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It’s another cross-stitch update.  I told you on Monday that I didn’t get any sewing time last week.  Happily, I did get some stitching time.  I missed out on one night of stitching as I have Buck’s and the kids here on Saturday night.

I did have a little talk with myself concerning my All Creatures Great and Small project.

This is where I was last week.

This is the chart…

You might remember that this was the project I started on January 1st with the intention that I would stitch this entire chart in the 2022 calendar year.  Well…I looked at where I was, then looked at the chart and thought, “OH MY!  I better get stitching”.

When I originally looked at the chart I thought that I would break it down into four units.  You can see there are four rows to the chart.  If I stitched one row each quarter of the year (plus some border) I would have it finished by the end of the year.  Well, it’s the end of February.  The end of March marks the end of the 1st quarter of the year….Um. uh-oh.  I am NOWHERE near close to having the first row finished.

I am thinking the third row might not be too hard as much of it is words.  That is the quarter I will kick it in high gear to get the border as far along as I can.

I had Carver and Gannon here one day and we were all feeling a little lazy.  I ended up sitting on the couch and cross-stitching.  Carver wanted to help.  He loves when I get the needle in place and he pulls it.  letting him pull the needle is very slow stitching but I want to share my craft with him.  We chat more than anything.  But as long as he is interested in spending time with me and pulling my needle, I’m going to let him.  We ended up getting this far…

I finished filling in the barn.  I stitched the berry below the moon.  I stitched the bird with the berry in his mouth and I started the momma pig.  If I was guessing…this is about as far along as I should have been at the end of January in order to reach my goal.  Hmm.

That realization did prompt me to stitch on it more this week.  So this is where I am ending the week…

After Carver quit “helping” me stitch, I finished the pig and all of the motifs to the right of it.  The tree is the center point and that’s where I should have been about mid-Febrauary so if I kick it into gear, I might be almost done with the top row by the end of March.  I’m much closer than I was at the end of last week.

It still amazes me that little x’s can make pictures.  I have to finish the beehive yet too…it’s above the big bug.

I just love stitching on this.  It reminds me of the floral motif sampler where every motif is a little accomplishment.  I love those kinds of samplers.

As I was stitching I told myself to quit adding guilt to this project.  Seriously, cross-stitching is supposed to be fun.  Then I reasoned…

I did do a lot of other stitching so far this year.  I finished up
The Floral Motif Sampler
Stitched and Finished Several Small Valentines Pieces
Started Consider the Lillies
Put Lots of Night on A Changed World…

So I’m going to give myself a little grace.  My plan is to keep stitching on both All Creatures Great and Small AND stitching on A Changed World.  I want to keep up doing a few things like…

Blackbird Weekend Stitch Along with “We Live in Hope”
Christmas 25th Stitch Along (which is today-every 25th of the month we stitch on a Christmas piece)
Blessed Stitch Along starting March 1st hosted by Judy and I

There are so many pieces and so little time.  Now that I’m back to work, it will cut even more into my stitching and crafting time.  Oh, I’d love to retire.

Tonight I’ll be stitching on my Comfort and Joy from Heartstring Samplery.

Here is where I was when I ended last month.

I’ll let you know how far I get with this next week.  I am almost hoping for a finish but that might be ambitious.

Now onto A Changed World.  This one is more appropriate again after the news from this week.

Here is where I was last week when I ended with A Changed World.  I was working hard on the row of houses.  I continued that this week.

Here is where I ended the week…

…a little more done but not a lot.  I worked on the red house and grass below it.

The color in the photo above is most accurate.

If you look at the red house you might notice that the right side of the house looks silly.  Well, there is a tree that goes right there.  I stitched around it with the plan to come back and fill the tree in.

The goal for next week is to get the last house stitched.  It’s a bigger house so we’ll see.  I do have some plans.  I screwed up on a sewing project and have to go back and fix it all.  It’s not a little fix and has a deadline.  So more time at the sewing machine this weekend and less time stitching…that would be okay but the fixing of this project isn’t all fun.  I’ll tell you more about that on Monday.  Stay tuned.

ALSO one last reminder:

Our Blessed stitch along starts on Tuesday.  Are you ready???

This is what we are stitching…You are more than welcome to stitch along with us.  It will be broken down into small parts so no worries about this being hard.

I have my kit here and already.  I actually have to start a little earlier than you all do as I have to stitch so I have pictures to show you when I write the blog post.  I hope to answer many questions along the way.  PLEASE don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember Judy at Patchwork Times will be hosting along with me.  We both want to be as helpful as we can.

I talked with Liz at The Stitchery Nook who is putting our kits together.  As of Wednesday all of the kits or items related to the stitch-along were sent out. If you don’t have yours yet, it’s likely on its way.  Please be patient.

Even if you don’t have your kit the day of, you’ll easily be able to catch up with us…and any of you who have put off ordering a kit, there is still time.  HERE is the link to get a kit…or call the shop.

