Crumb Quilt and More

Last week I told you that I started working on Kalissa’s baby quilt.

Well I have the letters all done now and moved on to some flying geese blocks.

Making these is not hard.  I am doing everything for this quilt in a whimsy-free from manner so nothing is measured.  Here’s what I need to make one.

Typically when I do it I chain piece a whole bunch at once but this time I’m doing only one so I can show you how.

I lay the corner on as shown and sew.


I finger press that open and the put on the other triangle and sew it.

I clip….

Then off to the iron for a real press.

Then I sew the units together and into blocks like this….
Or this….
I love making the little flying geese.  As you can see, I don’t use all of the same fabric in the geese.  Whatever is laying in front of me near the machine is what I use.

For this quilt I’ve decided to go a little more focused.  I’m using mostly reds, blues, yellows and more white based neutrals.  For quilts from the past I’ve had a bit of an “ANYTHING GOES” attitude.  I have so much making these….

I’m actually going to make myself slow down on this as I was offering saying that you all could sew with me but we had a snow day and I worked on it all day long.  I’m this far…..

…over half done.  This is four rows sewn together and I think I’ll do two more and then check the size.  That might be all I do as I have the alphabet border to go around the quilt yet too.

This is how I’ve been putting the flying geese blocks into the quilt.
This time around I am also not doing any “junk blocks” where anything goes.  Every section or block has a star or some kind of quilt block feature.

I’ve been thinking that I might make blocks for this quilt at the same time.  That might slow me down and put me at a better pace that you all could sew along with me if you’d like.

It’s Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Crumb Jumble from her new book String Frenzy.

As long as I already have the mess out, why not?  I think I could happily make it with recycled shirts.  The blue fabric I think I would need to purchase.

..but onto other things.

This happened…
Watch for the big quilt reveal of this quilt in it’s finished glory on Friday here on the blog.  Oh my…it’s a great quilt.

..and that’s some of what I’m working on.

10 thoughts on “Crumb Quilt and More”

  1. In part due to your posts on color, my Cathedral Stars is more selective than my other scrap quilts. It is a bit harder for me because I am definitely of the use it up, throw it in habit. HOWEVER, the end product isn’t always as amazing I think it should. I have today off, and hoping for a snow day tomorrow. First task, is to re-time my long arm, I think. :(

  2. You are amazing! The amount that you accomplish while providing in home child care….wow!!!
    I’m a scrappy gal myself in Southern Oregon and love reading your posts.

  3. Love your crumb baby quilt. Love. Colors are great and especially how you use the red. AND the geese flying through several blocks—really love that too! ❤️❤️❤️

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