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On out road trip to deliver our quilts to Kansas City Star Kelli had the goal of finding a cross stitch shop along the way.  She had wanted to do a Lizzy Kate wedding saying for Kalissa for her wedding…so the hunt to find a place was on.

Initially she had planned to go to one near Warrensburg, MO.  Well it wasn’t where it said it was…then GPS took us somewhere else…then the we ended up on never ending circling gravel roads and then they were closed.  It was a mess and really out of our way.  Kelli was frustrated.  I was frustrated.  We half way decided to give up.

Then the next day at the photo shoot for our quilts for our upcoming book, we mentioned it to Jenifer our editor.  She mentioned that there were a couple cross stitch shops in Kansas City suburbs.  We decided if the photo shoot got done at a decent time we’d try to find one….I am so glad we did!!

Kelli has been doing more and more cross stitch and just loves it.  Of course she doesn’t just ease into things…She take the bull by the horns and dives in.  She isn’t intimidated a bit by the size of the project.  Me, I used to cross stitch and would love to get back into it but time is not my friend and likely won’t be for a year or so until we get into the new house.

The shop we went to is…CC & Company in Blue Springs, Missouri.  What a wonderful shop!!  I am going to apologize before I get too far into the photos.  Many time the reflection on the glass shades part of the picture.

This piece was really neat.  It was done in one thread over one thread.


This little one was a favorite of mine.  Anything with an alphabet always catches my attention.  I could easily have alphabet samplers everywhere!!


Kelli on the other hand is a huge fan of this type of work.


Here’s one I like.  Remember I said I love alphabet samplers??  Well second from that on my list is saying with a little religious meaning to them.


The shop was small, cozy and just the way we like them.


Had I had more money I would have bought this shirt for Kelli.  It’s very her.  Let’s just say she’ll glad for-go house cleaning for most any craft.  She gets that from me!!


The displays were so cute!!


Kelli debated on getting this so she’d have a standard something to make for wedding gifts then opted to wait on it.


There were lots of cute Halloween and Fall things.



Someday if Kelli ever starts getting some of her project framed, this will apply to her.


…another one I loved.


Kelli really liked this one but opted not to get it.  She lives in the country and this saying seemed a little more for city dwellers.


We were in the store for quite awhile.  Kelli wanted to get the big design that’s rectangular in the middle of the wall.  They didn’t have linen for it though-well at least not in the color that Kelli was looking for.  She debated about different colors and then I think she even just ended up with different design.

As we drove away from the shop Kelli and I both talked about the ladies in the store.  Each was so helpful, kind and welcoming.  They were a trio of great ladies.  It’s so great to go into a shop and have people there who are gifted at customer service.  These ladies were!!  We’ll definitely be back if we are ever heading your way again.

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  1. I, too, love alphabet samplers. At one point, my husband said he didn’t want ABC’s on every wall of the house. My favorite is Many Mansions which hangs in our dining room.

  2. What a GREAT shirt ~~ ProCROSStinate! I think I need to buy that. Does this store have a website? Some really cute samples there. And I love alphabets too!

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