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I didn’t cross stitch much this week and have very little progress to show.  I’ve been making a HUGE push on the garden and outdoor work as the temperature for several days was absolutely amazing.  It’s been cool with little humidity.  Beyond that, it’s the time of the year that if it doesn’t get planted in the garden, it won’t make a crop anymore so that was my other motivation.

I have this other thing about cross stitch…It feels “right” to me to only stitch when it’s dark outside.  If it’s light outside, I feel like I have to be working…Right now it’s about 9 pm when the sun goes down so I don’t start stitching until later.  You all have asked how I get so much done…part of the reason is just what I wrote.  I feel like I need to be productive from the time I get up to dark at night.  I’m totally okay with it but this time of year, my cross-stitch struggles.

Here is where I was last week with Forever and Ever piece by With Thy Needle and Thread.

I am stitching this on 40 count Eureka by Fox and Rabbit.  I love their linen!

The goal for this is also to get it to a complete finish by the end of the month.

Last week I told you that I was going to do the flowers and basket.  My apologies.  I unintentionally lied.  I stitched the house instead.

Here is where I am at…

The house is so cute with the little flowers in front of it.  It was so fun to stitch.

That’s the only thing I got stitched on it though…
I’ll say it again…I think next week I’ll work on stitching the basket with the flowers.

It seems every cross stitch piece I stitch has some sort of “hitch” when it comes to floss.  See the bird on the chart?  It looks very blue to me and I love the look.  Look at the two colors of floss I have pulled.  Those are the called for colors.  BLAH.  The dark one is very teal (Bretheran Blue) and the light green is called Mountain Mist.  I don’t love the colors.  I really want blue like the colors on the chart.  So…I need to figure that out but haven’t had the time to putz and do that.

I’m not keeping up at all on my  Come to the Garden by Teresa Kogut.  Here is where I was last week.

I outlined that basket the flower is in and then moved on and started stitching more border.  I left the basket and will leave the flower.  I’ll fill those in when I go to the retreat.  It will be nice easy stitching without worrying about counting.

I keep telling myself that I’ll accomplish more once September hits and I believe that to be true.

I found this little box and thought to put this little piece I stitched from Blackbird Designs on it.

I think it would be a good fit…but I’m unsure about what color to paint the box.  Black, dark red…what do you think?

I didn’t stitch at all on my Red Bird Sampler so have nothing to share there.

Earlier this week I made an announcement about the next stitch along.  It is also called Red Bird Sampler.  It might be confusing for a bit.  HERE is the information on the stitch along.

I’m so excited about this!!!

Before I can even think about that, I have to get my piece for the retreat stitched.  For the retreat at the end of July, stitchers got a kit for an exclusive design from Waxing Moon.  They are cute little Christmas ornaments.  Liz is going to do a little finishing demo at the retreat so I want to have at least one of those finished.  I think it will be the ice skate.  There’s no picture with the chart so I can’t share a picture.

If anyone had last-minute plans that changed, there is still room at the retreat for more participants.  We actually have a low turnout.  Part of me was super sad about that but then I realized that with a smaller turnout, I’ll actually get to know the people much better than with a large group and we should be able to go to eat together more easily.  AWESOME…But…you’re still welcome to join us.  It’s at the end of July.  Here are the details.

As you’re reading this, I’m having a Grandma day with the big boy grandkids…but we’re meeting Kelli and Kayla with their kids and going to Elkador to the Nature Center.  It just so happens that Elkador has a bakery and a cross-stitch/quilt shop.  So believe it or not, we’re going to try to sneak in and check it out.  We’ll have 7 kids with us so wish us luck.  HA!!  I’ll tell you how it all went next week.

11 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Hope you have a lovely day, as for the box, I would paint it Kramer’s favourite colour, it seems appropriate? Happy times with your grandsons.

  2. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hope your days is awesome! Promise them ice cream on good behavior . We were in Michigan last weekend for our youngest grandson’s baptism. It also was the first time meeting him. He will be 6 weeks old this Saturday! Just starting to smile. So sweet. It is a busy family with now 5 children. They take it in stride. It was hard to leave, but home is where we belong. But, it’s been hot here in NW Iowa! 97, 94, today is suppose to be better. We need rain. The corn is begging. Let us know how your day went!

  3. Jo, one can tell you have some farmer blood in you – make hay while the sun shines!! It ian’t a bad thing, just is. Even then you really did accomplish quite a bit. Your stitchings are coming, maybe slower than you want, but still progress. Hope your day with the seven gkids is fun!

  4. Jo, Just want to let you know how much I LOVE your blog. I happened to find you just after that horrible wind event and have followed you ever since. You make me feel connected to small town farm life I think as I’m an NE Missouri girl. I’m also a new quilter and love the scrappy stuff the best. Thanks for sharing your life, family, gifts and the quilting village you established.

  5. I think the Remember Me piece will look perfect on that box. What about painting it light grey and possibly distressing it with a darker grey glaze? I didn’t usually pad my cross stitch finishes, but I think that might add something to a piece that goes on a box lid.

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Stitching is coming along nicely but the garden needs attention at the right time also! Have a fun day with the daughters and grandsons.

  7. Darlynn Venne

    Jo, I have not doubt should I be recommending a retreat, I would want it should want it sold out! Yet, just today I rang Stitching Nook and spoke with an employee (sorry I cannot remember her name!!!). She was kind and helpful and willing to answer some questions. After coming off my first retreat where there were around 100 participates and many knew each other, I am looking forward to a bit more intimate retreat as an opportunity to get to know each other. Coupled with a lovely looking retreat center. The price is more than reasonable. The kit and ornament charts are adorable. If anyone is interested in attending, I would indeed recommend calling The Stitchery Nook and make an inquiry. Thank you Jo for putting this out~~

    1. Darling Venne – yay! I will also be there! It is my very 1st cross stitch retreat and won’t know anyone except for Jo. I bet we will all be best friends at the end of it! I have no idea what to bring except for my stitching!

      See you there!

      1. Darlynn Venne

        I don’t “know” Jo, but have followed her for years. I have only been to one other stitching retreat, so I am a newbie as well. I’m just bring my stitching and of course a snack or two! haha. I have the snowflake ornament completely stitched and am moving on to the ice skate. Janet, I am so glad to have this opportunity to meet Jo and now you as well~~

  8. I vote black for the box.
    Before I scrolled past the picture of the house I said, the house is so cute with the little flowers in front of it, then I saw you had typed the same thing! So funny. That house is too cute!

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