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I’ve been working on my Floral Motif Sampler faithfully and getting a flower done each day.  I’m enjoying this and am so glad that I thought to take on this project as a making of my journey tackling my cancer.

There are more than 50 motifs…I think closer to 67 plus the border so what I’m often doing is picking two small flowers and stitching two on one night or I’m stitching on flower and then starting a big flower.  I’m doing a little more than one a day but if I only stitch one, that’s okay too.  I’ve been giving myself some grace to do what feels good for the day.

I am getting close to a page finish so I’ve made copies of the chart and started taping them together.

This particular chart has four or so spaces that are “grayed” on the adjoining page.  Some designers do that to help stitchers move from page to page.  I love it when designers do.  It’s so much easier for me.  I cut the copy at the edge of the design withou the gray squares…

Then I… overlap and tape in place…

Now I can see more easily where to start that little flower along the left border.

After I’m done I fold it to the section I want to stitch and slide it into a bag.  I have bought THESE 9 x 12 reclosable bags on Amazon.  I put my working chart in these to help it from getting all wrinkled going in and out of the bag.

I also make a copy of the key that tells the color for each of the symbols.  I slide that in behind my copied chart.  All I have to do is flip the bag around to see the color I need.

I keep my project in a 10 x 14 zippered mesh pouch.   I’ve not made myself project bags.  I keep telling myself I should make myself some but…I’d rather be stitching or quilting.  So these work.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  These are also available in colored bags.  They are less than $1 each.  I find myself using these for other things too.  
So onto my progress on my Floral Motif Sampler…

You might remember that I was having trouble trying to figure out what to do with the white that wouldn’t show up on my linen.

I ended up treating each area differently.

For the basket that was supposed to have white in it…I ended up using Gentle Arts Woodsmoke.

For the big white flower, I ended up using Weeks Dye Works Chablis.  I will be using this in other sections too.  No matter what white or off-white I picked, I didn’t like it so this is a super pale pink.  I think it’s a good choice.

In the newly stitched little flower, I used Sanguine by Weeks Dye Works.

Here is a little peek at how I’m doing.

Here it all is out and ironed.  I really did about the minimum I could do on this over the week.

The color in the above picture is the actual color.  Getting linen colors, when taking pictures, is a HARD challenge.

I had family here with my birthday for two different days and I was trying to catch up on things being I’ve had so much company.  It’s all good…besides, I’m pushing for a finish on my other piece.

I’ve been stitching on my Heaven and Nature Sampler in between the Floral Motif Sampler.  I was so happy that I finished the row of flowers under the house…(Yes, Rosie always sleeps here when I stitch)

I took my hoop off and darn.  Do you see what I see??

I don’t have all the green leaves stitched.  In the photo below you can see my finger pointing out one of the areas that needed leaves.

In this next picture, you can see more places that need leaves.  Ah.  I thought I was done.

About a half-hour more and I really was done with the stitching.

Then I went on and started the Christmas tree.   I got a little done one night…

and finished it the next night.

I don’t have a lot left…see??

I am so tempted to just take a day off and stitch as much as I can to see if I could finish it.  I’m honestly hoping for a finish by next week.  I know that’s a little ambitious with Christmas getting closer and things being busy…I don’t have my Christmas Cards out yet.

I just have this corner to finish…I’d so love to get it done.

Once Heaven and Nature is done, I’m pulling out A Changed World.  I’m super excited to work on that too.

I’m happily stitching along.  I still haven’t decided for sure what I’ll stitch on for my New Year New Start.  Thanks for all of the opinions.

I was watching a Lori Holt youtube and she suggested doing a Christmas start and then stitching it the 25th of each month.  I am considering that.  That sounds like a great idea.  So…what to stitch.  UGH.  There’s always decisions to make!!

Stop by next week and see is I get this sampler finished.

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Looking great. I love your choices of linen or be it threads, you definitely have an eye for colour. I admire your work as it inspires me and others to pick up their needles and enjoy time out of the daily stresses. Good for the soul. I am always amazed at the amount of starts you do and the speed of your progress. Years ago I was a one at a time girl, now It feels naughty to begin so many, but great at the same time. Oh dear look what you have done. Many, many thanks xx

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I love the Heaven and Nature Sings unless something totally unexpected happens youyou’have it done in plenty of time.
    The Challis pink is perfect without being over powering. It’s a beautiful piece of work.

  3. All your stitching is so pretty. The more I see the Heaven and Nature sampler the more I want to stitch it myself. It may have to go on my list of charts to get.

      1. Here is the link for the Floral Motif Sampler.
        Here is the link for the Heaven and Nature piece.

        1. Beautiful samplers, Jo. I love that you’re stitching on linen, I’m hoping to learn how to stitch on linen next year. I have a couple guides with tips and tricks, one of which is start with a small project. That makes good sense to me actually. I tend to jump off the deep end on projects so I think a bite sized project is a grand idea. I do have one small kit, an Irish Blessing, that fits the bill. If you have any tips for me or others just venturing into stitching on evenweave fabrics that would be great!

  4. I love the Christmas trees in the sampler. Rosie looks so peaceful!
    Happy Sewing! I hope your treatment is going well.

  5. Your Heaven and Nature is beautiful, Jo. And Rosie looks so cozy all snuggled up there while you’re stitching. Just precious!

  6. I agree with others about Heaven and Nature Sing. I like so many designs in it, the border you just finished (❤️), the colors, the words. Everything! I think I should do it too! Love your flower project a lot too—the pink is perfect!

  7. The color changes look great? Like them and the start looks beautiful! Awe.. Rosie looks so comfy ¡ bet she gets a little heavy there tho, No power till hr ago, but then no water. Hope fixed soon!

  8. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Love your stitches . Love your puppy. Heck, I even love your tape dispenser. I’m married to the guy who designed it during his 40 years at 3M!

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