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I had the craziest week.  I started the week thinking I would have lots of free days but that never happened.  I always thought life was supposed to slow down as you age and I’m finding that to be a big lie.  My life is busier than ever.  Frankly, I was quite pooped out and landed on the couch several evenings stitching.  Thankfully stitching is something I can do if I’m pooped out or not.

I continued working on my Brenda Gervais, With Thy Needle and Thread, Forever and Ever.  Here is where I was last week.

I was hoping I would get one large row and one small row of alphabets finished but I did better than that.  I got everything over to the end of the alphabet and all of that is completely finished.  WHOOT!  WHOOT!

The pictures don’t… do this piece justice at all.  It’s much prettier with the right lighting and in person.  I’m stitching this on Fox and Rabbit’s Eureka 40 count linen.

The house and flowers in what I have left to stitch.  I am hoping to complete this by our wedding anniversary at the end of July.  If I keep up as I have been, that shouldn’t be a problem.  This week’s goal is to stitch the rest of the outer border.

My plan is to keep working on it gradually but if it comes to the point that it looks like I won’t finish by our anniversary, I’ll drop everything and finish it.

Next up, Redbird Sampler by Heart in Hand.  Here is where I was last week…

Here is where I am this week.  I added the g, q, r, x, y, and z along with a little border stitching along the bottom.  What you see along the bottom is as wide as the piece will be.

My goal is to have this finished -meaning completely finished- by the end of July.  I’ll continue to only stitch on this while the grandkids need me to sit by them to fall asleep at naptime.

The other project I worked on this week was Come to the Garden by Teresa Kogut.  This is a stitch along being hosted by others.  It started on Sunday.

In the afternoon I treated myself to sitting for an hour and listening to floss tube then I stitched on it a little that evening.

I ended up stitching on it for two other nights.  Here is where I am at.

I don’t love having so many projects going at once…but boy, am I ever glad that I started this.  It’s been on my bucket list.

I didn’t know about the orange next to the red.  I typically don’t mix the two colors.  I ended up pulling out the chart and checking to make sure but the flower is orangish and the orange is repeated later in the chart.  So, I’m going with it and just trusting.  I’ve stitched enough Teresa Kogut patterns to know she does wonderful with color.

It is such a pretty project and being I love red and flowers and Kayla and I figured out a way to personalize it, it’s perfect for me.

This is a Teresa Kogut pattern.  I’m stitching on 40-count Picture this Plus Vellum.  I am using all of the called-for colors.  I love that Teresa Kogut often uses quite a bit of DMC with the more expensive over-dyed flosses.  It keeps the price of the project down.

You might remember that those hosting the stitch along broke the chart up like this…

What I figured out after studying it a little more is that I will need to stitch one full motif plus a little extra on a another motif each week to stay caught up. That will give me a finish by the end of the year.

I think I did pretty good for week one.  I got the side floral motif done and got a good start on the basket with two flowers.  Let’s hope I can continue on and stay up to date.

Now for a few other things…

Several people have commented that they like that I changed the words to my “Come Into the Garden”.  Blog reader Maxine sent a picture to me of her cross-stitch piece In the Garden.  It was created by a different designer but I thought I would share it here as many of you were attached to the song as I am.

Thanks so much, Maxine, for sharing this.

Remember our “Blessed” Stitch Along?  I decided to only stitch the “Blessed” pillow from this chart.  Being I’m done with it, I am wondering if there is anyone who didn’t stitch along with us that would like the chart.  I am passing mine on and would happily mail it to a blog reader who would like to stitch it.  If that is you, please leave a comment in the comment section and I will pick someone in the next few days and mail the chart out.

Speaking of Stitch Alongs…I talked with Liz at the Stitchery Nook.  She is getting things together and will soon be taking pre-orders for the next stitch along.  We have chosen Red Bird Sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread.

