Cross Stitch Update

I didn’t get much stitching done this week.  If you’ve been reading the blog you know that I’ve had family here a lot.  More about that in tomorrow’s post.

If you missed them, I did take time and completely finished two things I previously stitched.  There was this little pillow…
Read more about it HERE.

I also finished this Lizzie Kate project.  I mounted it onto a basket from Goodwill.  Read about it HERE  if you missed it.

I have a goal to keep finishing projects that are stitched but not completely finished.

I started on my Floral Motif Sampler.  If you remember, this is the one I am stitching to mark my cancer journey.  I’m trying to stitch one flower every day.  Kalissa was worried that I was making too big of a commitment but I assured her that I didn’t think I was.  So far, I’m ahead.  As of writing this, I should have three flowers finished for sure.

I did run into some trouble.  See the flower in the upper corner?  The basket is supposed to be the dark brown with the white you see in the picture below.  Well, the white didn’t really show up so I grabbed another color.

At the time… I hadn’t started stitching the flowers.  I only had the brown and green stem stitched.  I thought I’d grab a tan instead not realizing that the flower was yellow/gold.  I’m not happy with the basket now.  I think I’m going to rip out the tan color in the basket.  I think it steals the impact of the pretty gold flower.

Kelli told me to keep stitching and see what I think later.

That same white is used in other places in the sampler.  The two white flowers in the basket below…

The white flower you see below too.

I know some people like “ghost” stitching.  I’m not a fan.  I’m trying to figure out what I’ll do in those flowers.  Hmm.  Any suggestions?  The white just doesn’t show up on my linen.

I did change my linen.  I did have the called for Prairie Grass by Seraphim but I put a few stitches in it and the linen is a little see-through compared to what I like.  I’m used to stitching on Picture this Plus linen and Vintage Country Mocha.  Both are very forgiving and not see-through.   I ended up switching my linen to Picture this Plus Vellum.  I love it!  Just don’t love that I can’t see the white thread.

I ended up with another issue.  See the red flower with the black edge around it?  See the stem is green?  The color on the left is Apple Cider.  It’s the color called for on the stem.  I ended up picking a green with touches of gold instead.  It’s called Loden.  I ended up liking it.

These are all common issues when stitching and they are easily fixed.  It’s not a big set back and I’m still thrilled to be stitching this.  I am going to try to get a little more border stitching done.  Having that done really helps me double-check the placement of the flowers.  Plus I always sigh a HUGE sigh of relief once the border is around and finished.

Thankfully this has been an easy border to memorize and stitch.  I’m hoping to take a day this weekend and give myself a little extra stitching time to do some more work on it.

I’m not far but I sure am loving this!!

I know several of you are stitching along with me.  Feel free to send me pictures of your progress and I’ll share them here.  I’d love to see how you’re doing.

Now…to my Heaven and Nature project by Teresa Kogut.  I am loving this too.  I did not get that long row of flowers under the house finished.  I have two more done…two more left to go.

There are a few do-dad greenery pieces I need to stitch on the previous flowers but I’m getting closer and I’m thankful for that.

I have one corner left.  Slow and steady wins the race they say…

I need to stitch everything in the picture below into that empty space…just in reverse.  I really think if I have about 10 days, I could get this finished.  Hmm.  Do I dare make Christmas Day my goal to have this finished??  For sure I’d like to have it done by the end of the month.

That would be so great going into the new year and having this one finished.

I think my favorite part of this sample is that raccoon and the flower next to it.  So cute.

I had a blog reader ask me where they could find this sampler.  I’m sure there are many places.  At this point, I would probably go to the designer,  Teresa Kogut’s, Etsy site.  You can find that HERE.

If I look at the calendar right now and make a prediction on if I’ll get stitching time this next week, I’d say it looks pretty promising.  But, you’ve all read my blog and know my family.  It’s all a crapshoot.  No prediction from me on what I’ll accomplish.

I am going to make a goal of finishing that row of flowers and starting on the Christmas tree.

