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Last Friday when I gave you a cross-stitch update, I told myself, I couldn’t work on anything else until I was caught up on the Blessed Stitch Along.  So like a good girl, Friday night I worked on it and got this far…

I did the stems on the white pumpkin, did the leaves and vine around it, and started the next pumpkin.  Two of my leaves are off a stitch but it really doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t affect the design at all.  Life is way too short to fuss about it.

That overnight is when I got really sick and I couldn’t pass off my crappy feeling as anything else except the flu.

So…Saturday when I woke up, I told myself that I felt so crappy that I could stitch on anything I wanted.  So I stitched most of the day on Saturday while I binge-watched Yellowstone.

Any guesses on what I stitched on??  If you guessed…
All Creatures Great and Small you’d be right.  Here is where I was last week when I showed you an update.

My plan for the week was to go to the right and stitch that big chicken that I had started.  So much for plans.  I didn’t follow a single one this week!!

For those of you wondering.  This project is All Creatures Great and Small.  It’s a Barbara Ana Design stitched on the called for linen, Vintage Country Mocha.  It’s stitched with the called for Anchor floss except where you see red, I used Achor #20.  It’s an awesome red.

Instead of stitching that big chicken, I came down and finished the church instead.  I did the bird on the church and everything to the right of it.  For now, I just outlined the gravestone markers.  You might remember that I was thinking of personalizing that by putting my husband’s initials and possibly birth and death dates.  For now, I outlined the markers and will putz with that later.

I went down and worked on the border leaves and the green grass above the bottom border too.  I’ve been trying to put one length of that green color in every time I sit down to stitch.  That way the border isn’t too tedious and it isn’t left to the very last.  It’s a happy compromise to get it finished.

I had hoped to finish the house this week but that didn’t happen.  I got feeling better, the weather changed and I was behind so Tuesday night I only stitched an hour.  Wednesday and Thursday night I didn’t stitch at all.  That rarely happens but Buck’s kids are going to be here this weekend (Saturday four more grandkids will be here) and we’ll have a big family supper here on Monday night.  So…that means I need to get a bunch of things done before they get here including writing blog posts for all of those days in advance as I’ll likely be too busy when they are here to get them written.  Plus if the garden can get tilled, it needs to get planted.  It is definitely not cross-stitch season anymore.

Here is where I ended up for the week on this.  I’m VERY happy with it so far.  I hope it keeps going well.

I’m starting to get far enough along on this that I want to start figuring out what I’ll be stitching next.  I don’t know why I start making plans as I’ll likely stray from the plan anyway!!

I’ll catch you all next week.  For those of you who stitch, I’d love to know what you are stitching on.

For those of you who only tune in only Fridays to catch the cross-stitch update, there was another cross-stitch-related post this week.  You can find it HERE.

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I’ve looking at your cross stitching. I like to imagine Jane Austen preoccupied thinking if her characters and walking right past one in her home. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Your work is amazing. I love All Creatures.
    I’m currently working on Christmas ornies and Sempre Avanti.
    Please take care of yourself!
    Love and prayers

  3. When I finished the Blessed cross stitch, I told myself I was done cross stitching. I prefer to quilt. However, I had bought a kit almost 20 years ago, and I kept it for some reason. I am now working on that. It’s a bigger piece on Aida cloth. It’s on blue cloth and is a picture of lions. My son used to love lions. Not sure what I will do with it once it’s finished. But it will be nice to have some handwork when I sit outside on my porch in the evenings. Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  4. Your stitching is beautiful. I love looking at it but can’t see to do it, I can remember singing All Things Bright and Beautiful in Bible School many years ago.

  5. I’m again working on Land That I Love. Or, should I say still working on? I have my other long term piece that I started years ago, but it’s very summery and I had put it up for the winter. It’s still put away. I do want to finish it, but it has a lot of blending which makes it kinda of tedious. Now that I have a stash of patterns it will be hard to choose my next big piece. I guess that’s a good problem! I’m tempted to get going on the next SAL early. Have a great time with your family, blessings!

  6. Been working on a kit that I bought many years ago. I had started to work on an angel that I feel I started at least 10 years ago and as I was trying to figure out where in the world I left off. I struggled thru that and then your stitch along started and I thought I would do that, although I am using Aida cloth instead of linen. I am hooked on cross stitching again even though I have been quilting and sewing for the last 20 years. I have the red bird sew along kit and looking forward to starting that. Thanks No for the inspiration!

  7. I always enjoy your cross stitch posts. Love your sampler wall too and all your thrift shop treasures. I also love old furniture.
    I started cross stitching again. For Christmas, I made each of my children (3) A sampler for their homes. Ambitious right but finished. Currently, I am stitching Loose Feathers by Blackbird Designs-Summer, Autumn & Winter.
    Not sure what my next project will be yet. I am an Aida cloth stitcher. Love the vintage linen look but have never tackled. Stay well.

  8. I’m no longer a cross stitcher due to poor eyesight. But I did make a lovely sweatshirt with the wash-away stuff a few years ago. I might make another since those stitches are pretty big. I so enjoy looking at all your projects as I used to use linen too. A long time ago I designed a picture for a college class that was stitched on linen, it was beautiful and the professor asked if she could put it in the university museum. I wonder where it is now. I think Roger’s initials and other dates would be lovely on this.

  9. So glad you’re feeling better. You are motivating me to put more time into WIPs and less into aimlessly scrolling the internet.

  10. Anne Davidson

    I have finished the Blessed cross stitch pattern and am waiting to get the red bird kit to arrive. Right now, I’m working on the Flea Market Flowers pattern by Lori Holt. I got back into cross stitch during the pandemic and really enjoy it. I love your samplers that you do; might have to get a pattern!

  11. Kathryn DePauw

    I love reading your blog. You’re that friend I haven’t met yet.;) I am learning to accept that it is okay to have mistakes in my work. If it doesn’t affect the design then it’s not worth ripping it out.
    I am currently working on Fall on the Farm by Little House Needleworks and Land That I Love by Teresa Kogut.

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