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Not a lot of cross-stitch has happened this week.  I had company overnight for two nights.  I worked late to try to get caught up.  My grandson Anders has been in the hospital all week so I’ve had Carver and Gannon, his older brothers, late every night until their dad was done in the field with the harvest.  I had to finish my quilting deadline project.  Then when I did sit down, look who distracted me.  Sweet little Izzy.

Oh my, that little fur ball has won my heart.  It’s so hard to stitch when she’s right there wanting some loving.  Rosie could care less.  As long as Rosie’s not disturbed, she’s happy.  Not Izzy.  She’s a loving lap dog who adores any attention.

I’ve been stitching one thread worth of stitching and then love up on Izzy.

I have a story to tell you about a cross-stitch needle.

One evening as I was going to bed I was walking down the upstairs hallway from the bathroom to my bedroom and found a cross-stitch needle on the floor in between the cracks of my hardwood floor.  I was exhausted.  I picked up the needle and went to the sewing room.  I didn’t want to put in the pincushion as I would get mixed with other needles.

I ended up putting it in… this metal tray by my sewing machine.  I forgot all about it.

This is my snack bowl when I’m sewing.  A few days later I put some spicey nuts in the container forgetting about the needle.  AHH!!  You guessed it.  The needle ended up in my mouth.  All is okay but WOW!  A scary second or two for sure.

I immediately took the needle downstairs and put it in my cross-stitch pincushion.  Oh my.

But…onto my stitching…as I said I got little done.

Here is where I last was on my Come to the Garden project by Teresa Kogut.  I am stitching this on 40-count Vellum by Picture this Plus with the called-for colors.

I started working on one of the flowers…

That’s all I stitched on that.  I don’t like to stitch something like this that involves lots of counting with stitches so irregular when I am distracted or only stitching for a short time.

If I keep at this slow pace, I’m going to be at this for a long time.

One good thing, the motifs are big so once I do get one done, I have a decent portion done.

I ended up setting that aside and pulled out my Ye Old Crow Sampler by Heart and Hand.  I am stitching on a 40-count Vintage Country Mocha with the color Raven.  Here is where I last was…

I am closer to finished.  I’m actually hoping to finish it this week.  Although I didn’t get a lot of progress done, it’s enough to move me along and closer to a finish!

I’m really glad I decided to stitch this one.

Kelli is also stitching this.  She started out on 28-count linen and ended up restarting on 40 count.  Can you see the big difference in size?

I just love it on higher-count linen.

Well…I’m off.  I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon and I want to sneak up to the sewing room and get a few things sewn before the bus comes with the kids.

It’s such a struggle to have TWO hobbies I love so much.

9 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. You have made lots of progress. It may not seem like it to you, but all things considered – Izzy, family. Yes it is hard to have more than one hobby (passion). Someone tried to get me into scrapbooking and it was fun, but I decided against two because at the time I was working from home full time. You do great and so thankful nothing serious happened with the needle!

  2. I mistakenly started Tom Turkey last month before realizing that in reality October comes before November (cue an eye roll)….so I will most likely pull out Ye Old Crow and see if I can finish it up real quick. Izzy is adorable and I can totally see why she gets your attention. I pray Anders is continuing to improve.

  3. I used to do cross stitch years ago and I love to see what you are working on and how it is progressing. Really en m oy reading your posts.

  4. I have my quilting mojo back and it’s interrupting my cross stitching! lol But I’m heading out of town for a few days so the cross stitching is more portable. I love the Ye Old Crow pattern and put that on my list. I bought the blue bird pattern after finishing the red one. Using a single color was fun!

  5. Izzy is so cute. She’s getting the love from you that she never had. How will you ever give her up? I couldn’t. I’m glad you got to work on your deadline project.

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