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I didn’t have a lot of stitching time this week.  A friend gave me apples and preserving them took up one night.  I’ve had Carver and Gannon, my grandsons, here for two overnights.  I’ve had “big family supper” here three nights.  That all translates into not a lot of stitching time.

Here is where I was at last week on my Red Bird Sampler.  This is from Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.

My goal for the week was to finish the bottom row.

I did…
Here is what it looks like now with the bottom row completely finished.

This is going to be a cute little sampler.  I just love that it’s so small.

I am going to set this aside until September (which isn’t very far away).  I have decided that I’ll do the middle “row” in September.  That will include the two big pots of flowers, my initials, the two flowers on the sides, and the berry bowl.

It’s slow stitching but totally okay.  Any time there are so many color changes, it’s slower stitching.

I still don’t know if I love the bright colors in this.  I’m just not a bright girl.  I just might dip the whole thing in some tea or spray it with the antiquing spray.  We’ll see.

I forgot to tell you I am stitching this on 40 count Shrekie’s Tan by Needle Bling Designs.  I really like this color.  It has a green tinge but not a lot.

I made a very small amount of stitches in… this Autumn chart from Seasons of the Heart by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.

The last time I showed it I was here…

I don’t have a lot of progress as I only stitched on this one short evening and a nap time.

Here is where I am now.  I did the acorns on the side border, the moon and owl, and stitched a few pumpkins.  This is a slow and steady wins-the-race project at this point.

Both the above and below projects are being stitched on Vintage Country Mocha 40 count.

I really want to drop everything and stitch this so I can enjoy it for Fall but…My All Creatures Great and Small project is calling louder.  I’m getting within striking distance to have a finish.

Here is where I was at last week.

I actually got more done than I thought because here is where I am this week.

My focus was on this lower right corner.  I finished the grass and started on the house.  Then I started in on all the small motifs…and then the water.

I had some trouble stitching that water.  I don’t really know why but did.

I ran into some other troubles too.  I am off on the right hand side of the hill in the middle.  Do you see that line of stitching coming from the water and going into the hill?  Well, that is where the edge of the hill is supposed to be.  UGH.  I knew in advance that the side was going to be a problem but ignored it hoping I had done it right…but I didn’t.   It’s all okay and I will be able to correct it as I stitch.

I am going to leave that left section along for now.  I will get the hill stitched going from the left to the right.  As I stitch over to the right side of the hill, I can make the corrections then.  It’s really not a big deal in the long run.  It only alters my stitching plans.

I did get two flowers at the top of the hill stitched.  I also stitched the shepherd’s hook.  It will likely take me a couple of weeks to stitch that hill.  It’s full coverage.

I am getting so excited to be closing in on this.  I am so thankful I took it to the retreat at the end of July.  It was just the push I needed to pick it back up and give it some love.

I’m kind of hoping for a BORING Labor Day weekend.  If that happens, I might take a day and just stitch.  That would be a great help in reining this in for a finish.

Lots of people in the cross-stitch world are starting to talk about Sampler September.  I’ll write a special blog post for that coming up this week.  I’ll tell you this much.  I am planning on joining in on the fun.  Watch for a post coming soon and I’ll be sharing my plans.

5 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I love the pieces you have chosen to cross stitch. You have inspired me to pick up cross stitching again and I am so excited!

  2. Your pieces are looking lovely. I caved in and bought a couple of the little pieces that go along with the first Redbird sampler. I got Ye Olde Crow and Tom Turkey. I love the silks I chose to do them in. I fully intend on getting the hummingbird and Bluebird as well. I also picked up another Raven themed piece that has the first line of Poe’s poem. Love that one soooo much. I’m eager to start something new, but I have so many to choose from now lol. I haven’t had much free time lately because it’s the season to can. But I’m gonna try to start something!

  3. I really like your stitching projects. I am thankful you write about cross stitching because it has revived my interest. I did the first Blessed SAL but didn’t join the second one, but I am working on one that I started before the SAL. I love seeing your project updates – thank you!

    1. Such beautiful handwork!
      I miss crosstitch. My eyes will not cooperate with the small stitches. I did a piece many years ago with a poem about quilts in the center and quilt blocks as the border. I framed it and gave it to my granny who taught me to quilt. It came back to me when she passed on. I think of her when I walk past it. Good memories. :)
      Your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

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