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I didn’t have a lot of stitching time this week.  Never as much as I wish.

I’ve heard from many of you that you picked up cross-stitching during Covid.  I’m so happy for you all.  Many of you are like me and stitching in the ’80s and ’90s and gave it up for quilting.  However you got to stitching, I’m glad you’re sharing this hobby with me.

Last week my progress on A Changed world was only five stitches.  I did a little better this week.  These are the true colors…

So what did I get done??

I extended the side border from finger to thumb.

I worked on the left side putting in the tree trunk, working on the flower, and finishing the tree with the blue flowers.

I didn’t finish the flower as I realized I put the color placement of the flower blossom is backward.  Where I have the yellow stitch on the flower on the left is supposed to be white.  UGH.  I need to unpick in but wasn’t in the mood.  Hopefully this week during naptime I can unpick it.

Two weeks ago I told you I was confused by the color of the center tree.  Here is a little recap…

There are supposed to be x’s in between the green x’s you see but I am kind of confused.

Looking at the pattern cover.  It looked like it’s white in alternate x spot?  See picture below.

The called for color according to the chart is 934 and that is dark green.  Hmm.  I didn’t know what to do about that.  I left it for now and will come back and look at it when I’m finished and decide what to do.

Happily, another person who is stitching this chimed in and said she followed the pattern and stitched the dark green but hadn’t compared it to the cover picture.  She said she believes it is an error in the pattern.  I agree.  Several of you thought that I had stitched the wrong color in the wrong spot (totally possible…but not this time)

I think I am going to put either the white or lime green from the row below in the middle tree.  For now, I’m going to just keep stitching.

As for Anniversaries of the Heart… I sat down to stitch on it Sunday night and realized that I forgot to chart out the letters.  I don’t exactly chart the letters out but I figure out where the middle of the name is: for example  Jo Kramer.  I count out how many spaces each letter needs then count two threads between them to find what the middle of the name is.  Then I start in the middle and stitch everything to the right of the middle.  Then go back and stitch every from the middle to the left.  I don’t just count the letters as an “I” is only 3 threads wide and a “W” is 9.

Anyway, I sat down to stitch and hadn’t figured it out.  I didn’t have a pen and paper nearby so I decided rather than get up I’d simply just start stitching the next block.

I have most everything stitched for the November block.  I just need the names and the few do-dads around the names.

Here is where that block is at.  This is for Kramer’s maternal grandparents.  I stitched the initials of the children along the side of the house.  There was supposed to be a tree there.  I took the tree off.   P is Pauline, Kramer’s mom.  Then Chris, Ruth, William, Harold (a baby who died), and John.  Sadly, John is the only one still living.

A couple of days later I went and figured out the letters and spacing to stitch the over one for Kramer’s grandparents.  It will go in the box above their wedding year.

The picture above shows the true color of the whole piece.

This is the December block that I started the night I sat down and didn’t have the letters and spacing figured out.  It will be stitched for Buck and Lora and the kids.  I got this far stitching that one night.

Buck’s name will go at the top where it says “Remember Me”.  I’ll put the kids first initial around where the snowflakes are.  Then Lora’s name will go at the bottom where it says, Elizabeth Jane.  The border on this one is really easy.  I don’t anticipate this block taking a long time.  Dare I hope to finish it before the end of the month.  Fingers crossed.

I was able to work on it some more over the week.  Here is where it is at now…

Here is how it all looks together…

If I could get this block done then that means I only have the last bonus block to finish.  Dare I start thinking about a happy dance and what project I’ll put in the “FULL STEAM AHEAD” category to replace this piece??

This was such a big project to start…I wondered if I’d ever get it finished.

One night I did a favor for a family friend of ours and took her kids late.  Georgie happened to be staying overnight too.  It was 9:30 pm and the kids needed to wind down.  I put the television on…a kid’s show and sat down to stitch.  I pulled this out.  I knew I really wouldn’t have much stitching time but hoped I might be able to do something.  I filled in the door on the side of the house and I started stitching the bird.

