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I didn’t get much stitching time at all this week. I was trying hard to put a lot of time into the quilt for the upcoming wedding and life was just busy. I know two of the nights I didn’t sit down to stitch until 10 pm. I really try to wrap up stitching for the night at 10:30 so that wasn’t much stitching time. Another night I quit at 10 pm because I was just so tired. Another evening I didn’t stitch at all because I was working on finishing cross-stitch pillows. So not much stitching time means not much stitching got done.

I did work on my Come to the Garden piece by Teresa Kogut. I am stitching this with the called-for colors on 40-count Vellum linen from Picture This Plus. Here is where I was last week.

Most of my stitching time went into this so here is my progress…

I’m so happy I got as much done as I did…

I worked a little more on the strawberry basket and then moved over to the other side. I stitched the big tulip the bird and the flower below the bird.

I am so glad that I decided to make this my focus piece and push towards a finish with it. I started it on June 12th last year as a stitch-along that was supposed to be done in six months. I goofed off but it is going to hit the finish line soon. The goal is to finish by June 12th.

I need to finish the strawberry basket and then there are two other large motifs. There are a couple of birds, bees and a dodads after that…then I want to add the initials of my dad, mom, and niece Jody. Secretly I’d love to finish it my Jody’s birthday which is May 20th. That’s a bit a of a push though. We’ll see.

I picked up my Black Dog Sampler from The Scarlett House. I am stitching mine on a 40-count Dirty Tea Cup by Needle and Flax.  With the called-for colors AND two extra yellows. I was able to get a little stitching on it. Here is where I was last week…

This is where I am this week…VERY little progress.

I added the diamonds below the dog and started on the flower motif next to it.

My plan is that after I finish Come to the Garden, I will make this my priority piece and stitch if until it’s done. Because of that, I’m not to bothered that I didn’t get much stitching done on it. I will catch up later.

The 25th of the month landed in the week and on the 25th I always stitch on something that is Winter or Christmas. I’ve been working on this little Lizzie Kate piece. I added the tree and the snowflakes this week.

There is a “lace” at the bottom. I debated about not stitching it but then decided to stitch it. I’ll pick it up next month and finish it.

I am VERY much enjoying stitching on this. I picked out my next one to stitch…another Lizzie Kate.

I plan to stitch it on the same linen. I believe it’s a scrap of Shrekie’s Tan by Needle Bling Designs. I love the way the white pops on that fabric and this next one has white in it too.

I put ZERO stitches into the Stitch Along piece Home Sweet Home. Ugh. I picked a new green floss but haven’t put any stitches in to test it out. I always stall when it comes to changing colors. I’m always nervous that I’ll screw up and pick a bad color.

I need to get going though. Liz from the Stitchery Nook and I have been talking about the next stitch along. YES, another. It’s so hard to get supplies even now so we have to stay ahead. I’ll share the new stitch along with you next week. So get stitching on this one. I know I sure need to. My goal is to have the outline of the pot done so I can fill it in anytime. That’s one of my favorite ways to stitch.

Kalissa and I finally figured out what was wrong with the video that I had filmed about starting the stitch along. The video was filmed in a different format (unknown to us) and we had to buy an app to convert it so we could use it. UGH. It’s always something. If you missed the video, you can see it by pushing the play button and watching it here or you can find it HERE on Youtube. You can save it and watch it later on your device. I’m so sorry this didn’t work sooner. I really did film it a week before the stitch along started. UGH.

That’s all I have for you this week. Kelli and I did film another floss tube. I’m hoping that will get edited over the weekend and will go live early next week. If you subscribe to my Youtube channel. Find that HERE, then you can see that right away.

What are you busy stitching?

3 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I think you’ll be able to finish the “come to the garden” piece by May 20, that’s three weeks away. Sew Jo Sew!

  2. I had a birthday start this week! The Humble Sampler by Mojo Stitches. I got it kitted up by Number 12 Stitchco and their linen is delicious. I’m changing the border so it matches at all the corners which will require a little motif finessing…wish me luck!

  3. Just curious to know which green you switched out Wilderness for? I switched to Gentle Arts Forest Glade after trying leftover WDW Moss from our first SAL. I thought it was too light on my Creek Bed linen. The Forest Glade will be mottled but not striped like original-which is one thing that drew me to the pattern.

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