Crumb Along Suggestions and a few answered questions…

I’ve been playing with some crumbs working to get some instructions ready for the upcoming “Crumb Along With Me”.  If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the link.

Some of the questions include fabric selection….I’m showing you a preview of a few blocks.  Hopefully they will illustrate my point that light fabrics are needed….

See here are some blocks with just little light fabric.


The blocks seemed a little dark to me so in the next set of blocks I added more light fabrics.


Often times I think we forget home important lights or neutral fabric are…They really help to give the other colors depth.  I have a couple blocks I am working on that are mostly light…I think they will be a great addition to these blocks.

All the directions will be given on my blog on Tuesdays.  I will can chat and answer question quickly over on my FaceBook page….but will answer questions here too.

I will give you directions to make about 10 different blocks.   There is no right or wrong way to do this so don’t be afraid to try.

And one more question that was asked….This one regards yesterday’s post about my husband farming.  Corn Silage is chopped up corn that includes the stalk as well as the ear of corn.  It is used to feed cattle.  It give the cattle combination of corn to fatten them and greens from the stalk.  We make hay-lage and oat-lage as well.  As the words indicate, haylage is from hay, oatlage is from oats.  As it sits in the bunker, silo or bag, it ferments in a good way so that the cattle really like it.

Any other questions…shoot them my way.

13 thoughts on “Crumb Along Suggestions and a few answered questions…”

  1. Sandi from Chattanooga

    It looks like you are using mostly reds, blues, and neutrals. Is it better to stick to sme color families or do you truly throw everything in the mix?

  2. This Sandi in GA has the same question as Sandi in Chattanooga. I have a feeling that we are both trying to make this harder than it is though. Maybe it’s a “Sandi” thing – LOL

  3. I’m starting to feel excited. I think this is more my sort of quilting. Then trying to keep everything in line with perfect points. Not to mention that I am in the middle of college classes so less perfection and tons of fun, is just what I am looking for.

  4. The silage your husband was compacting….will that last all winter? How much does a cow eat? Do they also graze? Are your cows dairy or ??? I’m fascinated!! I loved the canning stories but this might be even more exciting. :)

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