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Check it out…this girl, yep me, I finished my Anniversaries of the Heart.  I’m so thrilled.  I am going to show you that last block that I finished up last night and show you a couple of other pictures but that’s all for now.  Next week I’ll take pictures of each block and do a final look at the whole thing before I send it off to the framers.

Here it is all finished!!  Ah…what a huge sigh of relief.  I finished it!!

Here is a close up of the stitching on the last block.

After I stitched the letters, I had an open spot to the lower left of the works.   I had already decided if there was enough room I was going to stitch a flying bird there.

Can you see the anchor with the vine twined in it?  I’ve always said that Kramer, my husband, along with my family, have always been an anchor for me but that they have also given me wings to pursue and do what I want.  I thought it so appropriate that with the anchor there…I also include a flying bird.

I went to my Ultimate Sampler Motif Source Book by Brenda Keyes and found a flying bird that would fit there.  I think it’s perfect.


Previously when Karl was looking at it, he pointed out that the heart in my block #2 was supposed to have some fill-in on the heart.

I hadn’t done that yet so I filled that in.

Before I called it completely finished, I went back and outlined the dog on Kayla’s block.  The color of the dog was too light and didn’t show up.

The outlining was a great idea.

I’m calling it finished!!  I had wanted to send it to Total Framing who did my other big pieces.  But…I don’t think I’m going to.  They have done an amazing job but I just don’t want to wait that long.  I sent a piece to them back in June and I still don’t have it back.  That’s just too long.  So…on Saturday I think I’m going to take it to the Stitchery Nook in Osage.  That’s my local (one-hour drive) cross stitch shop.

I read that they are about six weeks out on finishing.  That’s more reasonable.  I want someone who knows stitching to do it…and not Hobby Lobby or Micheals.  I put too much work into it to risk it there.

I will do a complete overview of the piece next week.  I’ve had so many questions about it. If you have questions about it ask in the comment section.  I’ll answer all of the questions in that upcoming post.

Now to what else I was doing.  You might remember… that I have started having a naptime cross stitch project.  I often have to sit with Gannon or another little boy to get them to fall asleep at nap time.  I sit and stitch.  It’s enough of a presence that they lie still and fall asleep.

This is the piece I started.  It’s small and easy.  It says, “very little is needed to make a happy life”.

The chart is from Notforgotten Farm.  I bought mine via PFD download.  I plan to stitch it but not the top vine…just the basket and the words.  This will be something for my dough bowl.  It’s a tiny little start.

I’m stitching this on a piece of leftover linen.  I started making a “K” on it but the k is too small.

I found these little bird picture frames at the thrift store.  My idea is to stitch a K and put it in the little frame.   The other one I bought I will be using as a gift.  I’m stitching an initial for that one too. I thought they would be cute in my decor.

Now that Anniversaries of the Heart is finished, I need a new focus piece.  As tempting as it is to start something new, I’m going to pick up a piece I previously was working on…This is Teresa Kogut’s Heaven and Nature.  It’s meant to be a Christmas piece but I will keep it up all the time.

I started this about a year ago but lost steam.  I never really put it away, I’ve worked on it on and off for quite awhile…lately since I’ve been pushing for a finish on Anniversaries of the Heart, I’ve hardly touched it.

Here is where I am at.

This is bigger for a sampler at 14 1/4″ x 18.  I loved it what the chart first came out and I have loved it since.

My hope is that I can finish this up by the new year.  I think that’s a reasonable goal.  I know I stitched the tree and the motifs to the right over one week.  That leads me to believe I can stitch these same motifs in the opposite cover over a week’s period of time.

I need to stitch the do-dads above the house, finish the house and stitch the baskets of flowers to the left.  I think this part is what I’ll start on next.

The part that will likely take the longest is the row of the flowers above the bird.  I did one of those flowers motifs and it took quite awhile.  I have to make a whole row of them across the sampler.  There are lots of color changes and counting.

I think I’ll got back and start working on A Changed World a bit too.  Maybe one day a week while I still stayed focused mainly on this.

I also plan to go back and pick up Blackbird weekend.  For that stitchers are stitching on Blackbird Design projects the first week of the month.  I’m excited to get back to that.  Participating in that is what got me to stitch All Joys for Thine.  If you missed it, I told about that finish HERE.

I remember I stitched one evening on another Blackbird Design piece but I don’t even remember which project it was…all I know is, I’m so happy to have Anniversaries of the Heart finished so I can jump back into some of these other projects.  Don’t get me wrong…I had a great time finishing it, I was just ready to be done.

Stay tuned and stop back next week to see what I accomplished on the cross stitch front.

36 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    WOW!!! Congratulations!!! You accomplished your goal for your family history piece. I remember wheen you started it the 1st of the year. Gorgeous work. Such a cool idea! A beautiful permanent record for all your children. Very Well Done.

