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I’ve had a week filled with family and errands. That all translates into not much stitching time. With the time change and Spring being here it’s easy to get busy and not quit quite so early in the day. Most of the nights this week I only stitched for an hour if at all.

I had two pieces that were close to a finish so I concentrated my time on them.

First up is my Apostle’s Creed from Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery. I am stitching this on a 40-count Thornfield by Needle and Flax.  It called for Harvest Basket by Gentle Arts for the words but I am using Trail Dust by Classic Colorworks for the lettering instead.

Last week I was closing in a finish. All I needed to do was to finish this last row across the bottom.

I managed to…

finish the stitching.

I did do a little change in the design. I left off the leaves that were charted and instead added my initials and the year. I used this book for the lettering. I just counted the space I had and then found a font for the letters and numbers that would fit the space. It wasn’t hard at all.

If you look at the picture below you can see that the designer originally charted more after this row but I decided to end here.

Here it is all finished…

I am so excited to have it finished. I quickly cut down the frame for this but I wanted glass for it. Anything that I think my kids might keep when I’m gone, I put a glass with some UV and glare protection with the piece. This one I wanted that for.

Kalissa ended up telling me there was a frame shop in Decorah. She was going there for something and I told her I’d like to ride along. I chatted with the lady and she could cut glass for me the day I brought my frame in. WOW. She told me if I left my piece and he her lace it and put it in the frame, turn around time was only 2 weeks. WHAT!! She said she doesn’t mind if I bring in my own frames. ALSO, unheard of. So I’m going to have her lace this cut the glass and put it together as a test. I’ll share more with you as the time comes. I’m excited about the prospect!!

The next thing I finished the stitching on was my Spring Version of Seasons of the Heart. This is a With Thy Needle and Thread design. I’m stitching it on 40-count Vintage Country Mocha. Here is where I ended up with it this week. I previously only had the house, a moth, and the flower on the house left to stitch. Here is where I was last week…

Last week I learned I was in trouble with this piece. I realized that I had only stitched five upward “bumps” on the bottom border. I was supposed to stitch six. BLAH!! So this week some modifications happened.

I ended up making the house and flower on top narrower. I don’t love it but it’s just a seasonal piece. I can live with it as is. I hope to make this into a pillow soon. I had a blog reader ask if I would do a video and show how I attached trim to a pillow. I plan to do that so I need a little uninterrupted time for that.

The other piece I worked a little one was Come to the Garden by Teresa Kogut. I got a little bit of stitching done on it.  I am stitching this on 40-count Vellum by Picture this Plus with the called-for colors.  Here is where I was last week.

I ended up getting all of the outline work done on the angel.

There is still fill in work to do around the halo and in the collar. I am saving that for when I’m pooped and need something easy to grab.

I still have a ways to go, but I’m really getting to the point I’m considering dropping everything and just finishing this up. Even if I did that, it might still take me a month to finish it. We’ll see.

The newest stitch-along starts on the 15th which is TOMORROW!! I filmed a video about starting but the video is creating trouble and Kalissa is having trouble editing it. I’m going to see if I can get her to try again. Anyway, because I was filming the video, I have a tiny start. This is Little House Needlework’s Home Sweet Home. I got all of the supplies at the Stitchery Nook. There is no deadline of when we are supposed to be done. I don’t make strict deadlines when I do stitch alongs…

I dreamed about stitching on my Black Dog Sampler from The Scarlett House. I am stitching mine on a 40-count Dirty Tea Cup by Needle and Flax.  With the called-for colors AND two extra yellows. Sadly I didn’t have time for this one…

I have a couple of other started projects that didn’t get any attention this week either. It happens.

I’m really not sure what to focus on this week. I always end up floundering a bit after I finish a piece. I was so concentrated on finishing The Apostle’s Creed and now that’s finished so I’m not really sure what to do.

These are my choices:
1-focus on Come to the Garden and push to work on finishing that.
2-Get a bunch of stitching on the two stitch alongs, Black Dog Sampler and Home Sweet Home then I can set them aside and focus on something else.
3-Focus on the Spring With They Needle and Thread pieces that I bought at Market so I have Spring pieces stitched for next year.
4-Start my Lord’s Prayer to take the place of my Apostle’s Creed.
5-Start the new Blackbird Design chart.
6-Pick up my Savior’s Praise piece that is a UFO.

I’m kind of leaning towards #2 with a little of #1 on the side…#4 and #5 are the least of my choices. #3 is calling me too!!

I actually have some finishing to do so that might take front and center this week. Stop back next week and see what I ended up doing. Which option would you pick??

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Wow, two finishes! Great job! I thought you were excited to start The Lords Prayer when Apostles Creed was done. And another spring project too? Anyway, stitch what is calling you…you deserve it!

  2. I really like your finishes. It will interesting to see how the framing comes out. I so hope it will be great for you. All your other pieces are looking really good.

  3. Congratulations. When you started the Apostles Creed, I thought oh my, that’s a toughy to stitch. So many words and letters, I would have lost focus right away.
    It’s lovely, I’m sure your children are pleased with the results.

  4. Subject: pooped ! Really I would never have suspected that of you, Jo!!! Wait for it… I’m 78 in July, there isn’t enough space here to bring you up to date on pooped. Cross stitch: use till 1 May to be your Ufo place. On 1 May you will be so self pleased with your progress on some things. I do this at least 2x yearly with quilting, it works & gives me the ? To move ahead on other projects in the quilting. The Creed is my favorite of all I’ve watched you do.

  5. I admire you for being able to have multiple projects in work. I would loose where I was on each project and never getting them finished.
    Also thank you for being a dog foster mom. Those pups were very fortunate to have you to take them into your home and show them that they deserve to be loved and taken care of until they find their furever home.

  6. Jo, I have loved your family and quilty posts for years. I am so encouraged by your cross stitching that my sister and I are now learning. We began with Aida and 2 strands of floss and are moving on to even weave, with hopes of getting to linen one of these days. Do you stitch exclusively with single strand floss on all your projects? Also, do you have anything you especially use for magnification? Thanks for these beginners’ questions…and keep up the beautiful, inspiring stitchery!

    1. I typically don’t stitch on anything than 36 and 40 count so only one strand of floss on those. I had a special pair of glasses made from Zenni. I have 3.5 readers in the lined bifocal and my prescription in the top so then I can look up and see the television. If I’m doing over one on 40 count I also have this lamp with a magnifier.

  7. Jane Bergstralh

    Hi, Jo! I always look forward to your posts, but especially the cross stitch updates! With your inspiration I started A Savior’s Praise last fall, and I’m just loving it, although the 40 count linen is a huge challenge. Personally I’d love to see that back on your list. You are good at keeping lots of needles in the air! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  8. All your stitching looks great. When you talk about your mistakes I appreciate reading how you solve them. The Spring SOTH change-up was clever and looks good. Also when you chose not to put the border on Spring Messenger and explained the reasoning it helped me see different ways of thinking about a chart before I begin stitching. These are just a few examples. So helpful to beginners or those beginning again!

  9. Despite you not having much stitching time, you’ve got two great finishes! How lucky to find another place for framing; the lady sounds really helpful.

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