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First off, if you haven’t heard, Judy from Patchwork Times and I are hosting a stitch along.  We’ll be stitching this chart starting March 1st.  The one we’re stitching is the one that says, “Blessed” in the bottom left corner.  All three patterns come in the chart so you can stitch them all.

We’d love to have you join us.  You can read the details HERE.  We plan to make this beginner-friendly so everyone is welcome.

I did a ton of stitching this week.  I felt so crappy that sitting on the couch was the thing I was able to do so sit and stitch was what I did a lot of…that and blog stuff.  Not much sewing has happened.  So here is where I was last week on my Floral Motif Sampler.

I decided to take the plunge and see if the border was going to match up.  For a cross stitcher, this is always a moment of truth.  I got this far and… it looked promising.

I was so thrilled it matched.  Oh, happy day!!

Kayla had Monday off from school so she came and spent it with me.  I can be around adults normally now…just not kids yet.  Can you believe who also caught a cross-stitch bug??  KAYLA.

She designed some cute little flowers and other pieces that are about 1″ in size.  So cute.

While she stitched, I stitched.

You can see I made some progress…but I made even more progress.

I just love this piece.  I am stitching it on 40 count Picture this Plus Vellum.  Every time I am stitching something, I think, “This is my favorite”.  I am definitely thinking that with this piece.  It’s so pretty and so satisfying to stitch a flower.  It’s a small accomplishment every time I stitch!!  So fun.  I love the linen and the colors.  They are perfect together.

Here is where I ended this week.

Most of the stitching I did was in the lower left and up the left side.

I have four smaller flowers to finish and three large ones.  The large ones typically take longer than one night.  The one in the upper left will for sure take longer than one night.

I have one of the large flowers started and one of the small flowers started.

The flower in the yellow urn is my favorite that I stitched this week.  The upper picture is more of the true color of the piece.

I am down to seven flowers left.  I made a copy of the chart and have been crossing them off as I go.  I need to make my initials yet too.  I am hoping to have this finished by February 1st.  If I keep stitching as I have been, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m so happy I had Liz from The Stitchery Nook order a frame for this already.  It’s great to know I can hand it off soon and get it back relatively quickly.  I can’t wait to have it on the wall!!

I’ve joined in the cross stitchers who are keeping track of their stitching with A Needlework Enthusiast’s Book of Days.

Here are my January recordings.

I make small notes and add stickers appropriate to what’s going on and what I’m stitching.  I have tons of flowers for this month because I’m stitching the Floral Motif Sampler which is all flowers.

I bought this big sticker book from Amazon.  You can find it HERE.

It has some funky stickers in it…I love the alphabets.

I did what some others have suggested.  I found an “A” I liked and put that sticker over the plain “A” in August to dress it up.

Much better.

You might notice a cat slipped into the calendar.  Do you see the words “All Creatures” written around it?

That means I slipped in some time to stitch on All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana.  I am stitching this on the called for linen, Vintage Country Mocha… 40 count.  I’ve started watching All Creatures Great and Small on PBS so I decided each week when I watch, I’ll stitch on this.

This project is my New Year, New Start meaning I plan to finish this over the next calendar year.  I need to get stitching if that is going to happen.  I want to focus on my other pieces now but a few days of stitching here and there will help move this along.

I am using the called for Anchor thread so far and really love them.

They aren’t as glossy as DMC and other flosses.  It’s fun trying something different.  The colors are GREAT!!  I can’t wait to get lost in this project.

I am just having the best time cross-stitching.  I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me.  The supplies for a project might cost $50.  I’m betting that’s about what it will cost for the supplies for All Creatures Great and Small, but it will likely take me 3-4 months to stitch the entire piece and that’s stitching about 6 nights a week.  All in all, that is really cheap entertainment…and I have a beautiful piece once it’s all finished.

Yep, the cross-stitch bug has hit me HARD!  Stop back next week and see how far I get on my Floral Motif Sampler….oh, I’m getting so close to a finish.  I’m excited!!

One last reminder.
We’d love to have you join us for the stitch along.  You can read the details HERE.

20 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Wow Jo, that sticker book looks amazing and so much fun. I loved to stitch years ago and might just try it again. It will all depend on my hands (arthritis you know). Even have some started that I could finish.
    Thanks for making me think about it. Your blog is my morning place to read.

  2. Your sampler is just so gorgeous! And as a quilter who is now a newbie cross stitcher I really appreciate your tip on making an X as you finish a motif! Can’t wait to see your finish and how All Creatures comes along. Wishing that you continue to feel better as the days go by. Happy Stitching!

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Of all the PBS programs I think All Creatures Grat and Small is one of the best. Your stitching the floral piece so quickly. It is so lovely. One of those pictures you look at and see something different each time. Congratulations on your accomplishing so much. And infecting us with the cross stitching bug.☺free

  3. Again, WOW! You are getting so close to the finish of your floral stitching. It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us. You put the cross stitch bug back in my heart and I bought glasses like you suggested and my how much they help! I can actually see but I still stitch on Aida, just not ready to try linen.

  4. Good Morning, Jo!, Oh my how fun Kayla has caught the cross stitch bug! Wow just look at her designing already, how adventurous and creative she is. You’ve made great progress on your Floral Sampler. The more I see of it the more I want to stitch if. I’m waiting to purchase the pattern and materials until I see how I get on with stitching on linen, though. I learned long ago just because I love a piece does not necessarily mean it is for me to actually make. Anyways back to your cross stitching here….my two favorite flowers are the fifth flowers in the pot from the bottom right corner and the flower in the fancy pot second row just below the flower with the bird sitting on it. Such progress you’ve made on it all, you’ll have no problem finishing it by Feb. 1. I am so glad I was alerted to your blog, I enjoying each post, Jo! Google was not wrong for once.

  5. That is a beautiful set of flowers you are stitching, Jo! hmm, today’s post talks about the motifs on the LEFT hand side of the stitching, but the photo shows the left hand side motifs are already stitched. It must be the RIGHT hand side motifs with the empty spaces that you are talking about stitching…I think. No matter how you look at it, it is Beautiful!

    1. I was confused about that too. It sure looked right side to me. Also, I hope you are marking X on a copy of the original, you might want to use that pattern again. I used to take motifs off one pattern to make my own design.

  6. Your flower piece is coming along nicely. You KNEW that you would need something calm to work on through your cancer treatment and it is going to be DIVINE!

    Yea for enabling Kayla to catch the bug :-)

    Take good care and big hugs to you this beautiful Friday we’ve been gifted.

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    I can just imagine seeing that floral piece hanging on your wall already. Clever of you thinking about ordering that frame early! We’re all behind you on that Feb 1st finish.

  8. Sharon Kenshalo

    I’m trying to order cross stitch pattern but having hard time doing it on line. Wondering if they shop has a phone number. Wanting to purchase the crossstitch pattern Blessed . Haven’t been successful getting ordered. Able to order floss if you could help me out, I’d appreciate. Might be not searching right area to get pattern. Thanks.

  9. I love to cross stitch and am working on a linen peace right now. What is the name of the shop in Iowa again? Where is it located. I used to live near Riceville IA . Phone# number again please.

  10. I love to cross stitch and am working on a linen peace right now. What is the name of the shop in Iowa again? Where is it located. I used to live near Riceville IA . Phone# number again please.

    This is the very first comment I’ve made. Hope it goes though this time.

  11. Love the flower pattern
    …I use to do a lot of cross stitch for my children and grandchildren.
    Start doing crochet blankets for them and now seen these patterns I have to go back to crosstich
    Thank you

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