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I worked on my crossstitch a bit over the last week. I’m ramping up for the cross stitch retreat coming up on July 18th. Part of that has pushed me to try to finish up a few small projects so I can work hard on a big project while I’m at the retreat. I don’t have solid plans and that’s totally okay. There is still time.

It’s been a while since I finished anything being I’ve been stitching so much less lately. I decided to go for a finish on my Faded Flag project from October House. I only had a little bit left and finished it up easily. I used Moon Shadow fabric in 40 count from Serraphim. I am using two Dinky Die Silks for the floss. They are Midnight and Shades of Wine. It’s a conversion put together by Liz at the Stitchery Nook.

Here is where I was last week…Almost finished.

Here is where I am this week…FINISHED!!

Now I need to get it made into a pillow. Hopefully, that can happen this weekend.

If you are new to stitching, this is a great beginner project. You can find everything you need to make it HERE.

You might remember that this stitch-along project had me hung up. I made a stitching error when stitching the alphabet. I repeated the G and the H. I started ripping that out but was only this far along. I had to rip out a flower and a button too. UGH. I picked this up and did that while I was watching the Indiana Fever play basketball.

I got that with the hope that I could get the stitching finished the next time I sat down to stitch…and I did. Excuse the wrinkles. I’ll iron it when I fully finish it.

I stitched mine on 40-count linen in the color Boston from Serraphim.

I also pulled out my Miriam Dowd sampler. I know this piece is simple but I love it. Here is where I was when I last talked to you about it.

I am stitching this on 28 count Wren from Picture This Plus. I am using the called-for colors except for DMC black. I subbed in Mascara instead. It’s a bit of a softer black.

Here is where I am now…

Last week several people commented that I missed the “J” near the bottom. There is not a J in the chart. It was a left out letter. Had I realized that, I would have added a J, but I didn’t and I wasn’t going to rip it out. So I have a J-less alphabet there. It’s funny because the upper alphabets have J.

I just started the band before the house. I’m happy to be this far.

I like projects like this that have rows. I get a row stitched and am happy…it feels like a small finish!!

That’s all the stitching I got done…

Now that I got the other stitch-along pieces stitched I will pick up this piece. It is another stitch-along project. You can find the supplies for it HERE. I’ve been wanting to do one of these seasonal Quakers for a long time. This one is my first. It is also another inexpensive project as it only uses three colors.

I have mine all kitted and ready to go. I can start it anytime.

I REALLY want to get stitching on And God Saw. I started well, made a mistake, and then stumbled.

I need to rip a bunch out. So…I have it in time out. I think I’m going to not worry about the ripping out now and start another area. It’s so frustrating to me that I miss counted. I swear I do this with every Teresa Kogut project. I would like it to be my focus piece when I go to the retreat…we’ll see.

There is another stitch along piece on the horizon too…I better get stitching. There are so many things I’d like to work on!! What are you stitching on. I love being inspired by all of you.

9 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Did you leave the little bird out on the little spool and the button next to it? I am thinking of doing the same. The special stitches are bothering me. The button is stitched and looks awful so I want to rip it out.

  2. Good progress, Jo! How fun to start planning for a retreat. I’m still working on the bottom section of God Saw too and then switched back to Every Opening Flower by Brenda Gervais. I love this piece but don’t seem to be able to stitch very long on it…not sure why. Already thinking of fall stitching and Folksy Thomas by TK has been top of my wish list. Can’t wait to see the next stitch along…

  3. I got the patriotic Quaker and kitted up waiting on finishing another project first but the Fat Quarter shop is doing a mystery Star of Wonder quilt and stitch a long and I’ve got the first release printed out to work on. Oh so many things I want to stitch and doesn’t seem to have enough time along with my quilting projects.
    Hope you had a great 4th.

  4. Martha W in WY

    I am working on a patriotic piece. It actually is a thank you to people who have served our country. I think I got the pattern at a thrift store. It’s “Those Who Serve” by Janlynn (#00-344) dated 1989. I am going to personalize it with the initials of everyone in my husband’s and my families who have or are serving.

  5. I think I’d stitch the “j” after the heart at the bottom of the alphabet just to be a rebel hahaha

    1. I was also thinking of doing something special with the J. Being the first letter of Jo’s name. . . .somewhere at the end!!

  6. I really like your finishes. They look great now and as always I am anxious to see your finished pieces. I’m assuming the flag will be a pillow as pictured on the chart. Beautiful work, Jo!

  7. Suzanne in Michigan

    If that pattern is an authentic reproduction of a vintage piece, the missing “J” was probably just a mistake of the original maker, who may have been a child. I love those kinds of little quirks when making a reproduction piece. That pattern is magnificent, even if just for its amazing size!! I’m just about finished with a pattern called “Autumn Alphabet” that I think maybe Jo did a couple years ago?? And of course, I have about a half dozen other projects in the works. It’s fun reading your updates, Jo, and keeps me motivated.

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