Cross Stitch Update

I thought I would give you all a cross-stitch update.  It’s been a bit since I’ve shown you my progress.

If you read the blog last week when I showed all of my quilting UFOs and seen how hard I’ve been working to get them all caught up, you can imagine how hard I am fighting with myself not to get too many cross-stitch UFOs.

Then I was watching a floss tube video and the presenter said, what is the difference if you have something kitted up, or if you actually make a start.  That got me thinking and I believe it to be true, but still, I don’t want too many UFOs.  I’ve been fine having two projects going at once…but I already had three going at once.  So do I dare start another.

I ended up compromising.  I started this.  It’s called All Creatures Great and Small.  I’ve seen many people working on this including Lori Holt and Cynthia from Stitching in the Light.  I bought this a long time ago.  In fact, it’s the first thing I bought wondering if I dared to do a big sampler.

It’s so pretty and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

One of the reasons I started this is because I asked myself if I could only get one sampler done this year, which one would I want it to be.  My answer was this one!  The other reason I started this…I’ve been watching All Creatures Great and Small on PBS Masterpiece.

So, I made the decision to stitch on this each week for the one hour that I watch the show.  I’m not going to get a lot done that way and it’s entirely okay.

I’ve only stitched on it one night and that’s all the further I got.  Right now I am using everything that is called for.  Vintage Country Mocha linen in 40 count and Anchor threads is what I have.  I’ve heard people who stitched on this mention that they really enjoyed the Anchor threads.  To date, I haven’t used them before so I have no opinion.

The next project I worked on was this…Quarantine Project:  Stay Home and Stitch by With Thy Needle and Thread.

I like to have a small travel project.  This is the one I picked.  I started this the day I had a doctor’s appointment.  I stitched this much while I waited in the waiting room.  I haven’t touched it since.

I told you all that I was going to be stitching Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs.  It’s a 12 part series with 2 extra bonus charts.  It’s set up to stitch one each month and that’s what I’m doing.  This was my “new year, new start”.  You can see I got month one done.

Each block gets personalized.  This block is Karl’s block.  You can see it says, “Kramer”, “Karl” and “205”.  The 205 is the house number for Karl’s new house.
I started on the next block but I am not too far.  This is the February block.  This will be for my Johnson Grandparents.  I figured out how I can do a few things to fit in what I want here.  I’ll be stitching this one in February.

My next project is my real focus project that I am pouring mountains of time into.  This is how far I am.

I have across the top done.  I worked on the right border.  I was going to start the house but I stitch with a hoop.  I didn’t want the hoop to be on on the house while I stitched the bottom…so I decided to start stitching the bottom.  That red bird, I almost had it finished stitching but I realized that I was over two stitches.  I had attached one of the legs to the wrong antler.  I screwed up the spacing too much to fudge so I spent one night ripping it out and restitching this.

I adore this piece and I plan to have it finished this year and up on a wall by Christmas.  At one point I thought I would put it away after Christmas, but I won’t.  I am going to keep stitching on it.

I did purchase a couple of things…Everything kind of snowballed.  I bought some floss for Kelli.  She’s stitching Pandemic which is a Long Dog Sampler pattern.  She needed more Merlot color.  Well, being I ordered and was paying for shipping, I bought something else…and something else.

Being I have a couple of projects going and not just the two I previously had, I bought more needles.  Then I’ve been loving stitching the one block a month that I thought I’d like to do that again next year.  Blackbird Designs has another series called the Garden Club.  Blackbird Designs patterns go out of print so I decided that I would gradually start buying them.

I also have heard many good things about Lakeside Linen.  So many people who stitch samplers use Lakeside Linens…so I got a piece of it to try out.  The color I got was Maple Sugar.  Of course, any other color can’t be found.  There is a huge wait log on getting linen.

I’ve had this chart on my want list for some time.  It’s a Blackbird Designs chart.  I saw Connie from Country Threads finished hers.  It’s so pretty.  I want to stitch it someday.  I checked to try to find linen for it and amazingly, 123 Stitch had what I wanted…so I ordered it…and a couple of the floss that I didn’t have.

My goal down the road is to have a sampler wall.  I want to have samplers of different shapes and sizes.  I was THRILLED when I learned that Beth Twist was coming out with a new series called Sunday Stitches.  There will be 12 charts all will have a church hymn inspiration.  The first is from Amazing Grace.  I just love this.

I am so tempted to start this and stitch it on Sundays.  UGH.  I can’t start another project but seriously, this one wouldn’t take long, right??  Oh my.

STOP YOURSELF JO…or you’re going to have lots of cross stitch UFOs!!!

My wants are obviously bigger than my hand can stitch.  Oh, I love so many of them though.  I do want to say that even though I haven’t stitched all of these, I am very much enjoying taking the charts to bed at night and studying the design, observing the layout of the pattern, seeing the colors used.  I get enjoyment out of the charts before I even stitch them.

A kind blog reader, Linda, sent this to me.  She said she purchased it but is having trouble seeing to stitch.  I’ll happily give it all a home.  I really like it.  I might not get to it right away but I have already taken the chart to get with me and studied it…As I said, I’m getting enjoyment out of it already.

It was so sweet of Linda to think of me with her cross-stitch goodies.  I really appreciate it.

I am still thinking about doing a little stitch along…I’m trying to figure out how to best do that.  I’ve been playing with videoing my stitching so I can do a tutorial of sorts.  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about it.

I was telling you all that there are many free charts out there.  I don’t think I mentioned in a previous post that Hands on Designs has several.  You can scroll through her blog and see them.  HERE is the link.