  2. Jo
    you are a beautiful stitcher in every sense xx love all your work, very inspiring.
    Do you use a hoop or stitch in the hand?

    1. I’m totally take with the Anniversary. Where can I get the pattern, or can I purchase your book – since I’m SURE you will not do another one…LOL. I have those things hanging around too. I already have so much to stitch, I can’t understand why I want more, but this is gorgeous! Thank you and continue to do good things with your time. You are on my prayer list for good days to come.

      1. I sold my charts to another blog reader as you are right. I wasn’t going to stitch it again. They actually come as 12 different charts. Blackbird Designs did them. I checked and it looks like 123Stitch has them in stock. Here is the link.
        I’ll be answering more questions about the project this week so watch for that post.

  3. You did such a beautiful job on it – congratulations!
    You can be very proud of your work and such a beautiful piece to be handed down to generations to come!
    Love and prayers

  4. Well done ! Almost makes me want to pull out my cross stitch supplies that are stored away. I’d have to get something to magnify my work however.

  5. Congratulations! What lovely stitching! I’m so impresses! I really love your idea of a crossstitch wall and I’m some enjoying seeing it take shape!

  6. This is really a wonderful accomplishment! Beautiful piece that has so much meaning for you and your family. Loved being able to peek over your shoulder as you made decisions and let us in on the decisions you made about color, linen, thread choices and motifs. This will be a stunning addition to your home! Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations. It’s a beautiful piece and well executed by you. I love following your blog. I too have started cross stitching again and have finished some simple pieces. I have several complicated ones to work on but needed to practice on some simple ones. God bless you and your family.

  8. Your cross stitch is beautiful. I have done the smaller pieces years ago but since I’m getting older I do needlepoint still, do embroidery . Keep up the good, great work you do. Problem I had about finding someone to do the pillows I work on or other pieces I have finished is had to take it to business a 2-3 hours away from where I live. I think thought that this field of fun using your mind to do has to keep hands and fun in keeping a persons mind active and alerts to your all over health and well being.

  9. Wow! Congratulations on finishing your Anniversaries of the Heart. What an exquisite piece of work and your workmanship is beautiful. Looking forward to the post where you highlight each section. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. What a great accomplishment! Your stitching is beautiful. You are such an inspiration to what you all do and finish! Can’t wait to see it framed.

  11. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! What a treasure for your family. I’ve started doing cross stitch again but not ready for anything that big!

  12. Congratulations on the great finish! It’s beautiful and such a wonderful keepsake documenting your family. I saw it finished in a store and thought about your project and I almost bought it but I have so many other projects going so I didn’t. I’m still using 18 ct Aida cloth and haven’t branched out to linen. I will try it at some point as I did buy the Newcastle Bouquet and I want to do that in linen but not yet.

  13. Anniversary is truly a beautiful family heirloom Jo with amazing personalization/add in’s & colors! I admire your cross stitching as much as your wonderful quilting!

  14. Congratulations on finishing Anniversaries of the Heart. What an awesome piece, full of love, history, and memories. I like the story of the vine for anchor and the bird for flight. Perfect combination!

    Your stitching is gorgeous and the piece is stunning.

  15. I absolutely, positively LOVE your Anniversaries of the Heart! I actually love all of your cross stitching, but that one, with all of your personalizations, is a true heirloom. Congratulations!

  16. Jo, the samplar is beautiful but you might want to check the word “dear” in your last stitching. On my computer screen the “a” appears bigger than the “e” and the “r”. Maybe it is just my computer that makes it appear that way. Can’t wait to see it framed.

  17. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Such a treasure and you finished it pretty darned fast! Way to go! Glad you have a relatively nearby place to trust with the framing. I’ve always used Hobby Lobby and Michaels with no issues but I totally understand your hesitation to use them with such an heirloom piece.

  18. Fabulous! My daughter, with three young children, finished a large cross stitch piece this week too! Your finished piece will bring you delight now and be a marvelous heirloom someday. ( Way off in the distance future is my prayer.)

  19. This is a beautiful work of art. Congratulations!
    I have question that you my be able to help me with. I am going to stitch a baby bib that has as Aida cloth pocket. Should that be removed for stitching and sewn back on when it’s finished?

  20. I am so pleases to see you doing a family sampler!!!!! My mom did needlepoint samplers – first one was 50th anniversary for my grandparents….. then years later a 25th anniversary for she and my dad and finally almost a generation later a 10th anniversary sampler for my brother and his bride. He is the end of the Harry H Grace’s so no more samplers but they look great at my brothers house….. his kids will have to draw straws for who gets them in the next generation.

    Keep up the special work!!!

  21. Jo your work is so smooth and consistent, just beautiful. Since watching you stitch I have started again after many years of doing none. I am very rusty. I also ordered from the shop you recommended, they are very helpful.

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