It wasn’t much of an accomplishment but it’s fewer stitches than I’ll take the next time I sit down.

I love stitching a piece like this with the fill-in work to do.  I always loved color by number coloring when I was a kid and this feels just like that.

I have more stitching news but I’ll save that for next week.  I don’t think I’ll get much stitching done…our kids will all be home for the family friend’s wedding…and I need to wrap up the outdoor stuff.  November looks pretty clear though.  Fingers crossed November brings a finish to Anniversaries of the Heart.  I’m going to miss stitching on it but I’m going to be so glad to have it FINISHED!!

13 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I love seeing what you are working on. I started counted cross stitching in the early 80’s as well, but with raising a family didn’t have a lot of time. I have recently started stitching again a few smaller projects. But, you inspired me to try something bigger, I have started Come Into My Garden from Blackbird Designs. I am excited how easy the pattern is to read and doing the bigger project isn’t too overwhelming. Keeping you in my prayers for your upcoming tests.

  2. Beautiful work – and inspiring! Your post makes me want to dig out some cross-stitched UFOs and perhaps start another! (Don’t we all start more projects before we finish others? LOL!)

  3. The picture of the finished piece does not seem to match the chart. The chart shows several rows with 3 green stitches in the top of the tree, and the finished piece does not have that. Also, are you looking at the right symbol for the alternate stitches? The symbol for the 934 stitches looks like a tree with 2 branches, and the chart shows for the tree shows a different symbol – 3 branches. Of course, it could be a pattern error.

    1. The chart is definitely in error. After reading your comment I went back and looked at the chart, the photo, and my tree (I’m the one who mentioned it being wrong) and now I’m thinking that tree symbol color is the correct color but the other one is wrong. I believe the outer color is probably the limey green. I still haven’t taken out any of the stitches on my tree so now I’m thinking of removing the diamond shape color and putting in the lime. I know if I don’t do something I will forever look at that tree and not be happy. Not a huge task but disheartening since I thought I was finished.

  4. I personally like your tree just the way it is…it looks real! Though it is a little wider than pattern, I think it looks nice.

  5. I can understand your not liking picking out stitches. I had to pick out a whole name the other night. Yuck! I had miss counted the letters so the whole name wasn’t centered. I am making birth records for all my grandchildren…name, date, weight, length, and something cute like baby feet. Cross stitching is so relaxing and very portable. I love reading about your cross stitching progress.

  6. After buying the first two charts for the Anniversaries piece a well as some thread, I saw the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers series of nine. I think I might try those first since I can’t quite figure out which family member to match with which block. Out of 7 boys 2 were born in June, 2 in August, 2 in December and one outlier in April. Add in weddings and I get even more repeats. I still want to make it, but I’m thinking I’ll start something else while I puzzle that out. I’ll have to make a note about that tree issue. These updates are kinda my favorites lately lol.

  7. I took a break from cross stitch for a bit between about 2004 and 2015. That was when I was a new widow, then was a Marine Corps Mom with a deployed service member. I guess I need peace and space to be able to focus on detail. Knitting, as my first craft just seemed more approachable, I guess.

    But certainly the pandemic has let me have time again. And working from home all these months has the opportunity to consider crafts that are less portable. Even though we will be back in the office soon (and starting up with the dreadful commute – 75 miles one way two to three days a week), I’m looking forward to retirement at the end of next year. I intend to work on both my needlework and my quilting more once I’m retired.

  8. I will say it again and go on saying I ADORE this piece, it is so personal to you and your family , there could be a fight over who gets it , in the future of course!. An elderly friend in her 90’S told me her family can do want they want with her treasures, but has written on her most precious samplers who is to have them in the hope they will be passed down through the family. Her gift has passed her 4 daughters , but her joy is the 6!!! granddaughters have taken up cross stitching and have a passion for it , just as much as she does.
    Your stitches are so neat , I hope to get there soon.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    I finally finished a quilt I started 17 years ago . The relief of having it done so I know how your statement about being finished feels The Happy dance will arrive soon the way you love to stitch. Well done on all of your hobbies.

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