Hello from Liz Matthews also recently put out a new freebie design, but you have to sign up to her newsletter to get that one.  HERE is the link for that.

I am still loving that I am back into cross-stitch.  I’m sad on the nights I don’t get time to stitch.  It really brings me joy!!

Before I go, I did want to tell you that I filmed a floss tube video…here it is.  Here is the link if you want to see it on the big screen.

I talked some about stitching in hand or stitching in a hoop in the video and explained what I do.

I’ve been having lots of fun putting the video together.  A huge shout out to Kalissa for helping me edit it.

That’s what’s new in my cross-stitch world.  I’d love to hear if any of you are cross stitching and what you’re working on.

24 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. A question Jo, when I used to cross-stitch on Aida cloth, I was taught to start in the middle of the project. I notice that you usually start with the border first. Is that how you are to do it on linen?

  2. Wow! You certainly have lots of cross stitches to keep you busy! It is such a satisfying craft isn’t it!? I am currently cross stitching a flower design on a towel from a kit that my late Grandma had started in the 90s.

  3. I see you’re another one that has went down the Blackbird Designs rabbit hole. I have a few of their patterns; 4 very full binders of them. Just love their style andI do read the charts just for fun. I started “Sunflower House” 2 years ago and have it about do3/4 done but don’t like the fabric the needlework shop subbed for it. I did find the called for fabric (a funky shade of blue) on a resale site and hope it will be better. “Grand Old Flag” is done except for the snow flakes and my initials. I started “My Quaker House” today but unstitched almost as much as I stitched. My 4 year old wriggly grandson was helping me. Still trying to decide if I want to stitch “Garden Club” on one piece or not. I have 3 of Teresa Kogut’s samplers that I haven’t started because I don’t know if I can do 40 ct. I had cataract surgery almost 2 years ago and still trying to get the vision issue settled. I just bought a pair of MagEyes and they have helped immensely. Was working on 36 ct today without a problem. I will have to try a small project on 40 ct before I commit to a large one on 40. I started quilting because I couldn’t see to stitch before bifocals but cross stitch is still my first love.

  4. I stitched The Blackbird Designs Garden series and then used the blocks as centers of courthouse steps quilt blocks. I have the finished wall hanging in my dining room and love it.

  5. I am amazed that you can do so much close work along with all the sewing and quilting with your thyroid issues and corrective lens wearer.
    And all the computer work you do also.

    1. I have a lot of the Aunt Martha’s transfers, but I’m still deciding what to embroider on. I thought I might try pillowcases and some of the towels. I also think it would be fun to make myself another crossback apron out of linen and embroider all over it :-D

  6. I do love cross stitching – very relaxing – except when the f**g comes to visit. ;-)
    We don’t have a lot of room in the RV but I do make space for it all!
    Love and prayers

  7. I love your WIP parade!!!! I brought 2 projects to work on in Florida this month. I thought I could at least finish one!!!!! Haha – I’m sooooo slow.
    Take care, Connie

  8. I will watch the video later when I have time to enjoy it. I don’t cross stitch but would like to see how someone tackles a project and some of the stitches. I often see beautiful cross stitch items at antique/thrift stores and the work is amazing. I wonder how folks can give away items with there family names or dates on them. Your stitch work is beautiful and what a wonderful gift for Karl’s new home.

  9. I bought the pattern and supplies to make “Heaven and Nature” yesterday. It’s so pretty, it was hard to resist, especially watching your progress. I am doing “Pet all the Dogs” now, I started in the center, the house is a bit tedious. I also use a hoop to stitch with, are you concerned about it distorting the stitches you have made as you move to other areas? I also want to thank you for recommending the ball point needles, they are so much easier to use with linen.

  10. Well, Jo, you’ve gone and got me stitching again. I can’t believe how many beautiful designs are out now! Can you tell me about your green oval hoop? I seen it in another of your posts. I’d like it so much better than a circle for many things. Is there a brand name on it?
    Thanks, Lori G.

  11. Jo between you and Judy at Patchwork Times I can’t resist the temptation any longer. I haven’t stitched in over 40 years so this should be interesting :-) I ordered a few things tonight and am going to start off with a free pattern. I know you use a hoop. I have a question. Does it hurt the stitching to be in the hoop that way? I remember from all those years ago that my fabric always traveled on me.
    Also there are lots of free patterns at Kitty and Me. She also has a Facebook group where more free ones are available.
    She does a never ending sampler of sorts. You can read all about it on her site.
    Your pieces are just beautiful. I thank you for all the time and information gathering you put into helping us all along.

  12. Jo

    I’m amazed at your strength to keep going with all you have gone through the past year. Your thyroid problem must occasionally get you down. It seems like a long process. I had my thyroid radiated a few years ago and take medicine daily, it’s not having an adverse effect on my life. I was hyperactive before, but I hav’hav’nt slowed down. I quilt crossstich and care for a 15year granddaughter. My mother died Feb 2020 and I’m just finished looking after her estate. Your absolutely blessed with you beautiful children. Harry and me cried when your Kamer lost his fight. Take care Marion in Ireland

    1. Marion thanks for the comment. I really do pretty well staying upbeat. I’m a person who throws myself into whatever I’m doing and charges forward. There are a zillion more quilts I want to make…a zillion more things I want to cross stitch…a zillion more people I want to help and a zillion more hugs I need to dish out on the grandkids. Trying to meet all those zillions keeps me from getting down.

  13. Can you tell me the breed of dog you are holding at the sewing machine??? ADORABLE!!! Don’t get me wrong. I love the cross stitch. You have inspired me to get my gigantic closet full of unfinished and partially finished projects out and put my skills to work!! Thank you❤️❤️❤️

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