22 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Beautiful pieces of stitchery. I love the Sampler you’re making! I couldn’t even think to stitch on 40 count linen. Smallest I go is 18 count and then I use my magnifying light during the day time. I stitch something larger in the evenings. I’m really enjoying your blog. Your family sounds like mine before our son and his family moved out of State. I miss those impromptu interruptions of picking one or more Grands up and watching them. Happy Holidays to you. I’m cheering you on from the sidelines here on you finishing the piece by Christmas!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I’m enjoying your progress on Let Heaven and Nature Sing. The raccoon is cute.
    As to the flowers that are supposed to be white, I didn’t see any blues in your paper copy. How about some pretty blues what ever you like. Or blues and purples. Or any other flower color except white. I totally agree with you there. The only way white would work is if you shadowed it with another color.

  3. Love your work Jo, so pretty. I am a oldie starting again after 30 years!! I love the fact you change colours to suit your taste, I feel I have permission to do it as well. I am starting a Stacy Nash Primitive on what they say is best ONASBURG! When the fabric arrives I will need to dye it but unsure what is best, coffee or tea? Any ideas anyone? would be greatly appreciated.
    Stay warm and safe , know there are many of us wishing you well on your chemo journey. God Bless xx

    1. Christina – when we wanted fabric to look like it was “tea colored,”. We used Rit dye # 16. Might try that.
      Of course that’s been quite some time ago. . . Is there still Rit Dye available??
      Peggy S

  4. I love Heaven and Nature Sing. Of all the samplers you’ve done so far, this is my favorite. If I still lived in a house or an apartment, I’d make it and have a sampler wall.
    Love and prayers

  5. I went to her Etsy site. See that one in the upper left hand corner titled Newcastle Bouquet? What a beauty that is but I couldn’t work on 40 count linen either. Your sampler is absolutely gorgeous. Almost done!!! I haven’t done cross stitch in years either. Makes me want to start again.
    I am so impressed with you and your cancer journey. Just know we are all praying for you and wishing every good thing for you. Keep us informed. You are on many, many prayer lists.

    1. Judy…I have stitched Newcastle Bouquet. It was a joy to stitch. I think you can stitch on 40 count if you have a want…maybe start on 36 count??

  6. I applaud you! I have Lori Holt’s sampler with the big house but it is stitched on a very loose linen and I don’t like it. I’ve let it languish. And when I make a mistake, I dont rip it out, I just figure out a way to make it work. I redesigned the fence. Would have been easier to rip it out. I should get it out and finish it.

  7. The sampler is coming along beautifully. I agree with you about the white flowers; it is too much work to put in and not have them show up against the background. I would change them to the pinkish color of the other flowers in the basket. So that first basket would have all the same color flowers instead of pink and white.

  8. I love your Floral Motif Sampler and I agree with changing the white flowers to something that shows up better on your linen. It’s your piece so do what pleases you! This is going to be lovely ! I hope you are able to finish your Heaven and Nature piece by the end of the year but if not it will patiently wait.

  9. Beautiful work! I like the basket as you have it, but you are the one who needs to look at it and like it. I also think you accomplished quite a bit of stitching. Again, you are smart to put family first and enjoy every little moment you can with them.

    1. There are many online shops if you don’t have a cross stitch shop in your area. 123 Stitch is a popular online shop so are Colorado Stitcher, Fat Quarter Shop and Fire Poppies. There are so many!!

  10. Your samplers are so pretty and I think working on the 40 ct just tops it off. Before you go further on the border on the flower one you may want to check the upper right hand corner. Your count is right but there is a “nine patch” that is set up one square. Not a hard fix. I also enjoy how you switch colors. Some people really struggle with this.
    Would also enjoy a sewalong on the quilt in American Patchwork and Quilting in the new year.
    Happy stitching.

  11. You should go with what you like but I like yours better than the original. It looks more like a reed basket. Such beautiful work. I’m thinking about embroidery but not too much!

  12. I think a light pinkish and/or bluish color could be substituted for the white, in your flower sampler. You are creating some beauties Jo.

  13. Could you backstitch around the white flower? Lots of real flowers have a different coloured edge. Anyway, looks great so far!

  14. Barbara Firesheets

    Love your beautiful cross stitch pieces! On the floral motif sampler could you stitch the white flowers with a purple or light blue that would go with your other colors? Just a thought.

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