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I didn’t have a lot of stitching time this week.  Much of my time went into fixing the deadline quilt.  Then I got into a swing in the sewing room that made it hard for me to quit sewing and cross stitch instead.

If you’re stitching along with us for the Blessed Stitch Along, I thought I’d let you know that each week I’ll post something here about my progress and also put links in for any other cross-stitch topic that I cover during the week.

I didn’t stitch any more than I already had stitched on Tuesday.  I’m only this far…

I have all of March to complete the first assignment so I’m not worried a bit that I don’t have more progress.  I haven’t had any questions come in so I’m making a huge assumption that everything is going okay with you.  If not, feel free to contact me or Judy at Patchwork Times and ask away.  We really want to help if we can.  Judy did a great little cross-stitch video you can find HERE.

Here is my update for my stitching this week…
On February 25th I joined others and stitched a Christmas piece.  Christy for Cross Hatch Quilts and Lori Holt are hosting a 25th stitch along.  Each time it’s the 25th of the month we’re welcome to stitch along with them and work on a Christmas piece.

I am stitching Comfort and Joy by Heartstring Samplery.  I am stitching this on Picture this Plus 36 count.  It is labeled as Legacy but I don’t think it is.  It doesn’t have the greenish tinge Legacy typically has…maybe it’s Heartland instead.

Anyway…this is where I was at when I started…

I stitched on the 25th and got this far.

I decided to stick with it and stitch on this the next night and finished it after only an hour or so more of stitching.  Here it is…The color is more like the upper picture.

I really like this and now need to finish it into a pillow for my dough bowl.  It’s a little big but I’m still going to make it into a pillow.

I dug through a few things that I hope to stitch on future 25th Day stitches. On the left is Christmas Fruit Basket from Threadwork Primitives. I saw this last Christmas on several floss tube channels and I just loved it.  I finally caved and bought the pattern.  So pretty.

On the right is a freebie from Nebby Needle.  You can find it HERE.  That one would be fun quilt stitch that I’d make into a pillow for the dough bowl.

Here is my A Changed World by The Scarlett House.  This is where I was last week…

I am stitching this on 40 count Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linen.  I have a thread conversion from Country Sampler.

I worked mainly on this.  I was bound and determined to get the row of houses done this week…and I did.

I got the blue house and tree finished.

Then I went on and did the black border row under the houses.

I need to finish the the row of trees above the houses…

And then I need to do the section below the houses.  I’m getting close though.

I’d really like to get this finished by the end of March.  I might be able to push and do that…who knows. I keep getting carried off and working on something else, like the Comfort and Joy piece I finished.

I did order a frame for this from Custom Frame Solutions.  I just got a notificiation that the frame shipped.  So…I better get stitching.

This is my All Creatures Great and Small.  This is where I was last week…I had a blog reader tell me that my “tree” in the center looks like a vacuum cleaner.  HA.  It kind of does!!

I was feeling so sad with myself that I didn’t get and stitches into my All Creatures Great and Small.  SO SAD.  So on Thursday I had my grandkids, Gannon, Georgia and Emmett here.  It was nap time.  Georgie is just getting to the point I can get her to sleep on the couch if I sit by her.  So I thought I would put 15 minutes of stitching into this while I sat by her and she fell asleep.

I pulled it out and darn.  I couldn’t find my needle.  What did I do with it.  UGH.  I was so frustrated.  I looked everywhere trying to make sure I didn’t drop it and would have a kids stepping on it later.  I did what I could to look but not get up. I didn’t want to get up and disturb Georgie.  UGH.  I looked at Georgie and decided yep, she wasn’t looking sleepy so I got up and looked more for the needle.  NO NEEDLE.  I decided to go into the dining room into my spool cabinet and get a new needle.