The picture is a little deceiving.  This really isn’t very large.  If you’d stitch this on 14 count Aida it would be 8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″.  If you’re stitching on 40-count linen, it would be about 6″ x 7″.  It’s a great beginning sampler as there aren’t borders to match up.  Some of the motifs are repeated.  It doesn’t take a lot of colors.  You can get practice personalizing something with your initials.  This is a very forgiving piece as even if you are off on counting a stitch one way or the other, it likely won’t be noticeable.

If you’re ready to try something a little more challenging, but not too challenging, this would be a great next-step project.

Liz will get things together for preorder soon.  We’re hoping to start on August 1st.  I’ll try to get something together as to how we’d portion out the stitching for each month.  That will be easier for me to do once I have the chart in my hand.  I’m thinking we could tackle this over a three-month period…of course, longer if you need.  None of the stitch-alongs have an expiration date!

WHEW!!  That was a lot of cross-stitch news.  I have kids coming home this weekend so I don’t know if I’ll get much stitching in.  We’ll see. I keep thinking next week will slow down, but it doesn’t.  Now I’m starting to think it will slow down once school starts.  As always…People over projects!!

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  1. Every, single one of your pictures is immediately covered by an ad for Metaformin. Every. Single. One. You only get a second or two to see it, then it’s covered. I’m reading it on my phone, maybe it doesn’t happen on a computer. This hasn’t happened before, there are too many ads but they don’t take over. I thought you should be aware of this b cause nobody only does it cover up your lovely work, it’s really annoying for the reader.

    1. Oh no Charlotte. I haven’t heard anyone else say anything about that. I’ll look into it. I have automated ads so I’m not quite sure how to fix it. I’ll see if I can.

      1. there are lots of ads, yes, but on the computer i don[t have the problem with them covering up your pictures. love to follow your blog adn family every day, but i don’t usually (hardly ever!) comment…

    2. I am having the same issue! I really want to see Jo’s photos and the Metformin ad pops up and blocks them. There is not an “x” to click on to get rid of them; if you click on the ad at all, you get sent to their site and no way there to unsubscribe.
      Sorry for the trouble, Jo!!

  2. Judith M Fairchild

    Beautiful pieces! I really like both in the garden pieces. As to people over projects is the right way to do things. Like the saying about babies don’t keep. Way to true. Myvyougest is 1 year from double digits. Where dies the time go.
    Happy stitching

  3. I love following your progress on your stitches. You do such beautiful work.
    I coffee/tea dyed a piece of Aida and will be working on Blessings Abound instead of the other.
    And yes, time flies quicker now that I’m older. It seems I have less time with my kids and grandkids than I did before so I take in as much as I can with them!
    Love and Prayers

  4. Jo, how is your all creatures project? Or did you finish it and I missed that post?
    You continue to amaze me with all that you do. I appreciate that you share all of your adventures with us.
    I read your blog daily, it’s like keeping up with a friend.

    1. Hi Cody…
      I set it aside for a bit. My plan is to finish it in 2022 as it was my New Year, New Start. Happily, I have 6 more months before my self-imposed deadline to finish it. It will make an appearance again after I finish Forever and Ever.

  5. Oh, Jo–I would be BLESSED if I’m chosen as the person to receive your pattern. Whenever anyone asks “How are you?”, I always reply “I’m so blessed!” cuz I truly am. We both retired a couple years ago, and built a little house on the edge of our daughter’s family’s farm. So I get to be a part of her 3 daughters’ lives EVERY DAY. I cross stitch a little each day, but can’t do more than a half hour due to fibromyalgia pain in my hands. You are such an encouragement to me, and many others, as you prioritize your life to enjoy each day you are given–thank you!

  6. I love both pieces, especially Forever and Ever. It is a nice way to celebrate your marriage to Kramer.
    Thank you of rhe chance on the pumpkin chart.

