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There was a little confusion of dates here.  If you are looking for the Quilt Square Quilt Along…the place to add and see your blocks is here.  The place to find out about the new block and giveaway goodies is here.

Today is the day for the Crumb Quilt Along Update…  Last fall me and lots of my blog readers were busy sewing crumb blocks together.  You can read about how it all started and learn how to make crumb blocks of your own here.  Some of us were quick and speedy and finished fast…they showed their quilts here.  Some of us trudged along, got side tracked, gave up or waited for our machine quilters until today…Today we are showing our progress.

As much as I would LOVE to say, that my project is finished….it’s not.  I sewed and sewed like crazy last week trying to get it all done, but it just didn’t happen.  I started playing with the layout and came up with something completely different which required me to sew 64 neutral string blocks AND 84 more crumb blocks.  I did it BUT, this is as far as I got…..


Right now the quilt is 73″ x 73″.  I want it bigger…

I debated this weekend whether I should just slap some borders on and call it finished, but good sense prevail (in the form of my daughter and hubby) and said, “This is a quilt you are going to keep, do it the way you want.  Don’t just hurry to meet a deadline.”  I decided they were right.  I want to make this quilt the right way.


My plans are to add narrow neutral inner border.  Then I am making 4″ crumb blocks and have a whole border of them.  I know my binding is going to be red.  So I am back to sewing MORE crumb blocks.  “I think I can, I think I can!!!”

Gracie thought it important that she be included in the photo too.


Stop by later this week and I’ll show you how I put these blocks together.  It’s really MUCH easier than it looks.

How did you do on your crumb quilt?  Are you like me and still need more time?  That’s okay….I decided we’ll do another check in March 2nd.  That’s a little more that five weeks away….WE CAN DO IT!!  Besides…I have a couple goodies coming in the mail that haven’t gotten here yet to use as prizes for some lucky crumb quilters.  That gives me time to get that all together too.

Today is that last day to submit your January Quilt Along Square and it’s the last day to sign up for the Moda Bake Shop giveaways.  Happy Birthday to my daughter Kayla….she blogs over at Kayla K’s.  I’ll see you back here on March 2nd…keep crumbing along.

23 thoughts on “Crumb Quilt Along Check In”

  1. i think this is one of my favorites of all the many quilts i have seen so far on your site! so much “wonderful” to look at !

  2. Love how you used the strings in the quilt. I agree with your husband….. make the quilt how you want it to be rather than ‘finish’ for a deadline. We’ll come back to see it whenever it is finished… don’t worry! Thanks so much for hosting this quilt along.

  3. I loved the crumb quilt you made for your daughter and I love this one too! What a genius you are to add the string blocks with your crumb blocks! Beautiful quilt Jo :o)

  4. I really liked the first crumb quilt that you made and wanted to join in on the fun, but didn’t. And then you show this quilt and I’m floored. It’s beautiful. Now I’m really going to have to start on making crumbs. You have done a great job and it’s quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, I love,love, love the layout for your crumb blocks! Those alternate light hour glass string blocks are great (reminds me of your RRCB).

    I am glad for the next check-in since I haven’t been able to get back to my blocks since the last check in. Hoping I’ll have something to show for by then. Keep the crumb spirit alive!

  6. Wow, that is totally different than the ‘original’ crumb quilt. How amazing that adding those string corners in a light neutral could change the look SO much! I will admit that my first love will always be the plaids and red, but this one is stunning too. And yea! I get another6 weeks to try to quilt mine and REALLY get it finished! I better get busy!

  7. WOW, oh WOW!!! Your quilt looks fabulous. And your hubby and daughter are right. If you don’t finish it the way you want it to look, you will regret it. It will take longer, but will be soooooooo worth it. Thanks for hosting this crumb along. I wouldn’t have done a crumb quilt without it.

  8. I really like what you have done with this crumb quilt, it’s wonderful. Looking forward to seeing it with the borders you have planned.

  9. I think setting your crumb blocks in with the string blocks is brilliant! I kind of gave up on my crumbs, now I wish I had kept at it.

  10. Love the string blocks. I got sidetracked on Christmas and Orca Bay. I want to get back to my crumbs. Could you give us a short discription of the size of your strings blocks and how you cut them. I’m about to got blind trying to fiqure it out from the photo. HA!

  11. I swear, I looked at that picture and if I didn’t know better I might have suspected Bonnie Hunter of making that quilt top (and that’s a compliment, love her quilts). The string pieced setting squares add so much POW! Love it. I decided a couple weeks ago that I would never make a crumb quilt so I threw out all scraps too small to make a 2″ square. Now I almost wish I hadn’t…..ALMOST!!

  12. Jo I have been trying to send my photo in since Friday for the quilt-a-long. I am sending to and it is not coming back to me. Are you getting it? Really want to be entered in the drawing. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks. Lori

  13. Thank you so much for hosting this quiltalong. It was eye-opening to realize what I could do with my “crumbs” and orphan blocks, and I had so much fun!

  14. Love your new crumb with the strings. Fun idea! I’m waiting for my crumb to come back from the LAQ, so hope to have new pictures soon.

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