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I didn’t get a lot of stitching time in this week. I was busy working on the deadline quilts for my grandson Carver’s school. All of my extra time went into that. I worked on them during the day so in the evening I was writing blog posts rather than stitching. I did get a little done though. Before I tell you about that, I want to share something with you…

People say going to a shop and seeing real models stitched in person is so different than seeing the charts that aren’t stitched. It is so true! When I was at the Stitchery Nook last weekend I saw this…

Oh my word…I loved this. I looked at it once and then looked at it twice. What? That was the piece that was stitched on the cover of this Blackbird Designs book…Look toward the bottom of the picture below.

It’s the same piece. WOW. What a difference. I just wanted to show that to you so you can see, if it’s at all possible, try to visit an actual brick-and-mortar cross-stitch shop. You won’t regret it.

I think that is why flosstube on Youtube is so popular. Viewers see things stitched and often times they look so much better than the charts. Enough about that…onto what I was stitching.

Oh..but wait. Did you see the cross-stitch finish I had this week? I started and finished the wonderful little shoe pincuchion. The chart is a freebie from Blackbird Designs. You can read more about it and see exactly how I made it HERE.

Now to my stitching…

I worked on my Apostle’s Creed piece this week.  I am stitching this on a 40-count Thornfield by Needle and Flax.  It called for Harvest Basket by Gentle Arts for the words but I am using Trail Dust by Classic Colorworks for the lettering instead.  Here is where I was last week.

Now, I am here. I stitched two rows. I’m just itching to finish this one. I have another piece on tap that I want to start but I told myself I can’t start that until this finished.

I’ve enjoyed working on this but I wouldn’t mind powering through and finishing it. I would kind of like to finish it by the end of the month for sure…we’ll see. There are other things I want to stitch too!!

It’s been fun and I’m so glad I’ve learned to break things down into smaller chunks so I still accomplish stitching on several pieces.

I worked on my Come to the Garden project by Teresa Kogut and got a tiny little bit of stitching done on it.  I am stitching this on 40-count Vellum by Picture this Plus with the called-for colors.  Here is where I was last week.

I really didn’t do much except work on the flower a little more. The plan is to finish the flower this week. I’ve told you that I’m not super into stitching this one right now but have made a commitment to continue stitching on it even if it’s only one evening over the course of a week. I know at some point I’ll get excited about it again. Sadly, it just hasn’t happened yet and until it does, I’ll just keep plugging along.

Here is a closer picture of the flower. I accidentally put the brown where the gold was supposed to go. I decided to just leave it. I’m not too picky about it. The mistake is true in this piece. Few things have gone right while I’ve been stitching on it. It’s okay though…when I’m done, I know I’ll love it.

I stitched one night on the Spring piece from the book Seasons of the Heart by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.  There are four seasons all in one book.  Each has a house and cute border scenes.  I have the Fall and Christmas ones done and enjoyed them through the seasons.  I don’t have the Spring or Summer ones done so that’s the goal now.  This is how far I was last week on the Spring piece.

Here is where I am this week… I am stitching on 40 count Vintage Country Mocha with the called-for colors.

I just have the house, the flower on top of it, and the moth that’s over the trees. I’d like to finish this piece up this week.

I originally wasn’t hopeful as the plan was for me to have the grandkids over the weekend but Buck’s kids are sick so plans changed. I don’t have kids this weekend so I might be able to get it done…we’ll see.

This is Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Threads, PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep. I am stitching this on 36 count Vintage Country Mocha. I normally stitch on 40 count but I am stitching this on 36 so that pattern pieces will work when I finish it. So far, this has been so fun to stitch. I just love it.

It stitches up really fast. Each little motif seems like an accomplishment.

Right now I am at the halfway point with stitching the drum portion. I seriously have enjoyed every stitch. I am wondering if I might be able to get close to a finish on this over the week too. I’m talking about finishing a lot of things. We’ll just have to see how the week goes.

The picture on the right is the stitching for the little strawberry you see on the chart…cute, right??

I pulled some floss and some linen. I really am excited about the prospect of stitching this next piece. It was a market release. The designer had sold out at market so the gals from Stitchery Nook couldn’t snag one for me. Instead, the designer mailed them later and now the Stitchery Nook is mailing mine to me. Liz contacted me on Wednesday and said it was going in the mail. YAHOO!!