I sat back down.  I put the hoop on my piece, threaded the new needle, flipped my work over to get the new thread secured and look.  There on the underside of my work was my original needle.  AHHH>>>

I was so glad I found it but wished I hadn’t wasted time looking for the needle.  Last week when I was taking pictures for the blog, I pulled the needle to the back, took the pictures and forgot about it.

I ended up stitching a branch and a half and Georgie was sleeping.

So, no real progress happened on this…

Kayla has plans to come this weekend so I’m guessing that means I’ll be stitching on Consider the Lillies.  It supposed to be Blackbird weekend where we stitch pieces from Blackbird Designs…such troubles I have.  So many things that I want to be stitching on…and speaking of which, Judy at Patchwork Times just started a piece that I have kitted and have made a couple stitches on that I want to pick up and stitch again.  AHH…there are so so many things to stitch and not nearly enough time.

24 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Suzanne Yerks

    Well I didn’t comment here on the blog or email as I know you said these do get bogged down as you get so many messages, but I did on Instagram as I could post a photo to you. I had stitched it all wrong. No worries as I had asked another stitcher and yes I had not done it right. I ripped it out. Started again and got as far as you did here on the leaf. I am not liking how it looks and may pull it again. It’s been a bad two weeks of mystery illness here. My own work is sitting up in my work room as more quilt tops arrive awaiting me on hangers. I will keep watching to see how your progress goes and to see any comments from the others but mine might sit and wait. Not feeling great about anything at the moment

    1. Probably a silly question. How do you mark off your stitches on your paper pattern? Is there a program out there for a lap top or do you mark off with a pencil like I do?

      1. Roxie, I don’t do that unless it’s a really intense stitch or one with lots of motifs. Judy at Patchwork Times uses a program on her tablet. I’m not sure what it is…Pattern Keeper maybe. I suggest asking this same question to Judy.

    2. I found your message Suzanne. The stitch should typically go in the hole of the previously made stitch. Hang it there. You’ll get it!

  2. You made lots of progress. I am having fun stitching on the Blessed. I don’t think I count accurately, but I don’t think if my shape of a pumpkin is the same as the pattern it will matter. I have the first pumpkin outlined and the letter done, plus the vines at the top. Thanks for inspiring me.

    1. Hi Kate…All of your stitching will improve as you go along. Things I stitched when I first started are not nearly as nice as what I stitch now.

  3. Yeah, about needles…..I still haven’t found one that went missing in the vicinity of my sofa. I searched and searched. Then I ordered a needle minder. Side note: the Hobby Lobby brand needles are junk. After stitching with one for a while I saw that it was bending. Bending! From normal crosstitching! Ridiculous. I just acquired a stash of vintage needles, all different sizes of sewing needles and some larger tapestry needles. They were made in Japan and Germany and feel so nice in hand! Yes, I will use them! Blessings!

    1. I agree about the Hobby Lobby needles! I also dislike DMC needles – I find them so hard to thread and they seem to chew up the floss. I’ve been using Piecemaker needles for a while now after Carol (Saltbox Stitcher on You Tube) recommended them. What a difference a good needle can make!

  4. Your stitching is so beautiful. Love the patterns. I have so many quilts in the works that I am scared to learn cross stitching but it is so tempting. Just do not really know where to begin. So might be joining your stitch-a-long. I sure enjoy your blog and updates on your health, family, quilts, books, tv shows and stitching. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with me.

  5. You said “I have a thread conversion from Country Sampler”. What is a “thread conversion”?
    Do you iron the linen before you start a project to get the fold lines out?
    I decided to join kind of last minute and just ordered my kit last weekend, so still waiting for it to arrive. Any day now! Got the 40 count linen and Weeks floss.

    1. Wendy Krajnovich

      I do professional finishing. Removing fold lines and wrinkles from linen is not easy. I use spray wrinkle releaser I buy at the grocery store , like Downy about 5 dollars a bottle (not fabric softener). I spray the fabric and let it sit for a few minutes to get into the fibers and then press with a steam iron. Works great.