I’m so excited!!

23 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I’m so enjoying your cross stitch updates. Like you, I took a break from cross stitch while raising my kids and have gotten back into it (quite heavily) in the last few years. Your pieces are beautiful and your finishing truly enhances them. Keep up the great work—I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Well, I broke down and bought the kit for the stitch along. I have never tried linen before. Nervous and excited to start! Would it be possible to put a tab in your header for Cross Stitch so it’s easier to follow along. I don’t want to miss anything. Happy Stitching!

  3. Oh! Good thing I had the reminder to stitch something Christmas today. I would have forgotten. Using that strategy I’m hoping to finish a gift for my DIL. My 4 yr grandson also likes to pull my needle. It’s time consuming but so sweet, and I bet it’s helping them develop fine motor skills, or concentration skills, or visual acuity, something lol. Blessings

  4. Your stitching is so lovely! Give yourself permission to do whichever project speaks to you at the moment. It will all get done good time!

  5. Ha ha. I was looking closely (and appreciating) the images of your All Creatures piece. I thought you ended with a vacuum cleaner! Check it out. I read it’s going to be a tree when finished. If you ever need a vacuum design you’ll be able to use this pattern. Have fun stitching.

  6. I do enjoy your cross-stitching updates – they are beautiful! You’ve inspired me to take up the art again – I finally got one of my in-progress projects out (from YEARS ago!) and worked on it for a while. I also started a small project for this spring and guess what? There is one color of thread needed that I don’t already have – there is always at least one!! LOL! It’s on my list for my next trip to town, but I can stitch around that part of the chart in the meantime. It does feel good to see the project come to life in my hands…

  7. Love, love, LOVE that you are letting Carver pull the needle when he wants to help with your stitching! I once had a young niece help with a hand quilting project. She might not remember it now, but I do. You just never know what opportunity will help shape the trajectory of someone’s life… Spread the crafty love!

  8. My 5 yo grandson likes to help me stitch also. He wants to stitch on his own so I need to find a larger needle and aida for him. He isn’t ready to follow a pattern but wants to go solo. No teacher like experience. My nephew was the same way. He did several “pieces” of stitching from here to there on his own. I gave them to him years later and he just grinned and nodded at the good memories. His wife told me that he always has to put up the stitched ornaments from me on their tree. I started a bunch of projects to take with me on a trip but found 2 of them really grabbed me so am stitching them. Funny, neither was the one I thought I would spend more time on. I’m over the halfway mark on one and have the urge to “get ‘er done” so will probably concentrate on it. This is the most WHIPs I’ve ever had and I’m not crazy over the idea. I will probably stitch one and work on another when I need a change. I want to get a very large, long term project set up on my floor stand and start a “Sunday Stitch”. That has worked well for me in the past. And if I get a whim, I’ll go for it. Happy stitching.

  9. Gayle in Tennessee

    Hi Jo. I am so excited to start the SAL! This is my first time stitching on linen. I chose a 28 ct. I know to stitch over two and I assume I will use 2 strands. I am used to stitching on Aida, so is there anything special I need to know to start stitching on linen?

  10. I’m so excited to start Tuesday! I got my kit yesterday, so I’m ready. I ordered mine from the shop you gave info on last time. Your stitching is just beautiful! I love the projects you have chosen, they are along the same things I like. Hugs,

  11. Hi, Jo
    You’ve inspired me to start cross stitching again.i pick a sampler, 28 evenweave.
    Do you wear magnifying glasses? Any recommendations .?
    I have a good light..
    If (when) i finish the sampler i have, i want to do the All creatures.

    1. I ordered glasses from Zenni. I have distance in the top and 3.5 readers in a lined bi-focal. I also have 4.0 readers I bought from Amazon. I use them for one over one stitching on 40 count.

  12. Hi Jo! Received my Blessed kit yesterday. It’s been many years since I’ve crossstitched. Looking forward to trying out stitching on linen!

  13. Hi there! Just came across your site, these are gorgeous!
    Question for you: I’ve cross stitched for years, and was always taught to start in the middle. That way, you will always have enough fabric. Is this not current anymore?

    1. I’ll be addressing this in a blog post later but the short answer is…If you do the math and already know you will have enough fabric, you can start anywhere you want. It’s as easy as learning to do the math.

  14. Hi Jo,
    I’ve been following your posts for a while. You are a remarkable woman!!! Life has dealt you a difficult path but you walk it with Grace and dignity. Your stitching is beautiful as is your quilting. I don’t know where you find the time to do everything. I marvel at your ability to multitask and get it all done. I wish I had 1/10 of your abilities and of your stick-to-it-ness. Blessings upon you and your family.

  15. I absolutely LOVE that you let Carver help you with your stitching…lots of patience but oh the memories he will have! We are all about making memories with out grands…moved from CO to FL to live by them (live one house away and it’s perfect!)….we so want the kids to know how much we love them! Way to go Grandma!

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