.

  5. This is simply amazing!! Now…I have this on my list to do along with a whole stack of other stuff. I already have TONS of shirt fabric, so this will be a good project for that. Your quilt turned out beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

  6. OH! You looked at my husbands crumb quilt when you were deciding how to finish this one and boy am I glad you decided to do it WITHOUT sashing!!! I will be making one of these next.

    I need another project started don’t you know…

  7. It turned out sew nice!! Personally I like it better than any of the ones I saw at If it’s going to be that scrappy then I say go for it like you did rather than sashing blocks and formalizing them. Your solid red borders were just enough to tie it together. That’s a winner!

  8. Barbara Honey

    Absolutely the neatest quilt!! Dare I start another project. You have shown so many ways to include “stuff” and make it look fabulous.

  9. This is one impressive quilt. I have never done letters but I really like the look of them and may just order this book and go for it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. WOW – a beautiful quilt. Makes me want to start one right now. I think that I’ll try and make one little block a day and see what it makes after a couple of months. You did a splendid job and it’s nice to see that you daughter is loving it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Denise from NY

    That is scrap-tastic!! What a great quilt. Love the letters you put in for your daughter….lovely.

  12. Jo, it is amazing how you used such a wide variety of colors and yet got such a look of unity to the quilt! It all works so well under your artful use of red to tie it together. And the quilting is so whimsical and charming that is befitting the style. It should win a blue ribbon!

  13. What a fabulous quilt! I hope you plan on sending a picture of this one over to Quiltville. Bonnie would be proud!

  14. Just so gorgeous!!! I really loved this crumb quilt concept when I saw you starting this, but now: Oh! “On the list!” And the picture of her sleeping under it is the icing on the cake! Great job!!

  15. That is an incredible quilt!! And I agree with your husband – that is what quilting is supposed to be about. Definitely a treasure for generations to come!! Whoop whoop!!

  16. Wow. I love it. The splashes of red throughout really bring it all together. The words on the border are just wonderful. Love everything about it. Can’t imagine how long it took to make all those blocks. Great finish!!

  17. Very nice job! You have inspired me to try one of these quilts. The picture of her sleeping under the quilt is what it is all about, isn’t it? Making something for someone to bring them happiness. Congratulations on a great quilt!

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  19. Love the quilt. But I especially love the picture of Kalissa sleeping under it. That is what it is all about

  20. I found your blog through a link from the Pfaffhobby Grand Quilter forum, Wow this quilt is just great. I also agree with your DH, This is how quilting should be. Love the photo of it being used.

  21. Ooh, I am really loving this quilt!! I have a bag that I keep next to my machine that I put all my extra scraps in while quilting… you know, those triangle pieces that are too cute to throw away, etc… and this looks like the perfect project for me to try out to use them up! I’ve been looking for a pattern just like this one to use them on.
    Thanks for posting it! Oh- and I loved your Recipe on MBS, too!

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