    2. Hi Sally. A thread conversion means that the shop came up with their own version of floss colors. Often they are similar only maybe the color has more variegation. For example the black was changed to Raven which is a VERY dark green.

  6. I love your Comfort and Joy piece. I have the pattern but haven’t started it yet. I love your thread choices. Would you be willing to share make and color? I just finished Seeking Refuge and I love it. It was my first 40 count piece. I am now hooked on the higher count linen. I saw your piece and just loved it! Thank you Jo.

    1. Hi Ginger. I used Belle Soie Cranberry for the red and Collard Greens for the green. These are silks and it was my first time using silk. I loved it!

      1. Thank you Jo. I haven’t used silk yet either and this would be a great piece to try them out on as it only calls for 2 colors. Love your gifted Bonnie Hunter Rhododendron Trial. I have squares all made but the narrow sashing was holding me up with the on point layout. I’m thinking I will go with the setting your friend used. We’ll see. I admire how productive you are Jo, in everything…quilting, cross stitch ,cooking, gardening, finishing and refinishing things around the house. Thank you for inspiring so many!

  7. I usually panic when I can’t find my needle! As a young girl, I would stitch and stick the needle in the arm of the sofa as a temporary resting place. One day I jumped on the sofa on my knees and ouch!…something went in my knee! I ended up going for an xray, then surgery to remove half of a sewing needle from my knee. The final part of the story is that they couldn’t remove the needle as it was lodged in the muscle and about 60 years later, it remains there surrounded by scar tissue. It’s an interesting story when someone notices the scar on my knee! I tell everyone that is the reason that I love to sew!! LOL.

  8. I am enjoying stitching on 28 count evenweave Belfast linen for my first time. it is tricky to go over 2 threads at times because they are hard to see but I am getting better! You were so right about once you have stitches in it does get easier. I usually stitch on Aida so this has been a new experience. The big change as well is using variegated floss. I am using a combination of DMC color variations and weeks dye works. I am not used to crossing each stitch as I go so it is tedious for me so far. I like doing all the half crosses first and then going back and making the full cross. But the tediousness is worth it! I love the look so far on both the leaf and the pumpkin. I have gotten about a third of the way down the pumpkin now and it is coming out nicely. I think I take stitches out a lot because I miss the hole sometimes and it looks funny but overall I am pleased! Thanks so much for hosting this and challenging me to try something new. K-

  9. HI Jo, I haven’t started my Blessings yet. I dug out my old cross stitch from the 1990’s when you first mentioned the stitch along. So have been getting used to stitching again and finding all my supplies. I forgot I had bought a magnifying glass that hangs around your neck. It will be a big help working on the linen, something I have never used before. I am nervous to start, but will try this weekend. Love all the pieces that you have done and are working on. Both of my sisters in law are avid cross stitchers, so they are encouraging me!!

  10. I have started my Blessings. I am using Zweigart 36 ct linen. I am not real impressed with the linen as there are teeny tiny rows of thread next to very large (in comparison) rows. I hope I will get used to it.
    Judy made a comment in her video that has proven to be very helpful to me and I will share it here in case it might help anyone else. She talked about stitching in the hole with the verticle thread. Jean Farish has a really good youtube video called stitching over two that explains this concept and she has excellent diagrams. This has helped me keep things lined up much better. I highly recommend it.
    I still have trouble seeing where my stitches go, so I am going pretty slow. I would hope this improves too. I use the glasses with the magnified bifocal lens and a magnifying light. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see at all.

  11. First time reading this. Very encouraging. I am working on ‘ Quaker Blue Crab’. I do my crossstitch on the living room and crochet in the bedroom.

  12. Rose Mary Schmidt

    What is the name of the floral design sampler? Who is it by?? I would love to order it some how, if possible. Thank you.

    1. The Floral Motif Sampler is done by The Scarlett House. I used all of the called for colors EXCEPT the white. I changed that to Chablis. The white didn’t show on my fabric.

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