Cross Stitch Update

I had a medium amount of stitching time this week.  I was busy but still managed to eek out at least one hour a night and often time two hours.

I worked on my Apostle’s Creed piece this week.  I am stitching this on a 40-count Thornfield by Needle and Flax.  It called for Harvest Basket by Gentle Arts for the words but I am using Trail Dust by Classic Colorworks for the lettering instead.  Here is where I was last week.

Not much got done on this one…I did the… one row that I am committed to finishing each week…but not much extra.

I am fully on the third page of this chart now.  I’m so happy.  Pretty soon I’ll be half done.  I started this on December 14th, my birthday, with the goal of one row a week.  I’ve kept up or done better each week.

I  hope I can continue this momentum. I’ve been thinking about working down the left side so I can get to that row of motifs.  Then I would make a goal of one motif and one row of stitching each week.

My Come to the Garden project by Teresa Kogut got a little bit of stitching done on it.  I am stitching this on 40-count Vellum by Picture this Plus with the called-for colors.  Here is where I was last week.

I picked this up one night when I had a little extra stitching time.  I just worked on little motifs so it doesn’t look like I got a lot done.

I added the bird.  I started the motif to the right of it and started stitching the two bees.  The bees need wings yet.  I am determined to work on this each week, only if it’s just a little bit.  I so want to get this finished.  I’m so happy to say I stitched on this with ZERO frustration on this night.  I hope that can keep up.  If you remember, I’ve been frustrated with stitching this.

I worked on the Spring Messenger Stitch Along. I’m stitching mine on Vintage Country Mocha.  I’m using the DMC that was called for.  This is where I was last week.

I worked on this only one night.  This is as far as I got…

I was going to finish the bird but I really wanted to see how the colors were all going to come together.  That lead me to start some letters and use some other colors.  Speaking of colors, oh my.  I love the colors of this.  I wanted to keep stitching but I had other things I want to keep stitching too!  HA!

If you missed the video I made on how I’m stitching this, you can find it HERE.

Last week I got more serious about stitching Keeper of the Pins by With Thy Needle and Threads.  I’m stitching this on a scrap of Vintage Country Mocha in 40 count.  I am using the called-for floss colors.  This was my focus project this week.  Any extra time I had, I stitched on this.

Last week I finished stitching this one…

…and I got this far on this one.

This week, I did really well.  I finished the one on the left…the sewing bird one.  I started and finished the one in the center with the lady.

…and I started this one.

I’m hoping that this week I can finish this one and start on the alphabet one.  My goal is to have these all done by the end of February.  I’m on track to do that if I get any stitching time.

I did start one more thing…The Spring piece from the book Seasons of the Heart by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.  There are four seasons all in one book.  Each has a house and cute border scenes.  I have the Fall and Christmas ones done and enjoyed them through the seasons.  I don’t have the Spring or Summer ones done so that’s the goal now.

I am stitching this on Vintage Country Mocha in 40 count with the called-for colors.  I’m really liking it so far.

I’ve been debating about putting the projects aside all but one and focusing on it to try to bring it to a finish but I don’t know.  I think I’ll spend another week stitching on a little bit of it all then maybe the following week I’ll drop everything and only work on Keeper of the Pins to make sure I get that finished by the end of February.  Then I might make one of the other smaller pieces my focus piece…and then the other smaller piece.  I’m committed to not starting anything else until my:
-Keeper of the Pins is finished
-Spring Messenger is finished
-Seasons of the Heart Spring is finished

After that my next start will likely be another Easter/Spring piece.  I really don’t have many spring things stitched.  I don’t think any at all so I’d like to get at least one more spring thing finished.  I hear a lot of people say they don’t have much for spring so it sounds like a common problem.

I didn’t do any stitching on The Black Dog Sampler Stitch Along.  I have enough done that I’m considering it 1/4 done and that was all we needed to have done to keep up.  I don’t think I’ll pick it up for all of February.

That’s what I was up to in the stitching department.  How about you?


8 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Susan from Michigan

    I bought the pattern for Spring’s Messenger and the floss. I haven’t started it yet. I’m one of those people who haven’t cross stitched since the 90s, but I’m inspired to try it. Besides, the robin is our state bird.

  2. Love all of your projects Jo. I finished Black Dog Sampler over the weekend and will finish Spring’s Messenger today…all except the border that circles the piece. I am thinking I might put it in an oval hoop so not sure that I will need that border. I love both pieces. I love working on smalls along with a larger project. I think my next big project will be Live on Little by Plum Street. I am so happy to be to stitching. Just relaxing and easy to pick up for short periods of time.

    1. Oh my Ginger. I’ve wanted to stitch Live on Little but it’s so intense I’m almost afraid to start!! I can’t wait to see you progress.

  3. Elizabeth Sawyer

    I don’t know how you do 40 count. I am trying the “Accept what is” on 32 count and it is driving me crazy. I’m sure my cateracts don’t help but I am still determined to find a way to make some progress.
    I brought linen and on my next one I want to try even weave or luagana and see if that helps.

  4. Oh my Jo, with all the projects you have going it just makes my head spin. Lolo
    I just received the pattern Spring’s Messenger. Will get thread Monday but I am torn on fabric. I have never stitched on Linen, right now I am stitching on 16 Count Aida on The Friendship Tree! So can I master the Linen?

    I don’t know! I am a little apprehensive.

    Betty Edwards

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