I want to start it as soon as I finish The Apostle’s Creed. So, while Anders, my grandson, was here and taking a nap, I pulled the floss and a couple of pieces of linen. Which linen do you like best? I’m leaning a little towards the middle one which is Barb’s Blend from R&R. Hmm. I’m not sure and won’t decide until I read the comments and see what you all think…and see the pattern in person.

I am stitching this with DMC. I thought about getting the silks that are called for but, they would be about $50 and right now, I had all of the DMC already in my stash…so, nope. I think I’ll save the $50.

That’s what I’m busy with in the cross-stitch department. I am looking forward to a weekend of cross stitch and sewing…and puppies. I get new ones on Sunday but more on that in another post.

20 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Love the sampler on the first picture. What book is it in as there is no picture appearing?
    Many thanks
    Regards from sunny England

  2. Probably 47 years ago I stitched the Lord’s Prayer with lots of birds etc. It had a gold edge that wasn’t thread and I remember I had to take my fingernail and crease it so it became zigzag. It was a gift for my mother. It has had 3 frames so far, all homemade from wood trim. My niece will most likely receive it and then eventually it will go to my great great niece who is named after my mom. Your projects are very pretty. I don’t have the eyesight now to stitch but I sure enjoy seeing the various samplers.

  3. No picture of the Blackbird book.
    I like the linen on the right for the Apostle’s Creed.
    Your Friday posts of your progress on the cross stitch projects is my favorite.
    The little shoe pincushion is just adorable.

          1. It is 12.00 noon on Friday and I am not seeing the picture either. And my comment block is really long and narrow. Your blog hasn’t been the same since the upgrade. I know you are working on it tho.

              1. Just FYI, I refreshed a number of times, UT still that picture didn’t come. I have had refresh work on other posts, but not this one. I hope it helps you figure the issue out.

    1. I like the linen on the left for the Lord’s Prayer. I see a couple of “grayish” threads laying on the center linen and I don’t know if they will show up enough on that center linen. You’ve got a lot of projects picked out. They will keep you busy.

  4. Amy Sidelinger

    That Blackbird Design piece is beautiful. Nothing beats seeing things in person and lighting/surroundings can make a tremendous difference. The Apostles Creed is coming along so wonderfully. Finish quick and move on to The Lord’s Prayer. They will be stunning together I vote for the middle fabric as it’s a pleasant change from cream tones. Was tempted to do the prayer myself but instead I ordered The Battle Hymn of the Republic from My Big Toe Designs.

  5. Wow, that sampler is gorgeous. Would love to see the book photo too. I’m usually a cool tone girl but the linen on the right is speaking to me with those flosses. It’s your though so go with your heart.

  6. I’m so happy reading this post and seeing all your cross stitch progress and thoughts! Finally ordered Sessons of the Heart—so perfectly sweet! Agree 100% about seeing cross stitch in person. That Blackbird chart is one I’ve seen many times on the cover and had NO idea!

  7. The Blackbird Designs book is called “The Heart Remembers”. This design was a mystery sampler back in 2008 where you bought a series of their designs and a portion of the mystery sampler chart was included. I know because I bought the series and started the sampler but never finished. It’s a beautiful design and as Jo pointed out, the stitched model looks totally different on different linen. Sorry for the long narrative.

  8. Did you chart the words for Teresa Kogut Garden sampler? I love the way you have it. Did you have to change the border much to make it fit? I would really consider doing that one if I thought I could change it like yours. Just found your blog and flosstube. Am on episode 7 on your flosstube. I do enjoy watching your channel. You are always so excited about what you are doing it makes me feel good .

  9. Jo, I know you’re not super excited about your Come to the Garden piece, but the border on it is beautiful! I ordered The Lord’s Prayer this week. I’m looking forward to getting it!

  10. I, too, like the linen on tge right, or the left even.
    I love the Blackbird design chart. We are in Fl. A lot of the charts feature colonial houses, which does not fit as well down here. I am starting on the Heart Pot Sampler and tge Pot Sampler by Historical Sampler Co. Your samplers with the beautiful borders inspired me, buf it took some time to find one I loved.
    I enjoy your posts so much!

  11. Hi Jo – I’d pick the Barbs blend right now based on the picture you took and the picture on the pattern cover – it seems like the best match, but then I’m not seeing it in person.

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