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More of my energy this last week went into sewing.  I had some projects with deadlines to finish so in the evenings when I typically stitch, I sewed.  That left me with only about an hour or 45 minutes to stitch before bed.  I did tell myself at 9 pm, that I had to stop the sewing and I got to stitch instead.  BLAH!  I was so good with my sewing projects and managed to hit some of the deadlines so my hope is that this week I’m back to more of a regular stitching time in the evenings…that means by 8 pm I quit working and can stitch.  I like that schedule much better.

This week I was determined to check my All Creatures Great and Small piece to make sure I wasn’t missing any motifs.  I stitched in the two crows that were missing.  I need to fill in the tombstones yet.  I’m waiting on Kayla to chart something for me.

I added the fruit to the berry bowl and added the do-dad to the right of it.
I stitched the x’s to the left of the chicken’s bottom.

From there I went down and decided to start on the bottom right.  I was using the dark green floss.  I got that area stitched there was more thread on my needle so rather than put that away, I started stitching the leaves in the border just to use up the thread.  Well, then I got it in my head to stitch the remaining leaves in the border.

Kelli stayed overnight the next night and I got it in my head that if I stayed up late, I could stitch the remaining flowers in the border…so I did.  Now the entire border is finished.  YAHOO!!  I’m so thrilled.  What you see in the picture below is a good look at the actual colors.

Now, I only have this little bit left to stitch.  The only problem, it’s pretty stitch heavy.  The center section is full coverage.

I will just keep plugging away on it. I’m not in hurry but I’ll admit to loving to see progress.

The other project I worked on was our Red Bird Stitch Along from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I had the goal to get the center section on the bottom finished.

I did it so this is where I am at with this one.

Next week I’m hoping to get the flower and the flower urn finished.  Then I will have completed my August goal of getting the entire bottom row finished.

In September I’ll do the berry basket in the center and the two flower pots.  I’ll finish it up with the bird in October…or at least that’s the current plan.  Things are always subject to change.

Before I go…
I had mentioned to several of you that Kayla uses Goodnotes on her Ipad when she cross stitches.  Several of you were hoping she might do a tutorial on how to do that.  She didn’t manage to get that done but I did see the flosstuber, Stacey, the 911 Stitcher, on Youtube did a tutorial on exactly that, using your Ipad for cross stitching.  I am embedding the video into this post so those of you who are interested can see how she does that.

I’m hoping that will be just what those of you who were interested were looking for.

I’ve been watching Market releases for Needlework Expo.  That happens at the end of the month.  Designers are releasing their new charts and shops can order during Expo.  Many of the designs are Halloween and I don’t stitch much Halloween and opt for Fall related things instead.  WHEW.  That makes it easier on my pocketbook.

Have a great week stitching or working on whatever craft you love.

5 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Your projects are progressing. Every time I see your All Creatures Great one, the song starts running through my head. Love it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  2. Those look so good Jo. I haven’t done much cross stitching lately. It’s more of a winter thing for me when there is not so much to do outdoors.

  3. I am not sure, but the upper left border corner is missing the flower bud. Is there supposed to be one? I am not picking your work apart, I am actually fascinated by it. I love those little vining borders and happened to be looking close. Your cross stitch is beautiful. I used to do a lot of it. I recently bought a couple of charts but have not started them. One of these days.

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