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I didn’t get a lot of stitching this week. One night I didn’t stitch at all and that RARELY happens. Most nights I only stitched a half hour or an hour at the most. I’m actually surprised with how much I got done considering I probably only about half of what I typically stitch.

The 25th landed in this week so I pulled out my 25th day Christmas stitch. Each month on the 25th I stitch something Christmas or Winter. It’s an awesome way to get a couple of things stitched for Christmas without feeling like I’m stitching completely out of season. I’m going to be so happy at Christmas time to have this finished!!

This is a Lizzie Kate chart.  It would only be available at 123Stitch.  I picked a darker linen, Vintage Meadow Rue from Lakeside Linen in 40 count was it.  I am using the called for colors.  I bought this LONG ago when I first started stitching.  I’m finally getting to it now. 

This is where I was last month…

Here is where I am now…

I have stitched on this two evenings and think if I can get two more evenings on stitching in, I’ll have it done. It’s going to wait until the 25th of April before I pick it up again. I LOVE how this is working up…LOVE-LOVE!!

The project that got most of my attention was my Apostle’s Creed piece. Here is where I was last week…

Here is where I am now. Any extra time I had went into this. My hope had been to finish it but the way my week played out, that was impossible. The foster dogs really sucked up any extra time I had…but I don’t mind.

 I am stitching this on a 40-count Thornfield by Needle and Flax.  It called for Harvest Basket by Gentle Arts for the words but I am using Trail Dust by Classic Colorworks for the lettering instead.

I stitched the band below the lettering and stitched all of the remaining letters along with the lower band by “Amen”. I went up and finished the crown that I didn’t originally stitch. That is all done in eyelet stitches. Someone thought I was afraid to do the eyelets…I wasn’t. They just take longer to do and I was ignoring it.

My current plan is to only stitch the next band of tulips and then to be done. I’m just not a huge fan of the other bands…and the piece is plenty long already. I like ending with the red tones as there are red tones at the top. There is no guarantee on what I’ll do though. I’ll stitch the tulip band and reassess.

I stopped a thrift store and I found this frame. I cut thrifted frames down and frame things myself. I typically wouldn’t spend $15 for a frame as where I live, most thrift store frames are under $5…but this one I thought would be perfect for my Apostle’s Creed piece. I’m more excited than ever to frame this one…but I’m nervous too!! It’s so pretty. I don’t want to make a mistake and ruin the frame!!

I almost didn’t put stitches into my Come to the Garden piece but I promised myself and a promise is a promise. Here is where I was last week…

Here is where I am this week. This project is by Teresa Kogut. I got a tiny little bit of stitching done on it.  I am stitching this on 40-count Vellum by Picture this Plus with the called-for colors.  

I started that angel in the middle. It was only about 30 minutes of stitching but it’s a start and I kept my promise to keep working on it.

I had an appointment and this is my travel piece. It’s Pet All the Dogs by Teresa Kogut. I am stitching this on 40 count Seraphim Linen in the color Boston. Previously I had a tiny bit stitched…I stitched a tiny bit more. I think I added four triangles. Not much…but every stitch does count.

I have been checking out Scattered Seeds Samplers after I finished Spring Messenger and loved it. I ended up seeing this piece and again, loved it. I ended up finding the pattern. I pulled the flosses for it too. I’m going to stitch for my dog Izzy…I’m putting 2022 for the number and my initials. I was a little frustrated that I didn’t see letters or numbers in the pattern so I could personalize it. I’ll figure it out but it would have been MUCH easier if they were included. I have no official start time on this…soon I hope but I say that about LOTS of things.

A new Blackbird Designs book came out. It’s called Crowns & Shields. I am in love!! I immediately called Liz at Stitchery Nook and told her to reserve a copy for me. I totally plan on stitching this and personalizing it. I’m so excited for it.

See that…it’s all made to be personalized. I am thinking about doing it with all of my grandkids initials. I’ve been looking for something to do that with.

If you look at the cover, the same piece is stitched again only is made into a pillowcase and stitched with colors vs only stitched red.

Also included is this drum. I really like it as well. I was thinking of making that as well and personalizing with my kid’s initials. SO many decisions. So much potential FUN!!

What was sweeter yet is that Liz and Sherry gifted me the book as a thank you for working with her shop. Liz and Sherry at the shop are just great!! I’m so blessed to have a close needlework shop!!

Along with my book came another surprise!! A blog reader sent me a gift certificate!! This is a 10 out of 10 AMAZING SURPRISE!! I don’t know who did it but THANK YOU-THANK YOU! You know just how to make me happy!!

As April is rolling around I need to pick up our stitch along piece again…remember some of us are stitching the Black Dog Sampler by the Scarlett House? I stitched about 1/4 of it and then put it away with the intention of picking it up at the start of the new quarter. Well April is coming so it’s time to get stitching again. I ended up getting two more NPI colors in yellow. The original yellow is kind of a poison yellow. I wanted something just a little softer. I decided I’m going to mix in the two colors I got with the original yellow. I’m excited to be picking this up again.

One more thing before I go…April 15th is the start of our newest stitch along…Home Sweet Home by Little House Needleworks. HERE is the link for when I initially talked about it. HERE is where you can order the needed supplies. If you are a beginner…this is the perfect project to jump in and start on. Liz said this one has been really popular…I can’t wait to stitch with you all!!

I know several of you were frustrated in one of my cross stitch posts as I said I was really excited about this pattern that I got when I was at the Stitchery Nook last…in the post, the picture didn’t show up. Well here’s the picture.

It’s a With Thy Needle and Thread pattern call Faith of the Heart. It says, “God Finds a Low Branch for the Bird that Cannot Fly.” Oh, I love it. I need lightning speed fingers for all of these things I want to stitch!! I’m hoping to finish at least one thing this week…we’ll see!!

8 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Love your cross stitch and quilting updates. Ok like your blog totally!
    I press the button for Faithful Friend. We live off a dirt road in Arkansas ( long story) and some one drop a chocolate lab puppy off. By the time he found us, he needed us! We took he in. Did all the Vet stuff. We think he was nine months old ( Dec 2022 ) Of course we named him Hershey!

  2. Jo, my head is spinning, in a good way, as I follow you and all you do! I ordered a small chart after watching you for the first time and tackled my first cross stitch on linen. I’d tried once before and hated it. Now I think I’ve got it and am anxious to try more. A good pair of 350 strength readers did the trick. We headed to southern Wisconsin today to visit the kids and I couldn’t find one stitch shop between Two Rivers and Janesville. I was sad. I might have to map out a stitchy road trip. :-) Thank you for your inspiration!

  3. The idea of stitching Christmas and/ or winter on the 25 th of the month could be added to by stitching Easter and/ or summer things on the 4th of each month.
    Thank you for this blog.

  4. You are right – you need fast fingers to accomplish all the wonderful projects you have on your list. I feel this way about my quilting projects. What always makes it worse is that I see more and more quilts I want to make and now that I am doing some cross stitching again (thanks to you!!!), I see projects I want to do. It is all so worth it!

  5. Getting so close on the Apostles Creed. It is so beautiful. Ordered a sampler pattern this week. Will get that ready for camping, etc this summer. Right now working on a king size quilt for a nephew. The center a huge medallion is done, 66″. Phew!

  6. Jo, you are always such an inspiration! I love all of the projects you have chosen and also currently working on. Love your blog.

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