Cross Stitch Update

oops. This didn’t post yesterday. Here it is now.

I don’t foresee a lot of stitching happening in June. My grandsons Carver and Gannon have ball games two or three nights each week and I’m doing some childcare on Thursdays when I’m not at the vet clinic for their family as well. Plus we are loaded with graduation parties, work parties, and a wedding. If you throw in a boyfriend too, that doesn’t leave for much stitching time. It’s all good…people over projects.

I worked on my Miriam Dowd Sampler. This is the piece that has stolen my attention. I am stitching it with the called for colors except DMC 310. I subbed in Charcoal instead. I wanted a softer black. I am stitching this on Picture This Plus Wren. Here is where I was last week.

I finished the row of leaves, stitched the next row of letters, and then started the next band.

I really love this piece so much. I’m so glad I picked this to work on.

I really wanted to finish A Stitcher Alphabet this week. I have new projects I want to start on June 1st. It would be so nice if this was finished before then.

I am stitching it on Boston from Seraphim in 40-count linen. I am using the called for colors. Here is where I was last week.

I barely got anything stitched. UGH. I stitched one night while I was watching the basketball game. It was a good game so not much stitching got done.

On another night there was a basketball game that I wanted to watch. I knew that working on Stitcher’s Alphabet was a bad project to stitch while watching a basketball game. I decided that I should pick something else. I wanted something repetitive and easy. So I picked up And God Saw from Teresa Kogut.

I am using the called for colors and stitching it on Moon Shadow from Seraphim in 40 count. Here is where I was…

Actually I am not really quite there. I need to pick out much of what is on the left side. I decided to ignore that for the night and stitch some border…so that’s what I did. I stitched up the left-hand side working on the repetitive border.

I didn’t get a lot done but it was a great thing to stitch on while watching the game. I need to remember that as there are a couple more games next week. I’ll pull this out then.

Very little stitching got done. As I said, it will likely be a slow-go all month for me in the stitching department. It’s a summer thing…and a Jerry thing.

5 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Jo, did you hear the ladies from Welcome Stitchery mention you in their most recent flosstube? Very cool!

  2. April in Iowa

    Looking good, Jo! Even slow is still progress!

    I think i would settle for SLOW as opposed to NO right now. I havent even started my Stacy Nash/SCARLETT yet. Since its been YEARS since i cross stitched, i think im a little apprehensive to get started. I did use some colored pencils to color in a few symbols on the chart to remind me that not everything in certain areas are the same color so i dont notice it too late.

    I am wondering if i got the wrong “hoop” – i ordered a Qsnap, but i do see you use a different one that looks like it might be easier to handle. If i make another order i will include one like yours.

    I believe with all of my heart that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be in life right now! So what if sometimes blog posts are delayed or you cant get in as much quilting or cross stitch as you would like. Its all ok! If you decide you need to modify something in your schedule to make room for things you miss, then you will! Plus its summer – and nobody spends as much time indoors or at home right now. I know i dont get as much quilting done this time of year as i would like either. And im not even the gardener in the family, we just tend to be out and about a little more this time of year.

    And so, keep doing exactly what youre doing – only “retool” when necessary!

    God bless, April in Iowa

  3. I sure like seeing what progress you have made. It sounds like you will be busy this month, but all such fun times and all these important times. Have fun whether stitching or playing.

  4. Still loving your Stitcher’s Alphabet. Little is better than no progress, right? Summer always seemed to be busier than school with all the games and vacations when the kids were younger. Fun tho and lots of great memories!
    Love and prayers

  5. You know, being too busy with life to stitch or quilt is a good thing. It gives you material to work on in the slow times. You are making amazing progress at being you, right now, right where you are supposed to be. We all love hearing about your days when you have the energy to share. It doesn’t really matter what you are sharing. It’s all good.

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