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I didn’t need to write a cross stitch update last week…seriously, any progress I made was set back because of discovered mistakes. I hate that.

When we were last together I told you I had hoped I would finish my Stitcher’s Alphabet.

Here is where I was on the project.

When I worked on this, I had stitched the alphabet across the top. Then stitched the flower after the “J” – stitched the yellow spool of thread and then started all the way to the left on the bottom. I was stitching along the bottom finally in a good rhythm.

I was happily stitching along when things didn’t look quite right.

When I was stitching the top alphabet section, I had just met Jerry and we were calling and texting…I was stitching while doing that and oops. It looks like I made a mistake that will set me back.

Did you notice I stitch the “G” and “H” twice? UGH. So this week while I was feeling terrible about what happened with my dog Izzy, I decided to start ripping it all out. My miserable thoughts needed a place to land and the letters that needed to be ripped out was the perfect project. There is quite a bit to rip out. I only had about 40 minutes to stitch and all of the time was spent ripping out…and I’m not finished. UGH.

I did make some progress along the bottom. How can a little project like this be such a plague to me.

I am stitching it with the 40 count linen called Boston from Seraphim.

I put a little bit of time into my Miriam Dowd sampler. I am stitching this on 28 count linen called Wren from Picture This Plus. I am using the called for colors except not the DMC Black. That was too stark. I think I’m using the color Mascara instead.

Here is where I am now. We have a trip planned for Saturday and I hope to take this along and work on it in the car. Being it’s 28 count I shouldn’t have a problem stitching on it if the care ride is smooth.

After my frustration with my Stitcher’s Alphabet piece, I threw caution to the wind and picked up my latest stitch-along project that I hadn’t started yet. Here is Faded Glory by October House.

I put a few stitches in yesterday morning. I have Thursdays off and didn’t get a chance to stitch on Wednesday night so decided I would sit down and put a half an hour into starting this. I got the blue started.

Kelli and the kids came home and Kelli said, “Let’s sit and stitch for a bit. The red lines of the flag were the perfect project. Absolutely perfect. I think this will stitch up fast and I love it.

Liz from the Stitchery Nook picked out the perfect colors. The pattern calls for more colors but Liz proposed using only two Dinky Dye silks. The red color is charted to use several different reds. Liz simply chose a variegated one instead and the variegation provides the color changes. I love that!

If you want to stitch along, feel free. There are still kits available. You can find them HERE.

Once I get this one done, my hope is to get moved to Primrose Cottage’s Patriotic Quaker which is another stitch along. I like this one too.

I didn’t get a lot stitched this week…Well actually the last two weeks. If felt so good to sit down and stitch the Faded Flag piece and to feel like I was making some progress. YAHOO.

I have a busy weekend again…so I’m not sure how much stitching I’ll get done. We’ll see.

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I’m wondering if you were talking to Jerry when you were writing the post. You said you stitched G and H twice when actually it was F and G!! HA! I usually wind up ripping out more than I’d like and it’s generally because of one stupid little extra or a miss. Took two smalls pieces in for framing’s been quite awhile.

  2. I do that when I’m texting my girls – I love texting with them but it sure takes my mind away from what I’m doing! I’ve got this one Christmas ornaments that I keep putting in stitches and then taking them out! LOL!
    Love and prayers

  3. It’s never a bad thing to be too busy with nice things to stitch. Stitching is something to fill the open time in our lives. Sorry you had to rip, but even that served a purpose. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh dear! When I left a comment a few posts ago about calling Jerry your distraction, I was thinking only of the time spent with him. Making mistakes on projects wasn’t even on my mind.
    I’d have been tempted to leave those extra letters as a memento of those first days talking to him.

    1. Oh I see it. “What do I do?” is the name of the post for those who missed it. Oh gosh, Jo. Anxious to know what you decide. You will do what is best for everyone, no doubt. Sending love.

  5. I missed the post about Izzy but I found it. I had a similar situation several years ago with one of my Labs, we ended up rehousing the aggressor with friends where she could be an only dog. While we were searching for her new home, I kept the aggressor and on leash in the house so I could control her. If I couldn’t have her with me I would use the crate and kennel her. She was fine with that.
    Good luck, it is a horrible situation to be in.

  6. Marianne Wells

    So frustrating to rip out! I think it’s sweet though that you were so distracted by Jerry that you double stitched.

    i’d print out the blog and photo and mount it somehow with the finished “fixed” item…a great reminder of your first days with a new relationship many years from now.

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