  7. Your stitching is looking great! And Maxine, your piece is beautiful. I like the Redbird Sampler, but I’m going to pass on the SAL this time around so I can focus on my WIPS. I want to take a second to share something about the company I placed an order and was so excited to be getting it last Saturday. Only, it was not in my mailbox despite claiming it was delivered. I followed all the USPS steps for a missing package finally ending up at the post office talking to a woman there. My package was delivered, the GPS and photo declared it to be fact. But not in my box. The substitute mailperson put in one of my neighbor’s boxes, and whichever neighbor it was has decided to keep it or whatever. So what to do? I decided to call 123stitch just to see if they carry insurance on their packages. Much to my surprise they will replace any package or missing item at no additional cost to the customer based on an honor system. What a relief! I know which of my neighbors in our mostly rural area would give me my misdirected mail, and I’m trying not to think too much about which ones would not. It’s definitely a good thing to have more than one source for crafting supplies. The Stitchery Nook has been very nice to buy from as well. Have a lovely weekend everyone, blessings!

  8. I love the In the Garden cross stitch that Maxine shared! That song was played at my Mom’s funeral and she loved pink roses. I’ve searched for the pattern with no luck finding it. If anyone knows how to locate that pattern, I’d love to have it.

    1. The pattern you like is from “America’s Best Loved Hymns, collection 2” from Leisure Arts. It says leaflet 2951, by Kooler Design Studio. Not sure if it is still in print, maybe try Amazon? The book is full of other beautiful hymns as well!

  9. Jo- please don’t take this as criticism, but I think there is a stitch out of place in the bottom right corner of your Redbird Sampler. It looks like “backslash” leg of the stitch right next to the corner is one thread too low. Just wanted to mention it in case it was something that would bother you after you saw it for yourself. It’s easily fixable now, but might not be then! Great progress on all of your stitches!

  10. I would LOVE that pattern! Haven’t done embroidery for probably 35 years, but after watching what you have been making, I’m definitely starting up again. Deb E

  11. I’m thinking “People over Projects ” would be a great cross stitch piece! I started the Blessed SAL, but stalled out to make a cross-country move! One day it’ll get done… People over projects- I love it!

  12. I would love either pattern. I have started to cross stitch agin after about 20 + years. My eyes seem to be a bit slower than they were years ago.

  13. I really like all the pieces that you showed. I wish they were stamped, instead of counted, cross-stitch
    I don’t have the patience to do counted cross-stitch.

  14. Please pick me! Cross-stitching has been a companion through life’s ups and downs and now time and retirement allows w me time to really enjoy these projects. Thanks for sharing. I am self taught and you give me inspiration.

  15. Please pick me for chart. Counted cross-stitch has been a companion through life’s ups and downs. Being self taught, you give me inspiration to dig deeper into more elaborate projects. Blessed would be good starting point to use linen. Thanks for motivation.

  16. Beautiful as always

    I thought I’d have my first project done by now, but got distracted by home repairs and my first ever hexagon quilt. I do make stitches, but fewer. Perhaps because all that is left are widespread little singles and doubles. I still love it!
    Plus designing an upgraded background for my next project and designing the hexagon quilt.

    Wonderful news: it rained yesterday and today. We have a 1200 year drought going, and no rain in May. We don’t get rain in June before July’s monsoon rains. Lest you think that is flood… usually 2″ for the month. I got about 3/4 inch, awesome for the north end of the Chihuahuan Desert. Creating a native food forest too.

  17. Sharon Framptonsframpton

    I would love to stitch that piece! I used to sing that in choir at my home town in Virginia!
    Your work is awesome!

  18. I’m excited for the next SAL! Your work as always is beautiful, Jo. I so do enjoy keeping up with your cross stitch projects!

  19. Admire all your work! I would love to have the “blessed” pattern…I absolutely LOVE decorating for fall and would love to stitch this!

  20. Jo, I’m impressed that you can have so many projects going at once and can make progress on them all. I had considered participating in the stitch along but didn’t since I had several projects lined up to work on – along with quilting and dealing with COVID a second time. I loved the pattern and would appreciate being considered for giving the pattern a new home! Thanks for all your inspiration and for sharing your family with us.

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